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Letters to the Editor Thursday, Feb. 18


Bill would help end isolation in facilities

While COVID-19 has impacted us all, loved ones in nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the state have been isolated from their families for far too long.
People have been without the physical support of their families for far too long.
These individuals need to see their families again.
The recent attorney general report showed how this crisis was already mishandled and a death toll linked to nursing homes is significantly higher than what was reported. However, nursing home residents continue to experience physical and emotional pain due to continued isolation.
As vaccine distribution continues, we must move forward with safe visitation solutions to address the damage that prolonged isolation has caused for nursing home residents and their families, including loneliness, a lack of motivation, neglected physical needs, and a general failure to thrive.
I’m encouraged to see the “nursing home caregiver” bill I’m co-sponsoring move to the Assembly calendar, authorizing the state Department of Health to develop guidelines that would allow caregivers to once again be able to provide the physical and emotional support loved ones need to thrive
This bill takes important steps toward restoring the emotional health of families, friends and neighbors that are struggling with loved ones isolated in nursing homes. I hope to see it move to the floor for a vote as soon as possible.
Angelo Santabarbara
The writer is a state Assemblyman representing the 111th district.

Retirees struggling without pensions

So much is going on in this world presently. The pandemic, political unrest, increasing food and gas prices, etc.
Many of the retirees of St. Clare’s are depending on their Social Security to get by. We are struggling! Trying to make it from month to month.
Many retirees have had to go back to work to make ends meet.
We worked hard, saved lives, comforted the sick and their families. It is time, NOW, to get back what we have lost — OUR well-deserved pension.
Cynthia O’Bryan

Pool resources for train bridge solution

This just found on a trucker’s internet forum (The names have been changed to protect the ignorant):
Joe from Albuquerque: Hey, Sam, did you hear that they are going to impose fines for getting caught under that bridge in Glenville?
Sam from Wichita: Yeah, what a bummer. I’ve been meaning to try to get over there to drive under that thing for the past year.
Joe from Albuquerque: Me, too. The thought of slicing open my trailer like a sardine can was just so irresistible. But that $500 fine just tips it over the edge. Not sure I can afford it now.
Sam from Wichita: Yeah, I was tickled with the thought of telling my dispatcher that I just sprayed $100,000 worth of cargo across upstate New York!  But, now with the thought of that fine, I guess I will have to give up that fantasy and avoid that road.
Joe from Albuquerque: Yeah, those officials in New York really know how to take the fun out of highway mishaps. I guess I’ll change my ways.
PS: The county, trucking companies, drivers, and insurers have lost enough to redo that road three times over.
Get them all to chip in and fix it.
Tom Barkley
Saratoga Springs

Cuomo falls short of character standard

In 1883, Robert G. Ingersoll, a prominent writer and orator, said this about President Lincoln: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
In my opinion, Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly and badly failed the test of character.
Edward A. Carangelo


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Conventional etiquette dictates that we do not speak ill of the dead. But Rush Limbaugh isn’t just any dead guy, for he spoke ill of the dead all throughout his career.

HuffPost’s banner headline in the afternoon: “BIGOT, MISOGYNIST, HOMOPHOBE, CRANK: RUSH LIMBAUGH DEAD.”

William Marincic

20 million people per week listened to this icon, can you give me the name of a democrat that gets even 20% of his listeners?


Texas has another day of misery ahead. A winter storm has severely strained power facilities in the state and left millions in the cold and dark for days. Families are huddling in homes or cars without heat. Parts of the state have fuel shortages. And water — whether it’s too much or too little, high pressure or low pressure — is posing a whole other set of problems. As residents suffer, officials are pointing fingers: the power operator, wind turbines (falsely, they are operating right now in Alaska and Minnesota) and the Green New Deal (bafflingly, sure why not blame AOC) have all been targets of blame. But while the reality is complicated, the roots of the current situation lie in Texas’ GOP decision to isolate its energy grid from the rest of the country. Maybe the citizens should wake up next election in 2022 when Gov. Abbott is up for reelection.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck & Ray:

Thats the answer ? GOP and Hillbillies? There have parts of NYS that have been without power for 7+ days after and ice storm, after severe summer storms are we GOP controlled or Hillbillies? The large utility providers (AEP, AES, Vistra, Dynegy, etc) donate millions to Democrats and Republicans to ease regulations (Backup plans, grid shifts, peaker capability, etc).

TX has 13,000 MW of Wind Power, 11,000 MW of Solar power, and 17,000 MW of fossil plants. It was a combined failure, lack of backup, and lack of shifting peaker plants along with some unprecedented weather for that part of the country.

Instead of beating that same GOP bad drum and tying them to dumb hicks realize we have some of those same characters in our party. Lets be part of the solution not the pile on problem.

We’re not talking about NYS, Joe. Sure, wanna have that chat? I’ve got some pretty tough criticism for NatGrid but I will also give them a lot of credit for their communication during the past few outages. When my mother’s power went out at her place where she lives alone (at 85 yo), because I handle her bills I had also set up notifications and was texted immediately that an outage was detected at her address with a link to very easy-to-read, up-to-date outage map, and I got follow-up texts as work progressed and it was resolved an hour earlier than they projected which I know because they also texted me with that info.

The issue with TX, the “trigger”, for me is the hubris of their politicians. The notion that the idea of secession is so much a real part of their thinking. The lies that this disaster was somehow due to AOC’s Green New Deal and faulty wind turbines, as was actually the main point of their governor’s first press conferences (while on a local newscast an hour earlier he never mentioned that, but went on at length on the failure of the LP gas freezing problem).

Because I draw my information from multiple legitimate news sources that don’t always follow the mainstream agendas, I know that TX has really struggled with the immigration problems at the border. I’ve crossed that border several times and know why these Central Americans would want to be here. And TX has been slighted by Republicans and Democrats for too long. They and all the southern border states deserve a lot more than they’re getting.

But the situation with their electricity infrastructure just begs for derision. Pity the poor Texans who have to suffer for it and credit to our now Democratic Federal Government for immediately reaching out with FEMA support. Unlike the previous administration, there is no petty litmus test for whether a state is deserving or not.

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