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Letters to the Editor Friday, Feb. 5


Don’t give electric cars free electricity

The Liberty Street “EV” (electric vehicle) chargers have been heralded as a grand addition to the city of Schenectady.
Increasing the practicality of having a battery powered car surely increases the desirability and marketability of Schenectady to prospective new residents.
Parking for these spots is supposed to be the same as any other, further enhancing them.
However, one detail seemingly slips by, which is that the electricity for these chargers will be free.
With the city of Schenectady struggling financially in response to COVID-19, such that taxes are being raised and that federal assistance is desperately sought, is it really a wise idea to further increase the expenses?
Is it not reasonable to expect drivers of electric vehicles to pay for the electricity? Does the city of Schenectady pay for gas or diesel? Of course, it may be argued that the electricity ought to be free to further enhance the appeal of the city to electric car drivers. But unnecessary taxes from unnecessary expenses such as free electricity negate this.
Free electricity for EV drivers is not ideal for a cash-strapped city.
Adam P. D. Ostrander

Will Biden donate pay like Trump did?

I would like to know what charity Joe Biden is going to donate his salary to for the next four years. (Asking for a friend).
Robert Mangino

Medicaid decision will cost people lives

I am reminded of 1988 when I discontinued billing and seeing New York Medicaid patients because of what I felt was their unethical and uncooperative behavior toward me.
A survey has shown that 55% of psychiatrists do not participate with insurance companies. I am included in that 55%.
For the past 17 years, I have been treating Opioid Use Disorder, the No. 1 cause of death in those under age 50.
Some of my current patients are on New York Medicaid and my prescriptions for buprenorphine have been filled.
Now, for reasons unknown, they will cease to do so as of April because I am not a participant.
Other insurance companies will continue to do so, since I have a valid New York state license.
The change will threaten the lives of my New York Medicaid patients.
Only about 3% have the DEA waiver to prescribe this medication so finding someone to prescribe is almost impossible.
I would like to know the name of the person or persons who made this change so I can tell them what I think of them.
I would use the word “stupid” rather than ignorant. I will consider them responsible for any deaths which this causes across the state.
Jack L. Underwood, M.D.


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Robert Mangino – As far as I know, no one has confirmed that Trump didn’t receive his annual paycheck or donated it to a real charity, not one of his own fake organizations. Regardless, I’d rather he had received his salary than to make millions off his hotels and resorts which he was to divest himself from when he took office, as well as the additional costs to taxpayers for his weekend and sometimes weekday golf trips to Florida.

Trump fanboy logic:

Trump donates his salary – “Oh my god, he’s such a selfless president who’s doing the job for free to help the American people.”

Trump diverts millions of dollars to Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster and Turnberry for his golf outings and Secret Service accomodations, and funnels millions more through his hotels from foreign governments trying to peddle influence – *crickets*


The House stripped Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene (aka MT “headed” Greene) of her committee assignments as punishment for past remarks endorsing fatal violence against Democrats and spreading several “looney” lies and conspiracy theories. Few Republicans voted to discipline her, such as Stefanik who I believe is a silent QAnon member.


Remember when you were a kid and put a bar of Turkish Taffy in the freezer and later took it out and smacked it on a counter so that it cracked into many pieces? That’s what has happened to the GOP. The majority of republicans are creating their own factions based on lies, conspiracy theories and party loyalty while some are trying to revert back to being fiscal hawks all of a sudden concerned with the deficit. Of course, the latter is because there is a Democrat in the White House and they don’t want him to be successful. They did the same to Clinton and Obama. Clinton ended his eight years as president with the last federal budget surplus and Obama guided us to a successful recovery (after Bush Jr.’s Great Recession) that carried over to Trump’s first years in office. Trump ended up having the lowest GNP increase of all presidents since FDR!

I resemble the Turkish Taffy comment!
And did you ever try to reassemble it? Of course not. But it would be easier than trying to assemble the new Stray Cat Party, aka Republicans.
It’s the new Humpty-Dumpty (Trumpty?) taking over.

Joseph Vendetti

Matt, Ray, Chuck:

I don’t like many of the things that Trump did as President but I would be naive (you would be also) to believe that both parties aren’t equally corrupt and major hypocrites.

Between the opinionated media and lack of term limits in the US it makes me very sad.

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