Ed Noonan’s ‘Outdoor Journal’ column on hold while he recuperates from COVID-19

PHOTO PROVIDEDGazette Outdoors columnist Ed Noonan is recovering from COVID-19.


Gazette Outdoors columnist Ed Noonan is recovering from COVID-19.

Ed Noonan said he “110%” wants to get back to the woods, fields, lakes, rivers and streams he loves and writes about as the The Daily Gazette’s outdoors columnist.

Unfortunately, his health isn’t close to 100%, so Ed’s column will remain on hold indefinitely while he recuperates at his home in Saratoga Springs with his wife Rose.

According to Rose, Ed was diagnosed with COVID-19 in early January and spent 14 days at Saratoga Hospital before being discharged on Jan. 26.

Now he’s working on his recovery with the help of Rose, a visiting nurse and twice-a-week visits from a physical therapist and occupational therapist.

“I’m recovering from the COVID virus,” Ed said by phone on Tuesday afternoon. “I’m feeling good, really. I’m feeling good, but in the middle of the day I’m getting a little tired.”

“His appetite has returned and [he] is frustrated not being able to put a column together, [but I] told him time will bring him back,” Rose said in an email.

Ed Noonan has been the Gazette’s weekly outdoors columnist since Aug. 8, 1988, a job he was introduced to by his friend Jack Hume, the Gazette’s former publisher.

That space in the Sports section is a form of community outreach, as Ed serves as a conduit for the various exploits and accomplishments of hunters and fishermen around the Capital Region, along with his own personal stories.

For now, he needs to concentrate on getting better, his wife said, but it’s impossible not to feel the pull of his column work.

The Great Outdoors beckons.

So does his computer keyboard.

“It’s coming, but I just can’t concentrate,” Ed said. “I’m shooting for the spring. I mean, I still know what I’m doing, but it’s hard to concentrate.”

“With Ed, it was like all of a sudden for three days, very tired, not eating and very confused; he’s doing good now,” Rose said.

“Every day, he tries to write. And tries to write. And tries to write, to get a story together. I told him maybe what he could do was maybe if we wheel him down to his office and sit him in his office chair, and he has his desk, it might slowly come to him.

“But it’s taking time.”

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