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Letters to the Editor Saturday, Feb. 6


Anti government? Then return stimulus

In 1986, Ronald Reagan famously quipped, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”
I wonder if those who got a chuckle from that gibe are willing to send back their stimulus checks and refuse the COVID-19 vaccine to demonstrate their commitment to that idiotic anti-government ideology.
Fred Como
Burnt Hills

Belief in lies and liars fed Capitol riot

It’s been almost three months since the election and more than three weeks since the attack on the Capitol. I’ve read and thought a lot about what happened and have come to the following observations and conclusions.
1. The failure of over 60 lawsuits claiming voter fraud supports the conclusion that the presidential election was a fair election.
2. Despite no proof otherwise, tens of millions of Trump supporters still believe the election was fraudulent.
3. Once a belief is adopted, changing it is next to impossible.
4. People tend to believe a lie that is constantly repeated, especially if the liar is a person or group they admire.
5. There‘s often another issue other than voter fraud such as abortion, regulations, taxes, racism or trust in government that influences support for the liar.
6. In order to bridge the country’s political divide, these peripheral issues must be recognized and addressed.
7. For many, the belief in a lie can be changed only if the chief liar or group of liars admit their error.
8. Continually repeating the truth and supporting it with facts may change the minds of some of the lie believers.
9. Closet believers of the lie who are in the government, military or police, must be exposed.
10. Holding all liars and lie believers accountable for their actions is necessary to maintain law and order and retain our democracy.
11. The lies and actions of President Trump and his cadre instigated the attack on the Capitol.
Charles Rielly

Not buying cable for the commercials

I subscribe to a cable service because I want to watch the TV shows I like. Has anyone counted the commercials that come on between the show breaks?
I have and I’ve counted between seven to 15. It is so unbelievable that there are so many.
I would imagine that the advertisers pay big bucks to the networks to air their ads. Then the cable companies have to pay the networks to carry their shows.
Why do the cable companies have to pay so much when the networks are making so much money that our cable bills are so high?
The cable companies could add more shows if some of the commercials were eliminated. I pay for cable to watch TV shows, not commercials.
Janet Neary


Need accountability in Niskayuna school plan

In my 35 years as a commercial real estate broker, I’ve been involved in hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate acquisitions and dispositions, including numerous “build to suit” and “repurposing” projects of significant scale.
These involved office and warehouse product valued in the tens of millions of dollars. In each case, specific programs, negotiated and agreed to by all parties involved, established parameters for completed and cost-effective projects. This provided the baseline for funding the transaction.
With regard to the capital project currently being contemplated by the Niskayuna school district, I’ve seen no outline or structure presented other than a broad declaration of “wishes” for redevelopment. The fact that the administration is asking for the funding to be approved prior to outlining specific details of projects is troubling to say the least.
I’m not endorsing this project. Not because I find it to be unworthy, but because I see unaccountability as the first casualty of the process.
Peter Struzzi

St. Clare’s retirees need pensions now

The St. Clare’s Hospital retirees had a chance to make something of themselves. Unfortunately, their lives were put on hold due to a pension collapse at the St. Clare’s Hospital.
Now instead of living the dream in their retirements, they all are facing their futures with an uphill fight to recover their pensions. Instead of happy days they have had to live through two years of fighting for their pensions, plus hoping one day they in the near future they will all have their pensions so they can all live their lives again.
Make no mistake, all these loyal workers have done nothing wrong to have to be tortured day after day with the side effects that could lead to major health issues if they can live long enough to recover their pensions. They all need their pensions now before someone gets hurt.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Executive orders violate Constitution

Executive Orders Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution clearly restricts the power to make laws: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” Presidential executive orders are clearly “legislative powers.” We oppose the use of presidential executive orders that make law. This subversive practice must be stopped.
What is the difference between a law and executive order?
Such orders carry the same force of law as executive orders, the difference between being that executive orders are aimed at those inside government, but proclamations are aimed at those outside government.
What is an executive order and who can overturn it?
Congress may try to overturn an executive order by passing a bill that blocks it. But the president can veto that bill. Congress would then need to override that veto to pass the bill. Also, the Supreme Court can declare an executive order unconstitutional.
The president, by executive order, halted the Keystone pipeline.
There are several particulars outside government that should be addressed. The union workers on this project are not federal employees. There are many contracts between Canada and several states and Native Americans that must be honored. This order has affected many outside government control that the Supreme Court may declare unconstitutional.
The current Republicans should sue the government to get this executive order overturned as unconstitutional. There may be others that may be unconstitutional as well.
William D. Wilday
The writer is chairman of the Constitution Party of New York.

Frightened for the future of democracy

At first, my focus was the meeting of Kevin McCarthy’s visit with Mr. Trump to secure his help in “winning back control of Congress.”  McCarthy rightly condemned Mr. Trump’s action in inciting his supporters to stop the democratic electoral process. Now he is soliciting his help in rallying his revolutionary followers to help the Republicans to take back the House, and maybe also the Senate.
But because of recent events, I have to change the focus to my fear for democracy in America.
Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that an impeachment trial would split apart the Republican Party, not split apart America. All they care about is gaining power to hinder President Biden.
We have conspiracy QAnon, rebellious members and revolutionaries in Congress disobeying the congressional rules and attempting to carry guns. What are they expecting, a shootout to force their will upon their colleagues? Why shouldn’t I fear?
It scares me that they are trying to utilize Trump supporters to win back control; those same kind of supporters who committed sedition against the United States.
Obviously, they don’t want to see him impeached.
Yes, I am scared. I hope that my destiny shields me from the terror and agonizing torment that will soon encompass America. I hope that I am not here to witness the catastrophic decline of the United States of America at the hands of rebels and traitors.
God Bless America.
Andy Lavigne

Hating all the hatred directed at Trump

I am appalled at all the vicious hate that has been written to this newspaper in “Letters to the Editor” against President Trump. The America I once knew is gone.
1. In America now, if you express your opinion in favor of President Trump, you are in need of a re-education camp.
2. Black Lives Matter, but white, Caucasian is looked down upon.
3. You can no longer say mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc.
4. If you speak against homosexuals (LGBTQ), you are homophobic.
5. Men claiming to be women can now compete with women in sports.
6. Defund the police.
I could go on and on.
Riots at the Capitol, but BLM and Antifa protests, in which buildings were burned and destroyed, were peaceful demonstrations, according to some Democrats.
The news and media are ALL one-sided against President Trump.
Well, now we have Biden/Harris in the White House, let’s see what they will do to further bring America down. I wonder if we will get any hate-filled letters against Biden/Harris, or will they be love letters.
Audrey Saltsman

Welcome new future with arms wide open

And a 22-year-old poet shall lead us up and out of the dark, dangerous, deceptive and despotic four-year abyss. Poetry is truth. Truth is beauty.
Let us, with arms, hearts and minds wide open, welcome the beauty and promise of the new day just peeking over the horizon.
Virginia Mee

Show nurses that you care: Take precautions

The Mohawk Valley Nurses Association wishes to express our support of our fellow nurses, and all who are working so hard on the front lines with them, in our local hospitals, doctor’s offices, health clinics, nursing and adult care facilities, schools, home health agencies and public health offices to ensure residents in our communities get the care they need during this COVID-19 pandemic.
We ask everyone in these communities to say “Thank you” to these nurses and health care providers and show their support of them by wearing a mask, washing their hands, social distancing and working towards a post-covid future.
Our nurses and health care teams are great! Show them you care!
Judy Kelly
The writer is president of the Mohawk Valley Nurses Association Board of Directors.

New state senator welcomes input

As the newly elected state senator of the 46th Senate District, my job, first and foremost, is to be a resource for you, the people who sent me to Albany.
Here on Team Hinchey, we have an open-door policy, which means that we spend a lot of time meeting with constituents to learn about the issues that matter most to our communities and finding ways we can work together to address local needs.
Constituent services are at the core of everything we do, and it’s important to us that you know exactly how to reach us.
In our first few weeks in office, we’ve done everything from help people recover their unemployment benefits, worked to fix our local roads, and fought for clean water infrastructure in our communities.
We’re here to be a resource for you. You can contact us if you need assistance locating food or health services, applying for small business assistance, solving an issue with your utility company, or any other number of matters where the State can be helpful.
If you think we can help with a problem you’re facing or just want to share your thoughts on an issue that’s important to you, give us a call or send me an email. We can be reached at 845-331-3810, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish.
To contact me directly, email [email protected]. See you around the district!
SEN. Michelle Hinchey

First Amendment  governs government

In his Jan. 30 letter to the editor (“Dems want to deny free speech to right,”) Mr. Dave Edwards was upset about Amazon keeping Parler offline, citing it as an example of free speech being stifled.
He’s mad that a federal judge won’t let Amazon do what it wants.
So let’s be clear about what Mr. Edwards is advocating: He wants a federal judge to tell an American corporation how to run its business. In short, he wants the government —not the marketplace — to pick winners and losers. That would be a form of state socialism.
In the 1930s, it was called National Socialism, and we know what that led to.
The First Amendment guarantees only that the government cannot abridge our right to speak freely. It says nothing about corporations.
I am no lover of Amazon, but I am shocked that someone like Mr. Edwards, who appears to have conservative leanings, should want the government, in the person of a federal judge, to tell any American business what it can and can’t do.
As for Parler, it’s hard to work up sympathy for them, since the internet offers any number of alternative platforms that welcome even the most vile forms of speech. People who hate have no trouble finding digital outlets for their malice.
Frank Donegan

Protect your heart by curbing your drinking

February is the month of love. Every store is adorned with hearts of all kinds: chocolate hearts, sweethearts, stuffed hearts, you name it and, surely, they have it in heart form.
However, amongst all these hearts and all the bubblegum pink candy-coated love, the one heart that is not in focus this month is your own.
Now women, I am talking to you here. According to the CDC, “over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to the development of chronic diseases and other serious problems including high blood pressure [and] heart disease.”
Yet, throughout the course of the pandemic, women have increased their heavy drinking episodes by 41%. Heavy drinking episodes are defined as consumption of four or more drinks within a couple of hours.
Before you go out this month to buy candy hearts for the ones you love, give yourself a little love and consider your drinking habits.
Are your current habits unhealthy or are they becoming unhealthy? Put your heart first. You only get one and you can’t replace it on the candy store shelf.
Limit the amount you drink to healthy serving sizes and don’t increase your risk of getting heart disease. If you are struggling to cope with changes and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, reach out and ask for help instead of refilling your glass.
There are many resources in the community including those at New Choices Recovery Center where you can seek help for excessive drinking.
Dakota T. Torales Maxwell
The writer is a prevention coordinator at the New Choices Recovery Center.

Support Fair Trade  to protect workers

With Valentine’s Day coming consider this: Americans love chocolate, consuming a combined 2.8 billion pounds per year. Put another way, that’s over 11 pounds per person. Needless to say, chocolate is a major industry. But being a major industry can come at a major environmental and social justice cost.
Fortunately for those who seek to lessen their footprint can do so while also doing what is right for workers: Fair Trade.
When a product carries a Fair Trade Certified label, it means producers were paid wages that allow them to support their families and contribute to the betterment of their communities.
Fair Trade farmers deal one-on-one with importers (rather than middlemen), and Fair Trade encourages democratic decision-making, transparency, gender equity, and independence.
By choosing Fair Trade, we can support the environment, too. Since Fair Trade supports small-scale farmers, it encourages biodiversity, for example, the shade-grown practice to produce coffee and cocoa helps protect wildlife habitats. Fair trade also encourages sustainable practices like organic farming.
There’s no need to sacrifice quality with Fair Trade either; one emphasis of Fair Trade is supporting farmers in improving the quality of their crops.
So this Valentine’s Day, share your love of neighbor (the workers) and Mother Earth and look for Fair Trade products.
Bill Brooks


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At one time the Democrats promised us $2,000 checks. Now we are promised $1,400 checks. Thank the party headed by bate and switch Biden for our after election wake up call.


Try paying attention Fred. Biden said all along that the $1400 added to the $600 already paid out equals is the $2000.


“5. Men claiming to be women can now compete with women in sports. ” I eagerly await the Democrats view of inclusion to the Olympics.

geri krawitz

i do wonder how you can continue to take monies for advertising an illegal substance.
we do not live in massachusetts and i am sure not many subscribers do. what else can
we address that is illegal for some but not for all. cancel culture has removed freedom
of speech but not freedom to get high

Ms. Audrey Saltsman is appalled, APPALLED, at all the viscious hate directed at Former President Trump.
The America she once knew is gone. And she could go “on and on”!

2/3 of Americans are appalled, Ms. Saltsman, a clear majority! Appalled that the other third have somehow been convinced to put reality aside and run around mouthing cartoonish half-truths about the world we live in, and apparently believing them! They seem to think we the majority should stand aside and let them act out their feelings that the whole world is plotting against them.
2/3 of Americans ARE appalled, Ms. Saltsman. Appalled that people like you might actually endorse an armed overthrow of our government because you think it’s inhabited by lizard-people who eat babies and worship a satanistic deity (do you or any of your Facebook friends know who David Icke is?). That’s the reality you’ve laid plain for the rest of us to…I dunno….side with you on? You apparently think some pretty fantastical things are “The Truth” and your now-tired, poorly thought out list of grievances shows that.

Americans are appalled, Ms. Saltsman. But it’s the small, but loud, minority you’re part of that we’re appalled at. You are costing this country valuable, scarce resources while we deal with the reality of a pandemic, mass death and a wounded economy. Get on board and help, for once.

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Issac Asimov

geri krawitz

chuckie d reaaly the name says it all. asimov was a scy fi writer no more than that and i do not think it speaks of intelligence when you quote him
actually you are anti intellectual if this is what you base your thoughts on
freedom of speech whether you agree with it or not apparently you do not is far more important than a quote from a popular but insipid writer

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