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Letters to the Editor Friday, Feb. 19


GOP has abandoned its core principles

Even the most casual American citizen can observe, and in my humble opinion should fear, the nihilism that has become a key plank of current Republican Party policy.
Nothing matters to the likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham, Mike Pence (who remains silent despite being a principal target on Jan. 6), Mitch McConnell, and, of course, New York’s own Elise Stefanik, than power – even if it requires membership in a cult of personality that worships a xenophobic, white nationalist, authoritarian, anti-intellectual “dear leader.”
They repudiate what they label “cancel culture.” However, those (Cheney, Burr, Cassidy, Toomey), who would challenge the “Big Lie” or renounce a coup attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election are censured, silenced and canceled nonetheless.
The dear leader must not be questioned, defied or diminished in any degree; let fear of retribution inhibit the exercise of integrity.
Welcome to this new Republican Party — a party that, in the words of one much more clever  than I, worships gain over principle (GOP).
What could go wrong for democracy and our nation?
Denis Brennan

Make room for different viewpoints

A few years ago when singers were presenting their political messages at concerts, many people started shouting, “shut up and sing.“
I think we can apply that same logic to governing right now.
The Dems have all three branches of government, yet are still intent on trying to make all those who do not agree with them, agree.
Sorry folks, but there has to be room for differences of opinion, and one side cannot expect to have the other side agree with their opinions just because they won.
Instead of trying to get the other side to agree with them, try to do what you promised your constituents you would do.
Let the chips fall where they may.
There will be good decisions and bad decisions, but “shut up and govern.”
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

State needs better vaccination system

We’ve known of a vaccine coming for many months and have now had a vaccine for approximately two months.
Yet New York state still suffers with vaccine deployment.
The state Department of Health should develop an app for deployment of the covid vaccine. For those that qualify for the vaccine, they have to frequently check the Health Department website because it typically says no availability.
For those who aren’t yet eligible, there’s no system to inform them when they are eligible.
Notifying someone that they’re eligible will keep the public better informed, especially given the difficult-to-understand and constantly changing requirements to qualify for the vaccine.
The state should develop a legitimate mobile app that informs people when they are qualified and when there is availability.
For those that don’t yet meet eligibility requirements, the system should save their information, and inform them when they are eligible.
Fred Bahr

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William Marincic

Denis Brennan No offense but you’re a liberal Democrat so your view on the GOP doesn’t matter. I’ve heard that President Trump may run for Congress in 2022. I’m pretty sure that if he did he would win and guess who would be speaker of the house when the Republicans take it back in 2022? What do you want to bet that we see a whole bunch of impeachment‘s coming, karma, don’t you just love it?

geri krawitz

what is laughable is that we have a president with dementia a vice president who rose to this level because of her affair with willie brown and a governor who cas killed thousands of elderly with his policies. actually not laughable but frightening

Democrats believe in government mandated promotion of diversity. That means that some should benefit because of who of their parentage. While others should be harmed because of their parentage. Does anyone think that this practice is good for social stability?


Fred, if you haven’t noticed, you live in a very diverse country now (with more than white people) that are very talented, hardworking and intelligent.

So you think government racial discrimination is good for the country!

geri krawitz

the majority are still white and hardworking. do you ever read statistics?
i assume that you are refrencing blacks and they make up less than 14% of the population . there should be no discriminating but no advantages either for being of a certain color. the emphasis should be on education a good home life. not filling quatas that cannot be fixed on statistics.
it must shock you to know that the deprorables people in fly over states christians people who have never changed their gender people who do not use drugs or commit crimes also give a lot to our country

But Bill!
What about March 4th? Have you given up?
Donald tRump is supposed to take his God-given place as leader of White America, right? And all the Democrats will be executed, right?
It’s supposed to be bigger than January 6th, I hear. Except successful too!

geri krawitz

what nonsense are you writing. it is unintelligent really stupid meaningless and without any any thought or facts. oh i forgot you do not deal in facts you listen to your own unimpeachable inner voice.
have you heard that hillary will never be president.

Given the Democrats idenity politics it would be a wise move to review what idenity politics has done for the former Yugoslavia. There is of course that since males can decide that they are females the ability to chose your own identity may undo the Democrats approach to governing.

geri krawitz

the democratic plan is total confusion and ineptness. what was accomplished under obama nothing of significance. and if their was something please name it he did create new allies cuba iran but other than that what.
the nonsense of white privilige the nonsense of transgender everything the nonsense of of apologizing for our past and blaming that on what the blm movement considers their second class citizenship. he did nothing but enrich himself and create a state of chaos. can you imagine what biden will leave it will not be an apology for his family becoming wealthy through ukraine and china. morre will come the families are grifters
he cannot even tell the truth about scholastics, from last place to first place they have no sense no morals and what will happen to our country with these despots

@Denis Brennan,

You might want to open your mind to listening to alternative opinions on political topics, and attempt to use logical and critical thought, before recycling everything you hear on CNN. And if you think fancy words like nihilism matter, well, then you are a loss cause. I was brought up on the premise, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” All this talk about “Words Matter” is ridiculous social engineering that should not be tolerated in an open and free society. However, I can tell you probably do not want to live in a free society, so I am probably wasting my breath.

If anything has been demonstrated, it is the fact that it is the Democratic Party that has absolutely no moral compass. The Democratic Party is responsible for a million deaths a year due to abortion. The Democratic Party is preaching “Science” when it suits their agenda. It is the Democratic Party that promotes the use of “the leftovers” from Planned Parenthood, being bought and sold on the market illegally.

The Democratic Party is responsible for promoting the looting and rioting across the country, actually posting bail in several cities to get actual terrorists out of jail and back onto our streets to continue the chaos. Your VP actually helped fund this practice. When pressed on why all the Democratic Leaders just looked the other way, we got nothing but silence and more destruction. Hundreds dead around the country, billions of dollars in property and revenue damage caused by these DNC funded terrorists, not a peep on why. You want to talk about starting a coup? They were trying a coup of our legitimately elected government for the ENTIRE 4 YEARS. And after a highly speculative election, they finally got what THEY wanted, control. You know, the control and power you are accusing our representatives of?

“even if it requires membership in a cult of personality that worships a xenophobic, white nationalist, authoritarian, anti-intellectual “dear leader.” So, I guess if Biden had 75 Million people voting for him and showing up at his rallies (which were non existent… he basically campaigned from his basement) you would consider that movement a “Cult?” Somehow I think you would impose a double standard. None of that line was created by an independent thinker, rather, it was a straight quote from one of the many main stream media outlets that did nothing but report negatively for an astounding 96% of all their coverage. If Trump said the sky was blue, they would have spent an entire week long news cycle on why he was wrong. Its no wonder why the masses were brainwashed into thinking a generally nice conservative family man that has had struggles in life, but overcame and excelled in their wake would be a xenophobe, racist, or anti-intellectual. Democrats can’t stand for strong families that stick together, as the Globalist Elitists pulling their strings don’t want any other families on the planet to rise to their levels. They fear any competition. That is why they have used the Democratic Party for their Slavery Agenda (1800’s to 1960’s), Global Cooling Agenda (70’s), Global Warming Agenda (early 2000’s), Climate Change Agenda (2010’s) and now after manufacturing a Pandemic, the “Great Reset” Agenda (Google it, currently promoted by the World Economic Forum.)

The joke of an election we just had proved there is absolutely no morals or any concerns about The People’s vote in the Democratic Party. Truckloads of ballots coming in after the deadline, back dating THOUSANDS of brand new, NEVER EVEN FOLDED, supposedly Mail In Ballots. Pulling suitcases of ballots out from under tables when all the observers were not present to run the ballots through the machines over and over again to illegally count thousands more ballots than were even received. You do realize they showed the participation on a County basis in the contested states, where in over 300% more ballots were brought in than could even legally vote in those districts? Comeon, Man!!! Our President won more legitimate votes than any other incumbent President has ever had, yet lost to Biden, who did NO CAMPAIGNING? Doesn’t that even register with you as maybe it wasn’t legit? Hell, you believe he won 15+ Million votes more than the first black president in the US? Really? You believe all that is true?

To be completely truthful, neither party is innocent, and I am not condoning EITHER PARTY. They are both fully corrupted and controlled by a Globalist Elitist cabal bent on controlling our planet as a whole, sacrificing the best hope for freedom and hope on the planet, the United States. This has been in the works for decades; to lower our standard of livings, to dilute our freedoms that our predecessors fought and died for. You may have heard the term, “The Great Awakening…” Well, if you missed it, then the programming of your mind is complete, and the cabal has won your soul. You are doing exactly what they want you to do, when they want you to do it. And they make you think you actually came up with the idea too. They want us to continue to fight amongst ourselves, allowing them to control our lives, all in the name of “Security, and safety.” “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin.
Truer words have never been spoken, so if “Words Matter”, then maybe you should listen up.

I didn’t write anything down, but it looks like you’ve checked ALL the Fox/OANN/Newsmax talking point boxes. Well done, zombie!

You make it sound like the Republicans are guilty of nothing, except of course observing the word of the law regarding elections, and insurrections.
But the Law will have the final word and we’re watching that play out right now. Check some other news sites (like most of us do), you’ll see.

geri krawitz

if the republicans are guilty of anything it was not firing everyone from obama administration.
are the bidens guilty of anything? is it okay to get 80,000 a month because your father is vp and has said if they continued to look into burisma the us would not send them the i believe 3billion they were promised
as bad as obama was he would not biden for president when hillary ran
another positive hillary will never be able to say i was president

Yes, geri. Of course. And when you start providing ANY evidence other than your mindless parroting of your “news” sources, we’ll all be sure to sit up and take notice.
Republicans only seem to be competent at spreading gossip, and folks like you lap it up.

geri krawitz

what do you read? even the major news organizations and papers have commented on hunters income from china and ukraine. biden was on video saying he will not send them the 3 billion if they continue to harass his worthless son. surely even one as limited as you must have seen something regarding the monies hunter and his uncle were getting
perhaps you can show me proof that hunter never took this money

Nothing you’ve said has any source provided.
I will admit that based on my limited knowledge, maybe Hunter Biden deserves investigation but I welcome anyone filling in my lapse.
Regarding Joe Biden and the “3 billion”, you’ve so distorted the reality of what really happened to suit your hatred it’s comical.

If you’re going to make outrageous claims you’d better show some proof. Don’t expect anyone’s going to run around looking for evidence of your accusations. This ain’t Facebook.

The Heritage Foundation. A Conservative think-tank. Nice.
I’m sure they got right in there with the Black community to find out what was going on. I’m sure they’ve really got the finger on the pulse of why these people are so angry.

Just to be clear, no one I know or have read from the Liberal or Progressive or Black community approves of violence and destruction. No one. And they’ve been very vocal about denouncing it, regardless of what you’re being fed.

geri krawitz

but they did a great job of terrorizing looting burning far more than the supposed insurrection in washington
chuckie you need to read more and absorb some of the items you read


Chuck, I wonder where he cut and pasted that dribble from. Sounds like Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity’s script. If he was fact checked first, we wouldn’t have had to read it, sort of.

You can make comments on my articles, but you don’t have much weight when you can’t even pick the right Reply button.

geri krawitz

i cannot believe that you and chuckie still will n ot accept the truth
actually people like you are fascists not giving credence to truth but telling the big lie, in this case that the bidens did not profit while he was vp
i would love to read some sources that say burisma and the china 1and half billion were just a hoax. certainly with your vast knowledge give me the stories that said burisma china are fictitious.
if you cant do that dont make stupid assertions

geri krawitz

dont you wish you wrote as well and were as articullate as mr knapp?
to say it is not so does not make it so. you do not present evidence you merely state that people who disagree with you are stupid and ill read.
i have not seen any evidence contradicting the bidens graft. saying it is not so does not make it so. very childish

geri krawitz

the democratic plan is total confusion and ineptness. what was accomplished under obama nothing of significance. and if their was something please name it he did create new allies cuba iran but other than that what.
the nonsense of white privilige the nonsense of transgender everything the nonsense of of apologizing for our past and blaming that on what the blm movement considers their second class citizenship. he did nothing but enrich himself and create a state of chaos. can you imagine what biden will leave it will not be an apology for his family becoming wealthy through ukraine and china. morre will come the families are grifters
he cannot even tell the truth about scholastics, from last place to first place they have no sense no morals and what will happen to our country with these despots
a great letter e knapp

Thanks Geri,

And thanks ChuckD for your candid, if not misled, opinion on my soapbox note. “the Fox/OANN/Newsmax” networks you speak of are not where I gained my knowledge on “The Great Awakening…” or my political viewpoint in general. Left4Dead2 does happen to be one of my favorite videogames, but I am not, in fact, a zombie.

My viewpoint comes from a broader range of education, research, and critical thought of the current events happening around us. Not just what the MSM reports, but what people who were THERE in the mix reporting on the current events. If you did not participate in social media or watch as those who do losing their ability to have their voices heard, you would believe and say exactly what you did after watching and repeating exactly what MSM say. And to be clear, this includes Fox, OANN, and Newsmax, as they are and will be owned by the five or so international conglomerates that control all our Media now. There is no “Free Press” anywhere any longer. We The People watched as anti trust law suit after anti trust law suit went and left and allowed the complete consolidation and control of information be handled by Globalist Elites that now use this conduit to suit their needs.

In one great example of what I am talking about, I encourage you all to look up on your favorite search engine, Project Veritas. They have been held to only their own website now, as everything they reported on has been banned by YouTube and other video hosting sites. However, you can watch a whole series of videos where they listened in on CNN executive meetings, where the daily meeting was to strategize on what they felt like reporting upon and how they could skew the story to paint our President Donald Trump in an unfavorable light. Eye opening stuff.

It all sounds so-o-o intellectual and thought out, but two key pieces of reality are trampled on:

1. Trump and the Republicans lost. You may really not like that, but we don’t care about your feelings at this point. Enough experts across the political spectrum have established that. I actually believe we’ve been visited by extraterrestrial intelligence, but I will not go to the dark delusional place you’re at where everything is a conspiracy of evil looking to control us all. If that’s where you stand, God help you.

2. And speaking of a God, I have 50+ years as a free-thinking atheist. Where does the “Great Awakening…” leave us, the billions who don’t believe in your God? Guess we’re all SOL, eh?

Nothing else matters once you inject your religion as the basis of your reality because most of the world knows otherwise. Your religion is not our reality and probably won’t be. Ever.


At no time was I referring to religion as an aspect of my belief system, although, I suppose there is a component to it. I myself was baptized Catholic, however, I wouldn’t say I am a practicing Catholic. My sense of right and wrong may come from, “do onto others as you would have them do unto you…” but I think we can all agree on that one, even an Atheist.

“The Great Awakening…” I speak of is not necessarily based in any one particular faith, but there is a foundation that there is some being that may oversee everything. However, more specifically, I was referring to specific content labeled “The Great Awakening…” that explains many of the facets of our current reality are being controlled by a “Deep State” or “Globalist Elite Cabal” that does in fact control most of everything on our planet today. All the aspects of that documentary is verifiable through just plain research, review of company websites, policies, projections, projects, you name it. All of the organizations that make up what today’s “conspiracy theorists” report upon actually exist, have websites you can review, and you yourself can draw your own conclusions from the information. The “Awakening” happens when you finally realize everything you thought you knew about your reality is not so; and that there are different and conflicting agendas of very powerful people you never heard of that make decisions every day for you that you have NO control over, which do have a daily impact on all of our lives.

The so-called “Wack Jobs”, the Q and Qanon phenomenon, are right. Once you finally “Awaken”, you too will see some of the patterns and control going on about you that you cannot influence. Are there some crazy stuff spouted by that crowd, oh heck yeah, no doubt. But one thing I like to tell people is this: Just because I am paranoid, doesn’t mean people are not out to get me. They are mutually exclusive.

And about the election, yeah, it was fixed. If you cannot see the fix, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t in. And its easy for you to say it wasn’t because you don’t really care because “your side” supposedly won. However, if the tables were turned, and President Trump had the most ballots, the Democrats would have screamed bloody murder about it. They attempted to overthrow Bush when he beat Gore, but because they all are in bed together, behind the scenes, they worked out a deal to keep the allusion of differences going for the public to eat up. It wasn’t until you saw an OUTSIDER did you see the ENTIRE picture of just how bad “the deep state” is, and that parties really don’t matter as they are both bought and controlled by Deep State Ops and the Globalist Cabal.

This is the Awakening, the realization that We The People are no longer in control of our destiny or our Government. Religion is completely irrelevant to that. And they just tricked you all into submitting to their will again. Better put two masks on, they will give you a button that says you are compliant.

And I was raised in the Protestant Reformed faith by very engaged, devout parents, who did not stop me from asking questions. I’ll completely agree about carrying the Christian philosophy (not the dogma) throughout life. I firmly believe in the Golden Rule and teach my children to also.

“’The Great Awakening…’ I speak of is not necessarily based in any one particular faith, but there is a foundation that there is some being that may oversee everything. ”

I’ve had countless discussions and debates with people of the Christian faith who will try to separate themselves from the dogma thinking they can make inroads with me. You’re just another in a long hapless line. Students of American history know what this “Great Awakening” is, and you won’t be happy and leave us alone until you’ve converted us all to your White, Euro-based beliefs lest you become one of the ones unworthy of entry to heaven (The Ultimate Gated Community!) like all the rest of us heathen.
Buzz off, and take some real time to ponder, for once, if you might be mistaken. And live and let live.

geri krawitz

and your lack of knowledge and abject stupidity will not convince anyone possibly raymond harris and one or two others who never never bring any facts into their rersponses

William Marincic

Not to mention, Biden did it by winning 180 counties less than President Obama…. My belief is that it was a statistical impossibility.

Mark Mahoney

If all counties in the country had the same population, you might have a point. But they don’t. For example, Hawaii’s Kalawao County has just 88 residents, while Los Angeles County has 10.1 million. Urban counties tend to vote Democratic. Here’s the USA Today article that I cited that explains it for you: Hope that clears things up for you.


Thanks. You took the words right out of my mouth (or fingers!). Keep in mind he is fascinated we big shiny objects (largest crowds, more counties, etc.). And I’m not sure what he is driving at since both Biden and Obama won.

It appears the comment in question dealt with the geographical dispersion of support not the quantitative level of support.

Fascinated by big shiny things is comment that is acceptable when made by a high school student

Oh Fred, Fred.

Try to stop your eyeballs from whirling around in their sockets and reread Marincic’s post. He thinks the number of counties that supported tRump indicates something, without accounting for the numbers of voters.

What Marincic failed to note though was the stunning number of Big Boy trucks and the overwhelming number of boat parades, and the huge flags and banners and signs and guns and bikini babes. Why that surely must mean tRump won. We certainly didn’t see any Democratic bikini babes, etc.


Hey Gerald, talking about being a hypocrite….“ Sorry folks, but there has to be room for differences of opinion, and one side cannot expect to have the other side agree with their opinions just because they won.” Why didn’t you write something like that when the want to be dictator king Donald was an office?

Lou the merits of ones ideas do not depend upon the merits of the person that advances them. You might want to consider that the Democrats put the Covid – 19 relief bill until they kicked Trump. Then they dealt with the matter that they considered of lesser importance


Chuck, it’s either insanity, fantasy, hypocrisy, ignorance, indifference or a combination there of: Rank on the most powerful Democrats and their relatives with accusations of ineptness or wrongdoings, but make no mention of trump and his blatant criminal activity. Make no mention of his appointment of incompetent relatives and campaign contributing friends to high-ranking political office. I wonder what these Republicans would be saying if Obama appointed his mother-in-law as a top advisor. Make no mention of trumps bedroom like relationships with dictators and criminals, then alienating himself and our country from our allies.

The affordable care act means nothing to so many of these republicans who could care less about the well-being of anyone other than themselves, therefore I guess that wasn’t a worthwhile law. No positive accomplishment there.

Oh yes, let’s give Trump high accolades for all his wonderful accomplishments: Do anything and everything to line his own pockets. Do anything and everything to prevent the browning of America. Do anything and everything to close the door of America to foreigners other than his wife(Nice wall). Do anything and everything to deny science. Can’t forget what a great example of how to lose with dignity and teach our children how to be humble and never call anyone a name or criticizing someone for not agreeing with you. What a guy!

Even now out of office it’s sickening to watch elderly Asian people being beaten up because they brought us, according to trump, the “China” virus.

Must be true I heard it on Fox and read it on social media.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the common thread running through our alt-right fellow citizens is as simple as the Hammer and Nail form of governance. You’re either the hammer or the nail, and if you’re the nail, sux to be you.
And if your god deems you to be a hammer then as is said, everything looks like a nail.
And then, predictably, we see many with authority issues; the many nails.

That’s the only way i can make sense of the utterly bizarre, belligerent statements and actions we’re seeing.

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