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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Feb. 7


Villa Italia owner went above and beyond

On Feb. 2, while I was freezing, waiting for the bus at the parking garage, I heard the music coming from Villa Italia, so I decided that I would get a coffee to keep me warm for my wait.
When I got to the front door there was a note that they were closed due to the weather, so I walked away with my head hung.
While I was walking away, I heard a noise calling me back, it was the owner. He said although they were closed and he did not have any coffee made, if I wanted, he could whip me up a cappuccino.
I said, OK! As he was doing that, we talked, and I was so grateful. I thought that he should get some recognition for being an outstanding person in Schenectady.
Most shop owners would not go above and beyond their duty.
William Stephen Foos

Nisky must address sidewalk issues

The Nott Street sidewalk between Keyes Avenue and the Niskayuna Co-op is once again unsafe for pedestrians. It has been plowed since the latest storm, but there is still a two-inch layer of slippery frozen slush.
Last month, when we had a similar problem, I used my ice-chopper to clear a walkable path. The sidewalk alternative has been to walk in the street, where two-way traffic zooms by at 40 mph. The town of Niskayuna should address the walkability problem more thoroughly.
Roger Sheffer

Evil Pelosi should be the next one to go

Now that Nancy Pelosi has accomplished what she set out to do since day one – may she look in the mirror daily and see the evil pour from her eyes and live with it. Hopefully she’s next in line to be ousted.
Helen Caldaro
Burnt Hills

Honor America’s flag

May we all ask ourselves this question: What does the American flag mean to me as a person?
Anyone who enjoys our freedoms should not hesitate to answer this question correctly.
Let’s continue to honor and respect our American flag. Stand proud and respect it in a positive way, each and every day.
It’s a beautiful symbol of our freedom. Continue to honor it in a positive way.
Cathy J. McKeighan

Take time to fill out police reform survey

The League of Women Voters of Schenectady County commends the city for its Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative initiative.
We are aware that this has been a long process of many months with the input of many stakeholders, undertaken during an extremely challenging time.
The goals to rebuild a police/community relationship based on trust, fairness, transparency, and accountability, and to find solutions to any racial disparities that exist are well worth the effort.
All members of our community have been asked to participate in the Schenectady Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative community survey.
The survey results would provide valuable information, especially as the city begins to write its plan of action. In order to include all members of the community, we encourage the city to provide the survey in an alternate format that could be returned by mail.
There are sites in Schenectady (for example, grocery stores) where these paper surveys could be made available to the public.
We urge the community to take part in this major collaborative effort.
This is an opportunity for us to share our opinions and provide pertinent information to the city.
The survey can be found on the Schenectady Police Department’s website at:
Ann Hatke
The writer is president of the League of Women Voters of Schenectady County.


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geri krawitz

ms. hatke
the problem with crime is that offenders are not taken to task for what they have done
the robberies car thefts murders assaults all seem to be no bail no jail.
a country cannot function when people are not held accountable for their actions.
i am sure all people want justice and safety but heastys no bail no jail has upended that
jail everyone who commited a crime not let them go to commit more crimes.


If I wanted to deal with community unhappiness with the police I would go to the trouble to ask the police. I suspect if this were done you find some frustration at having to enforce drug laws in communities that do not turn in drug dealers. We know that for a business to serve its potential customers must know of its existence. Perhaps police community relations would greatly improve if if criminal activity was not tolerated by the locals!

geri krawitz

yes they are very woke. but not bright or hard workers. our universities have become jokes with the emphasis on culture checking and insipid views.
do they even do the classics anymore and how much math does a student have to take. more interested in teaching hatred (anti-semitsm) (white power) than actual sciences your reference to a second rate write to follow
his words ridiculous and shows a real lack of knowledge
jill thesis begins with the average classroom will have 75% white students
25% black students and the rest will be other minorities i guess the principle of 100% no longer applies. did betto get a degree in skateboarding


We are told that the Democrats’ Covid relief bill will in part be financed by a tax on corporations. It should be noted that this tax will be collected from corporations but in the end will show up in the price of the products offered for sale by corporations. From the Democrats point of view of this tax is that they can offer benefits to their supporters without apparent costs.

I do not think that it is wise to support those who offer delusion in place of substance.

geri krawitz

if they actually used the monies in a meaningful way rather than to enchance themselves and their friends, okay. but this has been such an appaling effort and such a waste of time and payments to who does who.
no schedules no designated areas especially for the elderly, really field 3 at jones beach.
someone is making money even though this has been a nightmare scenario for most people. other than making money which someone is their is the fear factor calling never being able yo get an answer of a live person. they paid someone many people i am sure for this folly


Of course it does. You make things up to support your allegation, but cannot back it up. Republicans like you believe in fantasy that you promote as fact. Just like Trump, Fox Noise, etc.


Apparently Ray believes that corporate taxes are not in the end paid by individuals. He also believes that I am wrong in asserting that business taxes are popular with his party because they can claim benefits provided to the voter without owning up to their associated costs.

As for his commitment to truth note his lack of concern about the nursing home deaths that can be attributed to his party’s accounting methods. I wonder how many people would have removed their loved ones from a nursing home if they were given a clear idea of the risk that their love ones were actually being subjected to by COMO accounting.

If there’s anyone that needs to pay less taxes in this country, it’s Jeff Bezos. If we made Amazon pay more than $0 in taxes they wouldn’t be able to undercut all the small local businesses that make communities successful. Therefore, we should give them more tax breaks so they can buy back their stocks and increase their shareholders’ wealth. That’s how you create a healthy economy.

Martha Bencic

Ann Hatke, I took the survey but was disappointed to find there was no section for comments. I don’t think it was very well constructed.


Surveys that are of a voluntary nature do not all for the estimation of community views. For this to be done the survey must be so constructed that it is a random sample of community members. Since the survey does not allow for estimation of community views and since it does not allow for the provision of insightful comments it is not clear in what sense its results will be meaningful.

geri krawitz

mr. harris
you cannot give up your incorrect beliefs even when given facts i am still waiting for the
whistleblower. you wanted to impeach trump for a conversation with russia but the remarks biden made to a ukranian official will not give you the monies if you continue your investigation into and your fellow dems do nothing for thew citizens covid is a great example as handled by the imperious coumo. hunter still on the take
their is no shame in that family of grifters

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