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Letters to the Editor Friday, Feb. 12


Don’t let GOP take your right to vote

American democracy is under serious threat, not just from pro-Trump terrorists and foreign governments flooding social media with lies and misinformation.
The greatest threat today is from ReTrumplicans in red state legislatures across the country.
At least 100 Republican bills in 28 states seek to deny the right to vote from as many Americans as possible, especially if they are white.
Republicans are threatened by the largest voter turnout in history, even though it has been proven to be non-fraudulent.
In Georgia, for instance, where Democrats outvoted Republicans for the first time in years, bills recently introduced would greatly restrict who can vote by mail, require a photo ID for those who do vote absentee by mail, eliminate ballot drop boxes, and prevent outside groups from distributing absentee ballot applications.
They would also eliminate automatic voter registration when obtaining driver’s licenses and prevent new voters from voting in a runoff election.
The Brennan Center for Justice has determined that as many as 11% of eligible voters don’t have the IDs required by many states, even higher among minorities and low income voters.
Their research, as well as over 60 federal law cases, has shown that election fraud is very rare.
Even so, state boards of election are purging voter registration lists, cutting voting times and drastically eliminating the number of polling places.
The right to vote is a sacred promise ensured by our Constitution.
We must not let the Republican Party subvert it.
Richard W. Lewis Jr.


St. Clare’s retirees still await fairness

Here we are, still waiting for fairness. Still waiting for what we deserve. Still waiting for what we earned and what we counted on.
The pensioners of St. Clare’s are still waiting.
Through this horrific time of pandemic and world unrest many of us are still caring for you and your families.
We have sacrificed our family time, our retirement hopes and for many of us our health while we wait.
Please remember our fight is not over. We ask for your support and your prayers.
Karen Sacchetti RN



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William Marincic

Richard W. Lewis Jr. I’m curious why we must vote by mail? Why can’t we have voter ID cards? We have ID cards for everything and everyone has one. The only reason that democrats are against voter ID cards is because it stops election fraud. Florida does it right, if you need an absentee ballot you send in a request that is signed, the election commission verifies the signature and they send you an absentee ballot and when that absentee ballot comes back the signature on the ballot is again verified before it’s tallied. That should be the rule and the law in all 50 states and anyone that disagrees is doing so because they want to cheat, because there could be no other reason.

Every state verifies signatures just as you described. They match the signature they have on file with the signature provided on the ballot. No one is arguing otherwise. THAT’S your voter ID card, the signature itself. Every election cycle the Republicans trot out the same false narrative about election fraud without ANY evidence. Sure there are individual cases, such as Bruce Bartman from Delaware who tried to register his dead mother to vote for Trump, but there’s only a handful of those every election. Nothing to the level they claim. Don’t take my word for it, just ask Kris Kobach and his election integrity commission.

William Marincic

The issue of ballot signatures has been taken up in the courts. In Pennsylvania, a judge recently rejected Republican arguments that mail ballots should be disallowed if the signatures on them don’t match with voters’ signatures on their previous ballot applications. Such a requirement, the judge said, could burden voters’ rights because state election officials aren’t trained in handwriting analysis and there is no process by which voters could fix any alleged problems with their ballots.


Let’s not mention that 800 pound gorilla in the room, right Bill? You know the one that says the more people who vote, the less chance for the Republicans. Republicans know that as much as anyone, and given their documented hypocrisy over “law and order”, they, and you, are ready to throw down anything you can to make voting more difficult.

I’d ask that you provide records showing all the arrests for voter fraud that you all think we’re being besieged by, but I’ll spare you the embarassment of not being able to. Because there are almost none. And what are, tend to be foolish Republicans. Like yourself.

Did you Stop the Steal, Bill? Did your leader Trump march over to the Capitol with you all like he said he would (like a real leader would)? Do you have an excuse for why he didn’t? Ever wonder if that’s all a lie too? When ALL the evidence points to a reality you refuse to see, maybe it’s time to question your own judgement. That’s how normal thinking works, anyway.

Bill Nechamen

So here’s the thing. Middle class people with cars nearly always have picture ID’s. Yes, I have a driver’s license, and I also have a passport. Actually a very small percentage of Americans have passports. To get my license when I moved to New York State, I had to prove my residence and since I was a renter, they accepted utility bills in my name. So far so good. BUT many people, be they low income or living with some form of disability, do not drive, do not have driver’s licenses, and do not live in places under their own name. They may live with a relative or a room mate who has things in their name. They may be elderly and no longer driving so didn’t bother to pay the $$$ to renew a driver’s license. BUT every voter has a signature on file. Those signatures are checked against both absentee ballots and in-person check ins for voting. The voter ID claims are a false narrative going after a non-existing problem in an attempt to disenfranchise people who allegedly tend to vote for Democrats (I say allegedly since that’s not always the case), and is a form of a poll tax since you need money to obtain a government ID. Meanwhile, there is no evidence of voter fraud with the exception of a few votes here and there. But there IS evidence of voter disenfranchisement that has or may have swayed elections, including the case this year in which Oneida County election officials failed to register thousands of people who had registered to vote through the DMV.


Bill N. – perfectly stated. Thanks. Even Trump recognized early on that giving more people the chance to vote legally would doom him. Funny how alleged voter fraud is associated with Dems. I’m not sure republicans are considered so “clean”. Got to give them credit however, they are better at marketing lies, falsehoods and conspiracy theories that all suspicions lead to the Dems thanks to right-wing media.

William Marincic

People need ID to even go to the doctors office today, I must show it, they also need ID to cash their checks, if you want to vote then you make the effort to get ID so you can vote. Not so hard, soon we will really be like Iraq and wish we could vote.

Bill Nechamen

The states that have been instituting voter ID laws generally require a government ID. Places like Texas accept a gun license but don’t accept a student ID. Most forms of government ID’s require some sort of payment, and generally also require a visit to a government office …. during business hours. There are people who don’t have transportation and there are people who cannot get off work during business hours to run such errands.

February 12th, 2021
Matt – Responding to geri and Fred is generally a waste of time. They really stay on topic and wonder off into another subject they cannot wait to discuss. I try not to chase those rabbits.

Perhaps you want want o consider the possiblity that others might benefit from your insight.

Joseph Vendetti

As a democrat I too am in favor of Picture ID cards with a fingerprint for voting and the use of welfare EBT cards.

I’ve been approached by people selling EBT cards for 50% cash value outside stores.

We need picture IDs to drive, purchase alcohol, purchase cigarettes, fly on an airplane, cash a check…… why is it so hard to have a finger print picture ID to vote?

We are spending $100’s of millions in foreign aid for surgeries but we don’t have dollars to provide a photo ID to have an Iron clad voter and welfare system?

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