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Letters to the Editor Monday, Feb. 15


Biden and Dems are destroying America

Joe Biden is destroying America, along with the elected Democrats.
Where in God’s name is the common sense that elected officials were supposed to have?
With the stroke of a pen, the Keystone pipeline stopped, and 11,000 oil workers were out of a job, plus all the businesses that depend on them — just to appease the hate-fossil-fuel group.
Also signaling to undocumented immigrants on our southern border that it is OK to come — during a pandemic, mind you. No checks for COVID-19. That alone demands a recall, and Biden and all the Democratic governors that are drunk with power, and those who cover for them, should be out.
The state Health Department should be investigated, and arrests made for covering up nursing home deaths and lying for Andrew Cuomo — the worst.
The media played a big role in all of this, not telling the truth about many issues. Just keep blasting Trump to keep people’s mind off the issues – a Democratic trick. You all have a lot to answer for and I hope you don’t believe in karma.
Shame on them all. Tell the truth about Bit-coin also.
Albert Marvell

Great experience getting vaccinated

Recently I had the good fortune and pleasure of receiving my first COVID-19 vaccine at SUNY Schenectady.
I can happily report that the service was extremely well run by a contingent of county employees and a dedicated group of volunteers who administered the vaccine and saw to everyone’s safety and well-being.
After presenting my pre-registration document and photo ID, I was escorted to one of several vaccination spots for some simple health screening, and then the magic liquid was injected into my arm.
A follow-up appointment at the same location established.
Then I was escorted to a chair in a socially distanced waiting area overseen by a registered EMT. A 15-minute timer was set on my chair; when the buzzer rang, I was free to leave. The entire operation was set up with one-way traffic flow, hence never any congestion. Wheelchairs and pushers were abundant for folks who needed them. I rate this service A-plus. The downside is the short supply of vaccines that the county is allocated. We must hope that the supply continues to improve as production ramps up.
Please take hope and please don’t blame the county employees for a supply problem that is beyond their control.
Blanche Fischer

Impeachment just a giant waste of time

The impeachment farce has been a waste of precious time, as they could have been debating and voting on legislation but instead had to slag through hours of partisan rhetoric regarding a former president who no longer holds office.
The only repercussion of impeachment is to bar Donald Trump from holding office again,.  But this will only disenfranchise voters. Democrats are so tyrannical that they have to preclude a candidate from running for office as opposed to allowing a voter to make up his or her own mind in regards on who they vote for.
If Trump really committed a heinous act, then the Department of Justice has every power and right to indict him, regardless of if he was the president at the time of the crime. Deep down, Democrats are nervous about Donald Trump running for reelection and winning.
Mark Brockbank
Clifton Park


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Mark, this was the most bipartisan impeachment ever, which proves that it’s not only the Democrats that are nervous about a man who is intent on destroying democracy, from running for office again.

William Marincic

Albert Marvell Mitch McConnell said that if we take Congress and trust me after what this administration has been doing the Republicans will take Congress, he said that they will be impeaching Kamala Harris first thing for edging in the rioters. What comes around goes around. One thing that is for sure is that the shoe will always be on the other foot someday.

geri krawitz

how did we get to this state where lawlessness prevails and is encouraged. the only laws congress and the woke states want to pass are those eliminating punishment for crimes commited. lies are okay too as long as woke warren i am an american indian and therefore theygave me the job teaching at a university.
minorities should have equal rights not more priviliges because of being a smaller population. catering to minorities means shortchanging others why not an equal distribution by % of population, indeed all should be equal. if blacks make up 13.7% of population they should not be entitled to 75 % of jobs and entitlements

If racism is to be eliminated we should end all race based entitlements. To begin this process I suggest that the government produce a master list of race based entitlements. Such a list would allow aggrieved parties to seek reparations in the courts. Of course those who passed the laws and those who benefited form government sponsored racism should both pay

geri krawitz

mr. marvell mr brochbank excellent letters. i cannot inderstand why people do not see the issues as clearly as you two, and present them so well same ole same old with the dems in spite of all the coverage and knowledge about the bidens especailly but not exclusively benefiting from their goverment positions they attack trump and family who did not take salaries and worked day and night to help america nad its allies (israel)
sleepy joe and their lying about everything including school standings.
we are not divided we have let ourselves in for fascism we like who we like regardless pf their crimes and we hate who we hate because we are superior


Cannot wait to see how much the GOP gets split up with the ReTrumplicans on one side and the Never Trumpers on the other. The Dems will be the beneficiaries of the split for some time. I recall an old republican friend at work said after a moderate republican in his district was run out of the party for agreeing with a Democratic proposal, “don’t you know, we eat our own!” That’s exactly what is about to happen to the GOP.

geri krawitz

happily that will apply to the feckless democrats.already turning on harris and with good reason. true believer you would never never turn on the corrupt like clinton biden coumo and probably obama. we love our inept officials

William Marincic

You mean like is and has been happening to the democrats with the “squad” and socialists on one side and the rest on the other? Too funny Ray.


Out of office and without the protections that the presidency afforded him, former President Donald Trump is now facing multiple criminal investigations and civil state inquiries — as well as defamation lawsuits by two women accusing him of sexual assault. Two investigations in Georgia and of course the NYC criminal case regarding Trump’s corrupt business dealings and tax evasion. Doesn’t leave much time to start a third party!

geri krawitz

no he is not only in your wierd world. which we have first inqueries into trump already dismissed or into the crooked bidens cant wait dems to eat their young

Love watching the Republican Party implode, best television yet, thanks Trump! You’ve got Mitch McConnell saying in no uncertain terms that Trump incited insurrection. You’ve got Republicans that voted for conviction being censured by their own party. You’ve got the leader of the party silent and hiding in a Twitterless bunker in Florida and everyone in the party is afraid of crossing him. You’ve invited crazy conspiracy theorists into Congress and Trump will prevent any sane person from running in 2024, and he’s already proven he can’t win another presidential election. Who’s got the popcorn!?

geri krawitz

speaking of crazy conspiracy how did those 2 impeachments work for i wrong that both badly presented cases were ruled in trumps favor.
do you think it will go as well when biden jr is facing an inquery and biden sr supporting when v.p.? you do not face facts. the former president was to make america perfect and all americans happy and productive and to leave the world a better place.
he failed miserably
trump was expected to end our countries stability and progress he did not but enchanced it. their turning with good reason on harris coumo deblasio governor of michigan all without ability to run a small store let alone goverment

LOL, no one uses Parler Bill. They were even inviting Democrats to join because the right’s whole MO is trying to “trigger the libs”. Well ain’t much to be triggered about when you’ve got the presidency and both houses of Congress. You can thank Trump for losing the Presidency, House and the Senate in only 4 years lmao


Diane: I truly enjoyed reading today’s article about your father. He fought the good fight and won. How very proud you must be of your dad. I’m sorry he’s no longer with us. I was also appalled to learn that the G.I. Bill didn’t cover home loans for Black veterans. I wonder if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 changed that.


Thank you Cynthia ❤️

The Civil Rights Bill didn’t not change this issue in 1964, it took quite awhile. Google……After the War: Blacks and the GI Bill.
There are other articles addressing veterans also not being able to use the GI Bill for education. Google….The GI Bill, WW2 and the Education of Black Americans.


When I read letters from far right Republicans some of the lyrics from Ground Control to Major Tom come to mind. Just change Major Tom to “Republican”:

This is Republican to Ground Control – I am stepping through the door – And I’m floating in a most peculiar way- And the stars look very different today – From here – Am I sitting in a tin can – Far above the world.

Ground Control to Republican- Your circuits dead, there’s something wrong – Can you hear me republican? – Can you hear me republican?

William Marincic

Today in Florida thousands and thousands of people stood on the side of the road waving Trump flags and shouting happily as their former president drove by in the motorcade. Your president with 80 million votes couldn’t get 100 people in a room if he was giving away money. Watch what happen in two years then four.


Bill, It’s sad that Trump and so many of his loyalists are obsessed with numbers, many of which are irrelevant to the well-being America and her citizens.

Actually some of the numbers you boast about are contrary to exactly that, they’re literally killing Americans. One of which you just pointed out: “ thousands and thousands of people stood on the side of the road waving Trump flags and shouting happily as their former president drove by in the motorcade.“ Aren’t these mass gatherings just great? What a sure fired way to spread COVID-19.

Another numbers statistic I would assume you are aware of: Tens of thousands of Trump loyalists storming and desecrating the capital. Heck, that only caused the lives of at least five people including a police officer. God only knows how many more were permanently traumatized. Two police officers committed suicide. Aren’t you proud of those numbers?

You apparently have no idea how much you sound like a North Korean news presenter. Seriously. Maybe you’ve never seen their gushing commentary as if to put lipstick on their pig, blotting out the famine and poverty. But your verbiage could be a couple lines out of their “reporting”.
Doesn’t that concern you, at all?

Man, you hit that nail straight on.
The same for me (as a long-time Bowie and Space Odyssey fan).
The garbled, disconnected, absurd commentary seen here and elsewhere are the stuff of science fiction.
Not a trace of self-awareness.

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