School skiing: Relyea, Mayfield are area Nordic ski champions

Mayfield's Madison Relyea won the Section II Nordic Ski League Championships at Gore Mountain on Wednesday.

Mayfield's Madison Relyea won the Section II Nordic Ski League Championships at Gore Mountain on Wednesday.

Mayfield senior Madison Relyea and her Panthers team completed undefeated seasons Wednesday at the area’s Nordic Ski League Championships at Gore Mountain.

Relyea won the girls’ 6.6-kilometer race in 24:11.7 to cap a two-year run of nothing but first-place finishes in cross country ski competitions. Her junior season was highlighted by a state championship.

Katrin Schreiner of Hadley was second in 26:25.0, followed by Mayfield’s Delaney LaFontaine (27:37.0) and Fianna Halloran (28:14.0).

Mayfield won the team title with eight points. Queensbury was second with 39.

In the boys’ 10-kilometer competition, Queensbury had six skiers in the top nine, led by champion Lucas Jenkin (32:33.4) and runner-up Ben Jenkin (33:56.4). Queensbury’s Sam Rowley took fourth (35:43.4) to complete a seven-point effort by the Spartans.

Philip Matthews of Shenendehowa placed third (34:42.2).

Saratoga Springs skiers took the top spots at the area’s Alpine League Championships at Gore Mountain, with Matt Moeckel winning the boys’ event in 1:55.40 (and Avery Waters winning the girls’ competition in 1:55.08.

Moeckel was fastest in Run 1 (1:04.73) and in Run 2 (50.67). Waters was also the fastest in Run 1 (1:05.30) and Run 2 (49.78).

Evan Phelps of Ballston Spa was the boys’ runner-up (1:57.23) followed by Braden Kruk of Shenendehowa (1:57.33). Meredith Montomery of Queensbury was second (1:58.83) among the girls followed by Claire Felton of Ballston Spa (2:01.34).

Team titles went to the Saratoga boys with a two-race total of 24 points (14-10), and to the Ballston Spa girls wih a two-race total of 35 points (17-18).




Teams: Queensbury 7, Saratoga 46, Johnsburg 46, Shenendehowa 47, Lake George 58, Mayfield 60, Scotia-Glenville 70, Johnstown 93, Guilderland 111.

Individuals: L. Jenkin (Q), 32:33.4; B. Jenkin (Q), 33:56.4; Matthews (Shen), 34:42.2; Rowley (Q), 35:43.4; Rodewald (Q), 37:22.8; Schmale (Johnsb), 37:55.3; Williams (May), 38:00.8; Wiekierak (Q), 38:41.7; Russell (Q), 38:45.5; Jourden (May), 39:02.5.


Teams: Mayfield 8, Queensbury 26, Shenendehowa 39, Lake George 51, Johnsburg 57, Guilderland 62, Saratoga 64, Scotia-Glenville 69, Johnstown inc., Hadley inc.

Individuals: Relyea (May), 24:11.7; Schreiner (Had), 26:25.0; LaFontaine (May), 27:37.0; Halloran (May), 28:14.0; Keshmira (Q), 28:21.0; Wiedmann (Shen), 29:05.2; Smith (SG), 29:10.3; Bayse (Johnsb), 29:48.1; Ballard (Q), 29:52.0; Landa (Shen), 30:14.5.




Teams: Saratoga 24, Ballston Spa 43, Shenendehowa 76, Taconic Hills 117, Schuylerville 118, Stillwater 120, 57, Niskayuna 159.

Individuals: Moeckel (Sara), 1:55.40; Phelps (BS), 1:57.23; Kruk (Shen), 1:57.33; Rodriguez (Sara), 1:59.14; Long (Schuy), 2:00.13; Howard (TH), 2:00.78; Dougherty (Sara), 2:01.13; Geer (Nisk), 2:01.94; Miller (Shen), 2:02.43; Evans (BS), 2:02.75.


Teams: Ballston Spa 35, Saratoga 46, Queensbury 72, Shenendehowa 85, Johnstown 94, Niskayuna 158, Albany Academy 230.

Individuals: Waters (Sara), 1:55.08; Montgomery (Q), 1:58.83; Felton (BS), 2:01.34; Howard (TH), 2:01.65; Fleming (John), 2:03.29; S. Phelps (BS), 2:03.98; Bach (Shen), 2:04.66; Czibal (BS), 2:05.79; Daly (Sara), 2:06.38; M. Phelps (BS), 2:07.44.

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