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Letters to the Editor Monday, Feb. 22


Get seditionists out of our government

By acquitting Trump, the Republican Party in Washington, with the exception of a few who still believe in democracy, have shown themselves to be the party of sedition.
By acquitting Trump, they have shown themselves to be in favor of insurrection and in support of the white supremacist terrorists led by Trump, bent on the destruction of democracy.
And by acquitting Trump, these certain Republicans have declared themselves to have abandoned American values, replacing those values with power-hungry beliefs akin to those of cult-like autocracies.
They even employ the tactics of autocracies, including the use of lies for the purpose of manipulation.
They did this in the impeachment trial by saying it was unconstitutional to impeach as an excuse to acquit Trump.
It had already been established that the impeachment WAS constitutional. But as per usual, the facts were ignored.
We were the very beacon of democracy in the world, but that light dimmed on Jan. 6.
Now, thanks to certain Republicans in Washington, it is barely a flicker. We need to vote seditionists out of our government, while we still can.
Eva Raymer

Give nurses respect and compensation

I recently read about the covid outbreaks on the oncology floor of Albany Medical Center.
I am so disappointed to read how such a highly regarded medical center treats one of their most vulnerable groups of patients — and the staff that work to provide the care they need.
I have a relative that is a nurse at AMC, and I have heard for years how they are understaffed and underpaid. The nurses voted to unionize in 2018 — and the hospital has not acted in good faith to finalize the contract — almost three years later.
When will Albany Med, and hospitals in general, realize that to provide the best care for their patients they need to treat the staff that deals directly with them with respect?
Fully staffed floors and fair pay are so important to maintain the proper care for all patients. Nurses and staff are literally putting their lives on the line taking care of our loved ones.
AMC administration needs to be held accountable for the way they have treated their nurses and staff. It’s time that they receive the respect and compensation they deserve.
Eileen Comley

We need to think of America as one

Here’s a note on Black History Month. Dr. Martin Luther King fought for equality and for judgment by character but not skin color. What have we done? Separate by skin color. Duh!
We should not have Black history and white history; it is all American history.
As soon as Blacks and Hispanics were elected to political positions, we developed Black and Hispanic caucuses in the various chambers. Duh.
When a Black person earns a high position, i.e. college president, the media is quick to point out that the new president is the first Black president. Duh! A picture might lead one to that conclusion.
One history. Stop with the firsts. One caucus, one America. Duh!
Dr. John Metallo

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geri krawitz

ms. raymer: what a hateful letter. we live in a coun try where everyonbe can express an opinion or we did before cancel culture. many of us thought that obama was a terrible president selfish and very lazy but we did not go out and burn cars steal assault as the new democrats do. we did not stage mass rallies when we did not like a choice for office of court. we stayed home we worked we voted and thank god we voted hillary out.
this is noit insurrection this is a free choice. democrats think a free choice is to limit what others think and to create a crazy world of many differnt sexes as opposed to the two we normally had to allow no bail no jail to martyr any criminal that dies blaming the police for all. we do not tear down statues we do not change names of institutions as if that would help anyone and while we dislike obama clinto especially hillary bidens and his larcenous family we do not physically attack.
i would love to hear one democrat admit to the monies hunter got from ukraine and china it is all documented; do you think we will not read and remember people people like you tell us to never the crimes are on paper and recorded you keep defending these lawless officials whats in it for you

geri krawitz

by the way in this most important case of what you call sedition and i call sour grapes for having lost the election the principal the WHISTLEBLOWER has still not been heard from his evidence was so compelling but we could not tell you what it was. take our very crooked word for it

geri krawitz

chuck yesterday i wanted to reply and i did at another source; to your reply about the 3 billion and biden i never said 3 billion and have you read or heard nothing about the 80,000 a month hunter was getting from burisma 1.5 billion from china with his friends kerry and bulger nephews of the named. it has been on news for years but you never saw it? also brother of joe given a large contract to build homes on i believe iraq.
not any biden has any experience in anything but lying ( i was top in my law school clas when he last) and chicanerry not any of them earned a penny that wasnt connected to goverment. do you have poor vision? nowhere did i say 3 billion but of course you do like to obfuscate


After reading the following, I think we need a special vaccination for the 74 million that voted for Trump:
USA Today and Suffolk U conducted a survey of 1,000 Trump voters, identified via 2020 polls, in the past week. The results reaffirm that Donald Trump’s big lies are now part of the bedrock of the Republican Party. Riot denialism, for example:

“Most Trump voters embrace a version of events on Jan. 6 that has been debunked by independent fact checkers and law enforcement agencies,” USA Today’s Susan Page wrote Sunday. “Asked to describe what happened during the assault on the Capitol, 58% of Trump voters call it ‘mostly an Antifa-inspired attack that only involved a few Trump supporters.’ That’s more than double the 28% who call it ‘a rally of Trump supporters, some of whom attacked the Capitol.’ Four percent call it ‘an attempted coup inspired by President Trump.'”

Trump sometimes told the public not to believe their eyes and ears — and some of his fans evidently agreed. The day of MAGA terror at the Capitol has been flushed down the memory hole by Trump’s base. “Only 4% say the impeachment trial made them less supportive of Trump; 42% say it made them more supportive,” Page wrote. “Fifty-four percent say it didn’t affect their support.”

Maybe someday truth will prevail.

geri krawitz

ooh suffolk university one of the top 1,000. usa propaganda sheet for democrats useless as far as news really a yellow sheet

Trump’s grip on his party is clear. New polling from Suffolk University and USA Today showed 46% of Trump voters would follow him if he formed his own party while 42% said his impeachment had strengthened their support. The same poll said 58% of Trump voters subscribed to an outright conspiracy theory: that the Capitol riot was “mostly a [leftwing] antifa-inspired attack that only involved a few Trump supporters”.

In reality, many of more than 250 individuals charged over the attack have been found to have links to far-right groups.

On Sunday a key member of House leadership, Steve Scalise, repeatedly refused to say Trump lost the election or bore responsibility for the Capitol breach.

The former Republican strategist Stuart Stevens said Scalise was “saying that America isn’t a democracy. That’s become the new standard of the Republican party. Not since 1860s has a large part of the country refused to accept election. The Republican party is an anti-democratic force”.

(Ray, mea culpa and all that. I just realized I pasted nearly the same thing you did first. Maybe we can reverse the evil intentions of “repeating a lie”? Repeat the truth enough and…)


News Alert: The Supreme Court cleared the way for a New York prosecutor to obtain former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, dealing a massive loss to Trump who has fiercely fought to shield his financial papers from prosecutors.

The documents will be subject to grand jury secrecy rules that restrict their public release.
The ruling is a bitter loss for Trump, even if the tax records are shielded from public disclosure, after he consistently argued that the subpoena issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was overbroad and issued in bad faith.

Reminder: Donald Trump’s legal and financial problems are still very serious
It means that the grand jury investigation into alleged hush money payments and other issues will no longer be hampered by Trump’s fight to keep the documents secret.

geri krawitz

we will believe our eyes and ears when you believe obama did a terrible jnob and never did anything to help average americans and that the bidens received a great deal of money when joe was the v.p.
we will believe our eyes and ears when democrats in positions of power stop painting blm in yellow on public streets.
we will believe our eyes and ears when the democrats admit to antifa and democrats burning cars looting small businesses
we will believe our eyes and ears when you admit coumo vaccinated druggies in december and sent many elderly with wuhan back to nursing homes killing thousands
we willbelieve our eyes and ears when biden admits to all the petty lies about himsel his family and his and thewir accomplishments.
we willbelieve our eyes and ears when jill learns to count to a thousand and to stop calliung hersel doctor when the degree she possesses has been eliminated from most universities does she respond when on a plane if tbey call for a doctor
mostly we willbelieve our eyes and ears when the democrats do the same and perhaps stop providing aid to abortionist anti-semites druggies transgenders and realize what a hindrance they all are

Interesting Dr. Metallo how as soon as black people start showing up in leadership roles all of a sudden we shouldn’t acknowledge their blackness and we just need to all come together as “One America”. “What have we done? Separate by color?” you asked. Yes, we have, it’s called segregation, Jim Crow, separate but equal, Plessy v. Ferguson, etc. One day I hope, like you, that we don’t have to acknowledge that some person is “the first black _______”, but not because you think we need to have one history that doesn’t recognize people of color, but because (hopefully) black people will finally be treated justly and their achievements will become so common place that there will no longer be the need to say “the first black” before we say “United States President” or “Vice President” or “University President”, etc. etc.


Matt, Couldn’t agree more. Well said! – What I surmise from reading Dr Metallo’s letter is that it is blanketed with overtones of racism and white supremacy. “Duh!”

Martha Bencic

I’m gonna keep judging people by the content of their character. It just so happens that the majority of murderous racists are old, white men and they DO need to be replaced.


Yep, The 2017 Las Vegas shooting was carried out by a 64 year old white man from Nevada. 61 dead.

He doesn’t even top the list, Donald Trump does.


Eva Raymer, your letter expresses my exact thoughts.

It’s a sorry situation that such a large percentage voting American support these seditionist politicians, not acknowledging or believing their behavior is criminal.

The irony is that by supporting trumpian behavior they are in essence shooting themselves in the head, not foot, because democracy is fragile and can be lost for all, including them.

geri krawitz

restifo look up the meaning of sedition i think it more applies to the feckless dems.
the country will not be overthrown by the thoughts and words of conservatives rather the ill bred crooks druggies antifas and the people who gain monies for being in goverment will be our downfall.
i see iran the largest terrorist country and you probably like them has said the u.s owes them a trillion dollars and biden better send it soon. he will
hey what do you care i feel from your comments that you support the horrors in the middle east something president trump put a stop to could you be an anti-semite?

Dr. Metallo, and all scared White people afraid of losing their privileges, need to keep being reminded that, for the most part, generations of African-Americans are not here on their own free will. The better part of America has for over a hundred years recognized that sad fact and tried to help those fellow humans who, for most of their recent history have been seen by lesser quality Americans as second-class or worse.

Therefore we celebrate the successes of the African-American community when we can. We of the White race have a moral responsibility to show gratitude for what they’ve had to involuntarily contribute, just as we have a moral responsibility to be grateful to other ethnic minorities, especially the Native Americans, for making this country as great as it is.

And I’m sorry that this needs to be typed out for clarification. You’d think someone who calls themself a “Doctor” wouldn’t need this.

geri krawitz

are we now going to give succor to illegal immigrants because they only came her for benefits.
black people have been i this coun try for hundreds of years. the slave trade was initiated by blacks in africa. the irish came here for freedom and jobs. the jews came here to escape death everyone who came here was forced to by circumstances.
do you not think that 200 years is enough to adjust> certainly those who feel they do not belong here can go where they choose to. ironic all others hail this country

William Marincic

For years I have heard about how smart and how important the PHDs are, I guess that’s only the PHDs that agree with the democrats, the “woke” ones. This is hilarious.

Joseph Vendetti


I don’t get how you want to slam Trump but leave Cuomo to kill and bully? How a riot at the Capitol is any different then BLM riots in Minneapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, NYC, LA, etc ($4 billion in insurance claims 5 deaths).

Trump was (is) wrong, Cuomo was (is) wrong, Capitol riots wrong, BLM riots wrong.

By not condemning all you, how can any of your points be considered valid?

Joe, have you actually read the AG’s report on the nursing home issue? Have you actually read the Daily Gazette’s summary of it? I don’t think so.

They’re both very good, not because they absolve Cuomo for his, as yet to be determined “crimes”. It doesn’t. But they’re good to read because they accurately show that it was much more complicated than “Cuomo killed seniors” (which he most certainly didn’t). High on the list of potentially guilty parties are the nursing homes themselves who were apparently pathetically ill-equipped for this, including in their administrative duty to report.

And for the record, Cuomo never forced recovering seniors into the nursing homes. I saw most of the daily pressers he gave, over one hundred consecutively, and that order to rehome recovering senior was NEVER spoken without the caveat that if a nursing home felt it could not acommodate a patient it was to contact the Department of Health and that senior would be placed somewhere else.

This is not to defend Cuomo (who, you should be reminded, provided much needed leadership and comfort to New Yorkers at a time when there was a gaping void in leadership from Washington), there should be an honest investigation, maybe an independent commission to settle this.

But to think Cuomo’s behavior comes anywhere near what tRump has done is to be sipping Kool-aid you should probably avoid. There sure seem to be a whole lot of butt-hurt Republicans, and some Dems, who think this is their big moment for political revenge, sadly on the tears of the families who lost loved ones.


Joseph Vendetti, Two days ago I responded to a Gazette editorial liter written by Art Henningtson, who apparently has a similar mindset as you. He also was implying that the BLM protests and storming of the Capital were parallel events. HARDLY!!

This is my copied pasted response to his letter and now your questioning a difference in the two events….

Art Henningston., comparing “the assaults, arson and looting in Washington last summer” to the January 6th storming of the capital it’s so far off base it’s pathetic. I’m sick and tired of you and people like you continually making that comparison.

The Hundreds of thousands of people that were continually marching from coast to coast this past summer, we’re doing so because of the gross injustices that were happening to Black people. Remember the murder of George Floyd? – Yes there was looting and fires were set, that activity was a terrible byproduct of the peaceful protest marches that criminals capitalized on. – It appears Trump, Fox and people like you, Art, made that the main focus, completely disregarding why people of all walks of life were marching in the streets.

The February 6th storming of the capital where approximately 30,000 staunch Trump supporters, incited by their fearless leaders’ lies, assembled there solely in an attempt to overthrow the election results, as well as inflect harm or kill political leaders.

Comparing the two events is ludicrous but so typical of the reasoning of the alt-right.

If you want to make a comparison of the two events, why not try looking at how Trump reacted to both of them.

During the BLM protests he brought in the national guard, use teargas and pepper spray to get people off the street so he could do a photo-op and hold a Bible upside down.

When people were getting killed and the criminal desecration to our capital was happening, like none seen in centuries, he sat there and watch television relishing the moment for three hours.

Additionally you should have done a little soul searching, before using the terms proud boys, stand down and stand by and and comparing their and trumps’ agenda with the plight of Martin Luther King.

Why you don’t you just say it like it is: this is about white supremacy, bigotry, racism and total indifference to those that may have less than you.

Regarding the Biden/Ukraine “scandal” that so many screech about, but like children at nighttime afraid of the monsters under their bed, can’t seem to find any credible proof:

I had a few minutes to kill so I did the homework that honest brokers of this tale should have done, and I’ll settle with the BBC’s reporting and fact-checking.

One take-away I got is the persistent tale that Giuliani and Bannon provided the evidence. If that’s your source of “truth”, not much else you say carries much weight.

Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine and China?


Regarding the far right Republicans that are constantly bringing up this this Biden/Ukraine scandal regardless of, yes, the possibility of his guilt, how about this:

Comparing Biden‘s interaction with the Ukraine to Donald Trump interaction with Russia is like comparing a pimple to open heart surgery. Talk about hypocrisy!

Hunter Biden held no political office, Donald Trump was the president of the United States!

And if anyone’s come back is that he was the son of the Vice President, don’t bother unless you’re ready to talk about Donnie Junior and the rest of the incompetent nepotism clan.

Joseph Vendetti


First off – yes read the AGs report and the Gazette, watched all the press conferences as well. So Cuomo’s executive order on March 25th to put Covid positive patients into nursing home was the spark that led to elderly patients contracting Covid. If you have ever visited a nursing home it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this isn’t the best medical care nor is it filled with “skilled” staff. A hospital has a census, you can’t have a higher ratio that would overwhelm the RNs or Drs. A Nursing home is primarily PCA’s (which have little training on masks, on hand washing, etc). So once the spark entered the nursing home it was inevitable that it would burn and burn.

Secondly – the under reporting was a purposeful act. Cuomo tried to play it off as a political witch hunt, but from the WSJ article today it was pretty plain to see with our high death rate in NY how was our Nursing facility death rate be reported as so low. At first, the administration was clearly under reporting to the general public because he was getting blow back from the 3/25 executive order. Once DOJ requests the information and it was mis-reported to them – its a criminal act.

Cuomo and his father before him have used bullying tactics against other politicians for years.

As a Democrat I am embarrassed because he is acting like a smarter version of Trump. Because he is a lifelong politician & attorney he should know better.

“So Cuomo’s executive order on March 25th to put Covid positive patients into nursing home was the spark that led to elderly patients contracting Covid.”

This statement is so dishonest.

In the past 4 years I’ve seen both my parents in local nursing facilities; one for rehab after a fall this past summer and a couple years ago when my Dad passed. Dad spent time in The Grand in Guilderland Center, a once highly troubled place but since recovered, but still not without some problems. Mom was at Daughters of Sarah for the month of July and the treatment was first class.
You cannot honestly state that his 3/25 order was “the spark” when there was already a steady stream of nursing and administrative and custodial staff in and out of these places, as well as the TV/Telephone techs who set those up for patients, delivery people of all manner coming and going, a tragic deficiency of personal protective equipment (PPE) and federal guidance in how to make it all safe.

No sir, I strongly object to the statement that Cuomo FOLLOWING CDC GUIDELINES and returning recovering COVID seniors to their nursing homes, IF THOSE NURSING HOMES WERE CAPABLE OF SAFELY ADMITTING THEM, was any kind of cause for nursing home deaths.

I have a strong skepticism toward Cuomo on several fronts, but as a leader devoted to the people of NY, I have no question he’s done far more good than bad. And he most definitely did not cause the deaths of any senior citizens.

I’ve said this before, but NYS politics is tough… really tough, and frankly it takes a NYC toughness to get anything done. That’s often not pretty or elegant but brutishly tough and often comes with some warts but maybe there’s a reason Cuomo was elected to be Chair of the National Governors’ Association.

Joseph Vendetti


If his 3/25 order wasn’t bad why did he amend the order and stop sending Covid patients to the nursing homes?

We had thousands of extra beds (javits center, ship, etc) what was the need to send them to nursing homes?

He has over stepped – at one point threatening to confiscate ventilators or cut off funding? We huffed and puffed when trump threatened to end federal funding if we continued to harbor illegal immigrants. We can’t be hypocritical of policies and tactics because someone has an R or a D in parentheses near their name. Similarly Cuomo has flipped on the immigration issue – Obama wanted tighter border security & Cuomo was for it, Trump wanted tighter border security Cuomo was against it. Schumer has flipped on this same issue As he was for it under Clinton, against it under Bush, for it during Obama and against it again during Trump.

As a reasonable human I can understand getting facts that may change my opinion on an issue but flip flopping for R & D’s. Both parties are guilty of it. We the american people suffer because of it. Term limits on every elected office is essential.

Why is changing your stance as you gain more information a bad thing?

Why are you changing history by omitting the utter horror our medical professionals and policy makers were facing at the time where they had thousands of deaths a day, with no let up in sight, refrigerator trucks lined up for the overflow of bodies and mass graves a reality?

Do you seriously not remember that? How can you not account for that REALITY while accusing Cuomo of …I don’t know what…what are you accusing him of? You and many sure are dead set to demonize him somehow, some way.
AND AGAIN, I’m not completely defending him, but for Pete’s sake lets get the story straight first.

Joseph Vendetti


Come on – changing your stance is fine with more knowledge but is it just coincidence that they support the border protection when a Democrat suggests it? Then change back when a Republican proposes it? I was born on a day – just wasn’t yesterday.

Yes – I remember the refrigerator trucks. But facts are his team told him we needed 110,000 beds and 50,000 ventilators. We topped out at 19000 ICU hospital beds and 31,000 hospitalized at 1 time. That ship that the feds sent and ventilators- we never touched. There was no reason to send patients into nursing homes. The majority of the States didn’t do that practice, and all that did it, ended the practice.

I would like to see DiNapoli or James run for Governor. We need a change in NY.

William Marincic

Chuck D, your statement I’ve said this before, but NYS politics is tough… really tough, and frankly it takes a NYC toughness to get anything done. That’s often not pretty or elegant but brutishly tough and often comes with some warts but maybe there’s a reason Cuomo was elected to be Chair of the National Governors’ Association.
I guess you can only be tough if you are the governor, tough talking and NYC toughness doesn’t extend to Trump I see. I’ve said it a dozen times that Trump speaks the way he does because that’s how NY businessmen speak in NY, I know as I’ve dealt with NY businessmen for years and they all speak like Trump.

geri krawitz

is it not the ag who wants to prosecute coumo and i love your sources of knowledge
perhaps you are a selective reader. i do know that the gazette published that in march coumo added to the budget that nursing homes cannot be sued for wuhan. nursing homes huge contributors to coumo what this has to do with a budget ill never know but he did protect his friends. the guy is terrible hated when he was in clinton administration as a bully. they were infcted they were not cured and they went back to spread the wuhan. what does your parents being in nursing homes years ago have to do with anything he said he sent them back because not enough beds but the javits center hudson facility and the hospital ship barely had 100 patients and coumo closed it and then wanted to open again. the man is brainless and a sociopath he only wanted a way to look in charge but he reaped death


Joe, I’ll give you that there is some slime on Cuomo. – Short of the nursing home scandal which, yes, is huge, his covid program was the best.- I’m getting my second vaccine this Wednesday. The first one went as smooth as could be. – A blind German Shepherd could’ve done a better job than Trump.

Joseph Vendetti


Congrats – I get my 2nd weds in Utica. My wife and oldest daughter are RNs are fully vaccinated all three of my boys who are in schools have received their first. My youngest daughter is only one that hasn’t got her vaccine. I take my dad to Suny at Albany Monday for his 1st.

H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2021 now co-sponsored by every House Democrat (and zero Republicans).

“…the bill would “improve access to the ballot box,” by creating an automatic voter registration across the country, and by ensuring that individuals who have completed felony sentences have their full voting rights restored. The bill will also expand early voting and enhance absentee voting by simplifying voting by mail.”

“The bill also commits Congress to deliver ‘full congressional voting rights and self-government for the residents of the District of Columbia, which only statehood can provide,’ prohibits voter roll purges and ‘ends partisan gerrymandering to prevent politicians from picking their voters.'”

We’ve seen a lot of memes come out of these interwebs recently. One that stands out in my mind is “saying the quiet part out loud” which the former President gave so much to, not to mention so many pent-up Republican officials and voters. They just can’t keep it in! The latest example is the Republicans’ reaction to this bill wherein they bemoan the Democrats intention to take over elections.

The truth is that’s certainly not the Democrats’ intention. But the Republican fears, their “saying the quiet part out loud”, are probably an inevitable outcome as they watch tens of thousands desert their party, a madman attempt to take it over as his own fanclub and no real results that benefit Americans for a couple decades now.

Republicans and all their seditious, treasonous followers are completely free to benefit from these reforms, and they will, just as they’ll benefit from the Democratically-led massive economic stimulus bill that will be passed above the predictable Republican noise. This time aid won’t depend on if you said nice things about the President.

And they’re still free to spout their swill to their diminishing base ad nauseum, as they would. They will be more restrained though from gaming our elections to make up for their own failings. Because this remains the most free country in the world and we’re letting the world know that’s true and they can bank on it.

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