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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Feb. 9


GOP has chance to show its true colors

There was a time when the Republican Party focused on ideas and policies.
However, under Donald Trump, the party has spiraled down into a rabbit hole governed by conspiracies, right-wing ideologies, and a disdain for the rule of law. This descent culminated in the events of early January.
On Jan. 6 , Donald Trump incited a mob of supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections. On Jan. 7, even after the insurrection on the previous day, 147 Republican lawmakers voted to challenge the results of the election.
Did these Republican members of Congress truly believe that the presidential election had been “stolen” from Trump, or were they merely shameless opportunists hoping to gain favor with Trump’s base? Were they delusional or simply easily corruptible? Either way, they represent a serious threat to our democracy.
Trump’s incitement on Jan. 6 was an act of sedition which is arguably the most egregious crime an American president can commit. Will the Republican Party defend Trump, or will it return to the mainstream and defend our Constitution?
Initial indications suggest that Republican lawmakers have chosen to defend Trump.
On Jan. 13, 95% of the Republican House members voted against impeachment of Donald Trump. The Senate will eventually determine the outcome of the impeachment trial and we will know if the Republican Party has chosen to defend the Constitution or Donald Trump.
Don Steiner

Bishops must do more to defend life

The New York State Conference of Catholic Bishops, along with the Albany Diocese, recently posed the question: What are the biggest obstacles facing the pro-life movement? I would suggest they look in the mirror.
Prior to the election, the New York State Catholic Conference and the Albany Diocese made no meaningful effort to speak on the evil of abortion and the importance to vote pro-life. On the contrary, they downplayed abortion by lumping it together with other social justice issues.
Our New York bishops elevate pro-choice Catholics into leadership positions. Their weak statements on abortion ushered in Joe Biden and the most extreme pro-abortion administration in our nation’s history.
Pro-life laity know the preeminent issue for Catholics is abortion. It is not poverty, recycling, climate change or immigration.
With 900,000 pre-born babies murdered in the United States in one year; ending abortion is the preeminent issue.
Saint Pope John Paul II stated the right to health, home, work, family, culture, is false and illusory if the right to life … is not defended with maximum determination.
Our bishops chose not to defend life with maximum determination.
But pro-life laity also have a choice. When they pass the basket for the bishop’s annual appeal, we can choose to give to bishops who downplay abortion, or we can give to another more worthy charity.
In lieu of giving to the bishop’s appeal, I will give to my local crisis pregnancy center to directly assist mothers in need.
Jennifer Richards
Burnt Hills

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We all know how the Republicans in the Senate will vote, and some say it’s a waste of time and resources to have the trial, but I’d rather get all of these Senators on the record excusing the actions of the Insurrectionist-in-Chief. I would like to have a functioning two-party system, and I don’t think we’ll get that after this trial is over. The GOP will officially become the party of Trump and will be beholden to a man and his shrinking base, that has shown no loyalty to the party itself, but demands absolute loyalty in return. He will campaign for the crazies like Marjorie Taylor Greene, and denigrate the true conservatives like Liz Cheney, and the party will slowly die. I for one will not be attending that funeral.


Insurrectionist-in-Chief: Does anyone have information on how the Democrats put down the Black Lives Matter insurrections? Perhaps I should ask why some insurrections are tolerated and others are not.

BLM protests were sparked by the unjust killing of black people at the hands of police. There was property destruction and some violence, and that was condemned by Democrats. In fact Joe Biden has consistently condemned the violence and destruction. “Protesting police brutality is right and necessary and an utterly American response, but burning down communities and needless destruction is not. Violence that endangers lives is not. Violence that guts and shutter businesses that serve the community is not.” Compare that to what Donald Trump did, which is to sow doubt about the integrity of the election for months, despite court challenges being thrown out due to lack of evidence, sending out e-mails to his supporters to show up to the Capitol on Jan. 6th, spreading lies that Mike Pence had the power to overturn the electoral college results, riling up a large crowd that day and telling them to march over to the Capitol, and sitting idly by while his followers overtook our seat of government telling police they were there as directed by Donald Trump, and murdered a police officer in the process. If you don’t see a difference with those two scenarios, then you are completely blinded by partisan politics and fealty to one person, Donald Trump, so as to not be a reasonable person.


1> Threating the well being of police officers by resisting arrest has consequences that everyone is aware of. Thus resisting arrest is nothing more than attempted suicide by cop.
2> Condemning BLM insurrections is distinctly different from bring insurrectionists to justice.
3>Much of this social problem would disappear if drug users stayed hope until they became sober.
4> To assume that when a Blackman dies at the hands at the hands of a White cop is racist and should be condemned.

geri krawitz

every black person who commits a crime dies of a drug overdose becomes a national hero for some. for others we see that they are thugs and usually have been killed resisting arrest running away or of course drug overdose the hilarity of the body being dragged from state to state the stupid democracts kneeling and weari ng kinta cloths. the news may promote it but it is and will always have been a sham. chicago had 797 murders in 2020 all black on black. no police no whites i am sure some of these have been innocent victims but who cares it does not tell the story we wish to push. nancy was the best kneeling NO JAIL NO BAIL NO JUSTICE

geri krawitz

a 2 party system when the democrats have all eft office very very rich then we have feckless coumo who answerrs to no one and has been responsible for more deaths than any other governor. if you consider the democrats viable after the administration of obama and biden you are somewhat delusional ready to deny the huge amounts of monies hunter has been given and that a president whose only income (yes i know books) has been from serving in the senate and executive branch; can now own homes worth 75 million dollars, michelle whose only job at a chicago hospital arranged by a friend paid 350 thousand she was the only person to hold this position. made for her and cancelled when she left you trust these people?


The Como accounting of nursing home deaths deprived families of the knowledge needed to assess the safety of their loved ones. For this lesson the production of Co2choice Como deserves the appropriate award.


Q: How will we know when the New York Democrats are serious about global warming?

A: When they urge the national party to move to restrict households to one car.

Do you think GM is moving towards an all-electric vehicle lineup by 2035 because they’re a bunch of Democrats, or because they too see the writing on the wall with fossil fuels and the world’s progression towards cleaner energy? But you go ahead and keep believing those coal jobs are coming back lol.


Matt my comment comment dealt when you can tell that New York Democrats can show that they are serious about global warming. If you wish to raise a new point you should do it without indicating that it is a reply.


There are no such things as facts. There is only datum that acquires meaning from being integrated into a subjective framework. For example: If Blackman dies while resisting arrest I take the nonracist view that he successfully committed suicide by cop. Others thinking that Blackmen are conceptually challenged take the point of view that that law enforcement should, because of their impairment, have accepted the threat associated with dealing with someone who was resisting arrest.

While we watch the historic second trial of a US President, former President Trump, twice impeached, twice indicted, it’s also important to know that the Republican Party at the state level continues to try to undermine the voters. As recently as yesterday when the Arizona GOP attempted to pass a bill demanding they be provided the ballots to conduct their own audit. The bill would hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt if they failed to comply.
That’s an act that requires a judicial decision which they don’t have.
This is not about ensuring a “fair election” as they and many others would claim. This is about a continued attempt to cast doubt and sow confusion in the democratic process they are so clearly failing in. It’s hard to imagine what would satisfy them or what the endgame is for them. It doesn’t look like they’ve figured that out themselves. But this insane behavior by the Republican Party can only be seen as treasonous given ALL the official entities across America who’ve certified the results. Given how little of significance they’ve contributed to America over the past 20 years, they’ve well-earned the name The Rebels-Without-a-Clue Party.


Chuck you have missed an important point: If nothing is found the Republicans look less than thoughtful. One must assume that either the Democrats have something to hide or they are trying to protect the image of the Republican party!


So what? The Democrats could come out in favor of what the Republicans want. They do not need a judicial order to do that. (I am assuming that they have nothing to hide.)


Chuck – There are over 100 bills in red states to change their voting rules in an attempt to suppress the vote the next time, despite the most secure and fair election in U.S. history. The GOP cannot win on a level playing field.

geri krawitz

please tell me how this election was fair and secure, i say it was not and i am providing as much information as you have


Trump tried and lost in 62 State and Federal courts trying to prove that the election was fraudulent. His own cybersecurity office proclaimed it was the fairest election in U.S. history. And his own Attorney General said that his DOJ investigators found no fraud. Is that enough proof? Just because you believe Trump’s “Big Lie”, doesn’t change the facts. He lost fair and square and all of you need to accept it. Start believing in the truth.

geri krawitz

is it not insane behaviour to try and fire a man who has already lost the job? is this done without cost to taxpayers? they do this instead of working on issues that would demand intelligence and honest two atributes yoiu will never find in the democratic party

William Marincic

Let’s have a conversation about electric vehicles. I love how the lefties keep promoting electric vehicles. Google cobalt production and you will see that it’s kids as young as four years old digging cobalt by hand in mines to support these electric vehicles. These children digging cobalt by hands are doing it in Third World countries and countries like China where the life of a child means little. Yet companies like General Motors well push their electric vehicles and kill tens of thousands of children at the same time in the name of profit and green energy.

Mark Mahoney

According to Just over 10 percent of the world’s cobalt supply is currently being used for batteries to power electric cars. The bigger culprits are portable consumer electronics — like cell phones and laptop computers — which use around 72 percent of the cobalt that goes into lithium ion batteries, or roughly 30 percent of all cobalt mined. Another 16 percent of cobalt demand is for the production of superalloys, typically used for for casting airfoils and other structural parts of turbine engines for jets and natural gas power plants. The production of carbides and diamond drills for industrial operations currently uses the same amount of cobalt, 10 percent, as electric vehicles do. Other major uses are for manufacturing steel, magnets, and medical equipment.

William Marincic

Do the kids care where the cobalt is being used? According to Biden he is going to make the whole federal fleet electric and many of car companies will be making more electric cars. At what point do we get outraged at the child slave labor of digging cobalt, when the auto industry hits 40% or is it 50%? It’s a fact that children in Africa and China are being used to dig rare earth metals and it needs to stop.

Gosh darn it, Bill!
Caught out AGAIN blathering half-baked information. Nuts!
One of these times I’m so sure you’ll own the libs. I can feel it!
Just keep at it, nose to the grindstone, y’know (not literally though! Don’t put your nose on a grindstone. That’ll hurt!).

William Marincic

Sorry ChuckD Mark is wrong. According to news scientist Cobalt in car batteries count for half of all demand.

They estimate that global demand for cobalt will rise to between 235,000 and 430,000 tonnes by 2030 – an amount that is at least 1.6 times the world’s current capacity to refine the metal, as of 2016 figures. Lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars and other consumer electronics account for about half of all cobalt demand, and the demand for these batteries is projected to more than quadruple over the next decade

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