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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, Feb. 24


Sch’dy is electric! Keep the nickname

Schenectady is not a “Metro.” Atlanta has a “metro” area, but “The Electric City,” with a population of 65,000 people, has a lot more going for it than its size. It’s where Edison made electricity viable, where television first broadcast in 1928, and where Georgie Jessel showed me around the vaudevillian Proctor’s Theatre in the 1970s. It is part of the Capital District that had until the pandemic a vibrant – and more eclectic – music scene than most in this country.
Schenectady is a place where I can indulge my musical muse as a journalist writing for publications worldwide, but also live here because I can be part of a “community,” and not a “metropolis.”
Last week Neil Golub, the Price Chopper patriarch, suggested Schenectady drop its moniker as “The Electric City” and replace it with “Schenectady Metro.” The consensus among more than 60 entries on a Scotia-Glenville Facebook page is that “metro” connotes big and nothing else, while “The Electric City” denotes all the nuances of the word electric. I couldn’t agree more.
Society is rushing to wipe out the memory of people and events that make us all uncomfortable about racism, the subjugation of women, and on and on. We are denying a younger generation an unvarnished look at the reminders of our past including our mistakes and how we can make good on them. My hometown is not a mistake. It’s also not a metro. But it is electric! And I’m proud of where I was born.
Don Wilcock
The writer is an internationally recognized author, editor and writer and a former employee of GE’s Advertising and Sales Promotion Operation.

Texas lawmakers hypocritical with plea

As a lifelong New York state resident, with the exception of spending four years in Texas for a career move, I find it ironic that the politicians are seeking federal government assistance for the power debacle they helped create. When the Blue States requested federal money to alleviate some of the pain caused by COVID-19, which was a foreign creation, Texas senators John Cornyn and Ted “Cancun” Cruz vehemently opposed, asking why the feds should assist for past fiscal policies which contributed to those states overall budget deficits. While most of us can agree that politicians, in the interest of re-election, always approve labor contracts for state and municipal employees including extremely generous contributions for pensions and health insurance. By the way, the only way to abrogate those onerous contracts is for the states/municipalities to declare bankruptcy, which might not be a bad idea.
Jim Brodie

Mars rover landing conjures images of 1900s odyssey

The perilous arrival of the Mars rover Perseverance at Jezero Crater on Feb. 18 inspires me to place two of its technologies in a larger perspective. On approach, Perseverance used instruments to plot its course to the surface, much as a shark detects odors and vibrations to plot its course to potential prey. On approach, a shark may switch to visual instrumentation to attack.
On approach, Perseverance likewise switched to visual, using photographs of potential landing sites transmitted from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. As Perseverance descended, it compared real-time terrain views with its photographs of acceptable landing sites. When a high-quality site match was established, computers controlled eight thrusters to approach, decelerate and land.
An antecedent to this technology was highlighted in the 1995 iMax film “Across the Sea of Time.” It dramatizes the arrival of Russian stowaway Thomas Minton, jumping from a ship as it passed Ellis Island. He swam wearing a backpack with his possessions including a Holmes stereoscope and photographs of the New York City home of his great uncle, who arrived in 1904. Minton climbed to numerous rooftops. Like Perseverance, he compared real-time views with his photographs. Eventually he established a high-quality skyline match and found his American family.
Robert A. Michaels

Republicans need to get rid of traitors

Well how much must taxpayers have to pay for the stupidity of the Democrats, mainly Pelosi and Schumer? I would love to have seen their faces when Trump was acquitted. Now they want to legalize all illegal immigrants. Why not legalize the ones that came here legally first? All the Democrats want is the votes.
Pelosi and Schumer will not give up. I hope the Republicans who helped get Trump acquitted get rid of the traitors. I hope the Republicans get their things together and work for the people.
James Maxfield

Cuomo is showing his true colors

Some people are finally seeing King Andy’s true colors.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Kevin Sherry


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James Maxfield,

I think you’re confused, and and have a few things backwards.

“All the Democrats want is the votes.” –
“Republicans who helped get Trump acquitted get rid of the traitors.”

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans who help get Trump acquitted are the traitors…
Traitors to democracy and what the GOP once was and stood for.

Additionally the vast majority of those Republicans who voted to acquit Trump did so because they cared only about the votes of his base.

They, as anyone with eyes and ears, knew Trump incited the storming of the capital and was guilty of incitement of insurrection.

Well said. It’s very disturbing that people still think the traitors are the ones who weren’t loyal enough to Trump’s “Big Lie”, when in fact, the real traitors are those who amplified the election lie and tried to forcefully overthrow a democratic election. Duh!!

geri krawitz

the real traitors are the crazed people who cannot let clintons failure go really what has trump done that is so terrible and impeachable you speak as if you are in possession of knowledge that others do ot have or is to insignificant to be considered. i keep asking WHERE IS THE WHISTLEBLOWER AND HIS FACTS if it was so damnin g why did they not use him. they depended on the hatred creatd by the democrats and did they not keep saying the election was stolen and they were the righteous party. for me not for thee. with the lates coumo ordering ventilators 12 and a half million from a company that made sex toys and they are blaming trump for this all coumo as he so succintly put in his fiction book about the pandemic. no hue and cry for something so aggregious. all you dems should open your eyes but usually people who are so biased cannot use common sense and knowledge

geri krawitz

please please please what is the big lie? if it is so big and so important you must know what its is. please please tell us. inquiring minds want to know

geri krawitz

acquited of what? please please instead of inuendo please please tell us what trump did wrong facts please not a telephone call. hunter can take millions from ukraine but trump guilty of a telephone call. even worse is that biden allowed his family to take billions from foreign countries, the crook is an enabler to looting \.
now reading that coumo gave a 12 and half million deal to company to supply ventilators. they had never made them before (to busy writing his book to check) and they previously made sex toys. just a slight oversight not his fault somehow this too is tumps fault. the problem with so many of the local responders are that they are so parochial and biased

geri krawitz

no guilt that is the new world order. just as in germany the fascists sited the jews christians gypsies for extermination the woke u.s. has sited whites. a big big order and yet the woke and undeducated whites do not see it. they think othwers will bear the brunt and they wont. of course these new laws and cancel culture will find them. worse is the stupidity of not helping people black or white but promoting hatred very very fascist. i wonder about some of the people who write responses and letters and their actual feelings about germany and ww2

geri krawitz

wokeness and freedom of expression. the two lawyers who tossed molotov cocktails into police cars nothing to see here a minor thing.
of course the problem even without the negativity of the democrats is that only civil law abiding people follow rules. the others have only contempt for anything they do not agree with and that holds back their looting and other trecherous activities. they disdane even the simplest rules and the woke support them. steal those prada bags you have to feed your children.
how and why was the heastie no bail no jail passed. what fools are legislators are

geri krawitz

restifo acquitted of what? please name the crime trump was impeached twice for.
do you know that people who just repeat hateful messages and do not even now what the crime is cannot be taken as anything but perpetrators of hate. still waiting for a democrat to admit to all the monies biden family stole while he was an inefectual vp.
while vp other than spending taxpayer monies is their one thing he accomplished or led to vote that would have made him a suitable candidate for president. the same fo his years in the senate. one only one law that he created or helped pass just one

Excellent letter Jim. If the Republican-controlled state legislature of Texas, and the Republican U.S. House members from Texas, and the two Republican U.S. Senators from Texas are calling for a “Red State Bailout” caused by a disaster of their own creation, they should admit their hypocrisy and the Texas congressional delegation should fund state and local COVID relief in the upcoming stimulus bill. It’ll benefit ALL of the states, not just “blue” states. Don’t take my word for it, just ask West Virginia Republican governor Jim Justice.

Texans listened to the environmentalists and built for renewable energy use rather than construct plants that were dispatchable as needed. That mistake resulted in the Texas grid being shut down in time of extreme demand in order to avoid permeant damage.

Perhaps we can adapt to a life dependent on existence of breezes and or sun shine. In any case case the listened to the Democrats an now they suffer.

geri krawitz

while it was cold how could anyone freeze to death as they are claiming did these people not own clothing? did they have a phone to call and ask to be taken to a shelter? no ovens to light?

LA’s Rich Somehow Got COVID Vaccines Meant for Minority Communities
Appointment codes designated for largely Black and Latino communities ended up getting spread among wealthier people.

The above is an example of institutional racism that so upsets some Americans

I’m writing to voice my support for keeping Electric City as Schenectady’s nickname. I grew up on the outskirts of the city and currently live on the outskirts. But I have a near lifetime of interaction with the city including ten years of employment within its bounds. Also, having a very (very!) long family history with the city, I’ve always been attuned to what Schenectady is, was and could be. It’s always been the Electric City, and so should it stay.

That said…

I can’t let the esteemed Don Wilcock off for his comment, “Society is rushing to wipe out the memory of people and events that make us all uncomfortable…” And since he took the liberty of this pointless excursion, I will too and suggest that his ‘erasure’ is society refusing to accept glorification of wrongs our country has committed.

Should we continue to accept larger-then-life statues to Civil War heroes in American cities?

Should we accept the flaunting of the Confederate flag and other iconography that represents insurrection against the United States? We have successfully shunned Nazi iconography yet remain knowledgeable on the subject as it’s still part middle and high school curricula. So will the Civil War and the South’s insistence on wanting to own and trade humans.

“Cancel” culture is a phrase mostly being tossed about by a political party that’s finding it’s ideology more and more repulsive and in retrograde, and not willing to allow introspection. Too bad for them. America is moving on, progressing. And there’s a bit of a mess that needs cleaning up (but certainly not forgotten).


Spot on Chuck!

The sentence in Don Wilcock’s letter that you quoted seemed out of place in the context of the letter and didn’t set well with me either.

Finishing the sentence “uncomfortable about racism, the subjugation of women, and on and on”. – So is the implication that we should accept the racist, and other gut wrenching symbols that are reminders of horrific events?

Definition of Subjugation..
The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.

Perhaps we should put up old signs at polling places that were made before Women’s suffrage, at a time when they were denied the right to vote. Perhaps some shackles hanging next to them.

Yes, we should remember and learn from history, both good and bad, but many reminders are blatant slaps in the face to so many. If these hurtful reminders have their place it’s in museums. E.g. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in New York.

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