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Letters to the Editor Monday, Feb. 8


Focus on the present instead of on Trump

Trump is gone. So, why do people continue to criticize him in their Letters to the Editor in The Daily Gazette?
Our country has a new president, and it would, certainly, be more positive to focus on this rather than what Trump did or didn’t do.
The coronavirus has impacted all of the Earth’s citizens and it is still here, but someday it will be gone — just like Trump. Let it be.
Mary J. Earley

Sid Brown created fond memories

Sid Brown was a wonderful man who had a great, varied and interesting life.
He was an admirable man and an outstanding photographer.
I worked with Sid many times since 1972 when I was the media contact for the state hospital association, then later, Ellis Hospital.
Watching him set up a shot, even a mundane group shot, was always interesting and always a learning experience.
In The Gazette article on Jan. 31, (“Longtime Gazette photographer Sid Brown dead at 93”), a number of the comments from friends and co-workers said it best and should be said again. Sid Brown was a nice guy.
Andy Foster

Appreciative of free access to e-edition

Thank you for the link for today’s paper (Tuesday, Feb. 2) in the P.M. edition email.
It has been a problem lately that I don’t receive the paper when it snows. I prefer the printed copy of the paper, but I really appreciate receiving the online version for the day so I could keep up with the news.
Thanks again!
David Smith

Library grateful for all the assistance

The Schenectady County Public Library, with all of its branches, is independently chartered by the state of New York and has served the needs of the county for many years.
We are grateful to the Schenectady County Legislature for the allocation of funds for most of our operations.
The county owns the buildings we use and provides valuable services to our patrons and employees.
This year has been unusual for all libraries in terms of circulation, funding, and programming.
In the face of this, the trustees wish to thank our director, Karen Bradley, and her staff for their great flexibility and service to the common good as they volunteered to serve county needs in a variety of very important ways that did not involve the mission of the library.
We also want to call attention to the fine work of our County Manager, Rory Fluman, in his efforts to negotiate the complicated interrelationships of county organizations to save lives.
Finally, as we look forward to the day when the library can circulate materials and have in-person programming, we want to thank our patrons for their patience. The staff and the Trustees are eager to gear up again to bring cultural richness to every person.
Dr. Bill Levering
The writer is president of the SCPL Board of Trustees.


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The people that are called native Americans by liberals are migrants from Asian that after moving through what we now call Canada settled here. If Global Warming is real people will move and utility bills will decline. I do not see the fuss about the possibility about some people have to move to cooler regions and the rest of us paying lower utility bills.

Ray, some say Q is reporting that the Deep State has unleashed AI bots to the internet whose intention is to make the Republican party look bad and uneducated. They’re apparently characterized by an inability to form cohesive thoughts and ideas, an inability to form legible sentences (and string them together) to express cohesive thoughts, and a very shallow understanding of the news of the day. And I think they’re here.

Q also reports that sometimes misinformation is a good thing, so use your own judgement (telling those who follow him for the very reason that they have flawed judgement).

It’s a crazy, mixed-up world on that side of the aisle!

geri krawitz

i yearn for the speech patterns of democrats hey man malarkey do you want to fight this is my son beau referring to his grandaughter so proud of hunter the most brilliant man i know eho had to resign from the navy, who left his wife and children for his brothers widow, who had a child wity a stripper but denied it who seemingly has never had a job but lives in a 25,000 a month home, who was last in his class ate syracuse law but sid he was in top ten (joe)
what a family of grifters and liars love your name chuckie d so much class


As I have pointed out people have moved great distances in the past and I can see no reason, should the need arise, why it can not be done again After all we already see great numbers of Latin Americans moving north.

Chuck is a star trek character and thus should be understood as being fictional.

geri krawitz

i would think mr. barney is very well read and has been a reader for many years.
i like that you never have any salient comments just nonsense like where do you get your info from. what is that children say that you kn ow what are you talking about.
you are such an ineffectual bully


Mary Earley – It’s a bit difficult to lay off Trump when he continues to spread lies, especially about the election, and his followers believe him and are willing to be insurrectionists. When the vast majority rejects the conspiracy theories and media outlets like Fox, Newsmax and OANN, and speaks the truth, we can get back to the present and some normalcy. Please let us know when it arrives.

geri krawitz

you cant handle the truth. no whistleblower years wasted hunter getting 80,000 a mont
from burisma. hunter nephews of john kerry and whitey bulger getting millions from china. other than being a pervert and addict what has hunter done to deserve this.
the goverments knew his father was an easy mark and we shall see what he does as to china policy. i am sure the spratly fortifications and the wuhan and sars viruses are just the beginning. their is only one sun and it is china and biden will be happy to oblige


Thanks for making my point. None of what you are ranting about has been proven or anything real people are talking about. If that’s all they are talking about on the news media I listed, then you are falling far behind on what the real news is, including more recent lies related to the election. Suggestion: have someone with an education read your post before putting it on the blog.

geri krawitz

i am a real person . i passed the test showing which animal was upright.
i am well educated and well read have you missed all the biden stuff?
i cannot control what is printed was a subscriber to ny times till they went wacko with cancel culture and their emphasis on wokeness.
all papers are serving a different master now, white privilige antisemitsm and
all power to the goverment. uhm seems a bit like fascism to me but i am sure
you love it


Ray to say a Trump statement is a lie you are claiming to know the intentions of the individual making the statement. Do you wish to provide any evidence to justify your claim to know Trump’s intentions? Alternatively is your lack of education the explanation of your not understanding the term “lie”


“Suggestion: have someone with an education read your post before putting it on the blog.”

Men do not insult women. Go back to your Mother for lessons on what it means to be an adult male.

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