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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Feb. 21


Now is the time for healing, competence

My grandparents left Sicily coming to America in the first decade of the previous century. My father fought in World War II, an existential fight of liberal democracies against fascist despotic regimes. I thought that our greatness, our exceptionalism, came from our people, but not anymore.
Now, many upstate New Yorkers have become sympathetic with fascism. We are not different from 1930s Europe.
If the United States remains exceptional, remains great, it is not our people that make it so. It is the ideals of our founding documents where you find the potential for greatness. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” Thomas Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence,” the U.S. Constitution, and “The Federalist Papers” by Hamilton, Madison and Jay. The leaders of the 18th century studied history, learning from the failures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were the best and brightest of their generation. They gave us a constitution that has been improving over 233 years through the 27 amendments.
We have inherited a democratic republic, with three co-equal branches. This government requires compromise, not just from our elected representatives, but from us. Our republic rests on our informed consent. We have treated this inheritance with disdain by sending Trump to the White House, Stefanik to Congress.
The government is us. We get the government we deserve.
With this new administration, I hope for time of healing with a government of empathy and competence. A resumption of the long slow process of a more perfect union.
Francis Caraco

Listen to other ideas to improve Glenville

It was disappointing, but sadly not surprising, to read Glenville Supervisor Koetzle’s dismissive comments towards Town Board candidate Jenny Lippmann’s refreshing idea for a truck turn-around and passive recreation area on town property ahead of the problematic Glenridge Road railroad bridge.
Fines are fine, but let’s call them what they are, an election-year stunt that won’t actually solve the problem. Now we have a proactive solution that turns a disruptive negative into an exciting positive, and it’s immediately attacked by the supervisor with uninformed responses and contradictory statements.
It’s strikingly apparent that there’s one way to do business in Glenville, the Koetzle way. It’s time we start listening to other people’s ideas, because this is a good one.
Martha Meskutovecz

Enough talk. Rein in governor’s powers

I applaud the editorial on Feb. 14 in The Daily Gazette (“Rein in Cuomo administration on COVID response.”)
Our legislative leaders need to “buck up” and stop covering for the Cuomo administration.
Our lawmakers need to take action, they need to rescind this governor’s emergency powers and take “more control” of the COVID situation.
The nursing home situation in New York state is a heartfelt tragedy that NEVER should have happened. The editorial says it all. End of story!
Lynn deForest

Republicans don’t really ‘Back the Blue’

Well racism and difference in justice has once again provided us with the faces of the power — that money and communist directives instilled into government can change our country’s chances of lasting as a free and just country.
To choose not to protect the Capitol police (three dead), 146 others hurt, injured, broken back, loss of an eye and head injuries. The Republicans like Elise Stefanik, Mitch, Lindsey, Cruz and Hawley all claim to “Back the Blue.” Where, when?
The answer is only in November, and now you expect them to show up to work and protect your butt.
You expect anyone to trust any of you people to protect the average working person? I doubt it.
The next time the raid comes to Congress, these people have every right to just step aside and welcome them in and give them whatever they want.
Take down the security fences and send all National Guards home.
We refuse to waste taxpayer money for protections that the Republicans apparently don’t need.
We also should not clean up; clean your own mess up.
States, cities, counties can be raided, assaulted. You sold us out. Stefanik and Hawley cried because people threatened them.
Yet they let this attack happen and supported overturning the votes of 85 million voters.
Stefanik still backs the Big Lie.
David Keenan


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geri krawitz

mr caraco and mr restifo.
i have great respect for all people who do the right thing. but i wonder what your thoughts as italians are about mussolini pope pious anythin g but and the rat line.
your easy use of the word fascist indicates to me that you do not know its full implications there were many supporters in the us not sayi g your families but i wonder if you stil lhad allegiance to the church who aided in the deaths of jews in italy and the priests who did the rat line. please do not call americans who also had families who participated and died in ww2 fascicts more non italian american s died and yet their offsprings are fascists. with a brush you defame them all shame

“Our republic rests on our informed consent. We have treated this inheritance with disdain by sending Trump to the White House, Stefanik to Congress.”

The writer of the letter that you have praised thinks that the will of the people should be respected as long as they vote his way. He has failed to accept the possiblity that his part’s policies were rejected.

geri krawitz

their was no ability to rspond to your respond to the ukraine 3 billion.where did you get that. were you high> it may have added up to a great deal but it was 80,000 a month it was 150 billion from china and bidens brother had a contract when obama was in office to build housing in i believe iraq. now no one in the family has any construction energy or economic knowledge. please google the countries and amounts they may vary a bit but they are close. you people would do yourself a favor if you just acknowledged what is out there as far as b idens but no you stupidly think by telling lies you will be believed. how fascist of you

Right. Sources please.
You clearly don’t see you’re doing the exact same thing that you accuse others of: making claims without any evidence.
Show us your evidence, or forever look like a ranting fool.

geri krawitz

sir you seem to think that your approval matters. are you a historical scholar have you written or even read books about our constitution and history.
most countries cherish their history but democrats do not we have to be woke have abortions no bail no jail make martyrs of criminals and disparage the deplorables.a divided country no civility or sense

geri krawitz

mr. coroco if the 3 branches are equal why was the house prevalant in starting an impeachment i think we have returned to fascism by electing illegally a person who has dementia a wwoman who rose because of an affair with willie brown and countless people in govermant who have had a windfall for being in goverment obama and biden perhaps.
so all the people who voted for trump are fascists? actually i see the demoicrats as fascists no law and order allowing people to commit crimes no penalties cancel culture
huge insurrections starting on trumps inaugaration day with burning of cars their favorite and of course looting. no law and order is fascism talk about skewing the facts


Trump and the GOP tried and failed at resurrecting Hitler and the Nazi Party tactics with repeated lies and misinformation. Their identity politics involved rich vs. poor, corporations over the general working public, white vs. people of color, science and climate denial over accepted science, fossil fuels over renewal energy, go it alone vs. reunite with the rest of world, and so on. Biden will pave the way to reverse Trump and the GOP’s failed policies. He won’t wait for the GOP to see the light and is well aware that the GOP will do everything they can to try and make Biden fail. But the public sides with Biden and the Democrats so get used to it.

geri krawitz

i read yoiur first sentence and stopped. the true fascists again are the DEMOCRATS and people like you who slander anyone who does not agree with you. trump was and is a great american i find him second only to winston churchill as a great person for the people.
obama kept up his desire to reconcile and be with socialist same as fascism goverments read today biden following steps.
trump was for the “deplorables” who said that again what person who loved the common man, and the people not wealthy but law abiding and working the democrats are for crooks (biden family) convicts druggies and the likmes of peoplle who tear down building and statues. this is very very hitler like. his power came from the corrupt the criminals the bigots and the complainers not unlike our own democratic party

You hold the view that idenity politics will not destroy the structure of American society as it did in Nazi Germany. Time will tell if those hurt by government diversity programs do not cause considerable change in the social structure.

It should be noted that New York state Democrats have passed a law holding practicing Catholics responsible for child abuse that they neither practiced nor condoned. At some point holding others responsible for actions they did not do will cause a back lash

geri krawitz

and yet their is no law for all the abortions commited. apparently killing the innocent is acceptable. all these dems claim to be catholic but this basic principle eludes them abortion is killing. ladies take a pill men get condoms all stop having sex casually. their are consequences but you dont care


Fred, I’m interested in your take with Texas looking to the Federal government to pay for upgrading and winterizing their energy and utility systems, as well as pay the exorbitant electricity bills that some Texans are receiving, instead of taxing their own citizens for such costs given they were told 10 years ago that 1) system upgrades were needed and 2) joining the national grid like all other states would provide an adequate emergency back-up system.

geri krawitz

the owners of the power companies not suprisingly are democrats and huge givers to that party so blame them
national grid is an english company we could not do it alone apparently

Was the source of the problem a failure to have dispatchable power replaced by renewables? Until that point is dealt with their4 can be no sound answer to your question.


Fred, try making sense. I have no clue what you are saying. Renewables only represent 10% of the power grid in Texas if that helps.

Where are all the sources of your Biden/Clinton/whatever-else “theories” that spew from your verbal train-of-thought?
Put up or shut up.

Just to keep it simple for you, let’s start with your Biden Ukraine 3 billion theory. Show your work.

geri krawitz

what the democrats are supporting and what they have done i the past is appeasement ti socialist and terrorist states not unlike chamberlain and france .
well we cant do anything we have to let these people express themselves with guns and knives and whatever weapons they have because they are the forgotten we cannot expect them to live by societies rules of behaviour and civility n o they are to weak we must give in to them we have to support the illegals the criminals the aborionist because these people do not know any better and they are right freedom for everyone except working class honest americans and god forbid they be white


Hey Ray and Chuck, I will never abandon the cause of fighting for truth, justice and equality for all people in every walk of life.

I will, in all likely, continue to post my opinion on editorial letters and comments from rational reasonable people. Having said that, I’m done being sucked into responding to posted comments by the thoughtless, self serving, narrow minded individuals who are only concerned with what they believe is the way life should be, two of who’s names I won’t mention. I think it’s kind of like trying to convince duck that it’s a dog and expecting it to bark instead of quack. It’s a waste of time

“Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”- Mark Twain. I think It’s kind of trying to convince a duck that it’s a dog expecting it to bark instead of quack. It’s a waste of time.


Sorry, I wrote the duck/dog analogy twice. Perhaps it was worth repeating.

Ray, I actually laughed out loud when you said “ Your ignorance has no bounds“ then a quick response of “yes it does” came back. I was just wondering what the bounds were.


Louis and Chuck, let’s just ignore them. Between ignorance and racism, it’s just not worth responding to their gibberish.

geri krawitz

and never argue with people who cannot back up their comments with news reports especially in this time of google when so much is available. it is much easier for you to not listen to anything adverse and to have your own not balanced views

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