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Letters to the Editor Friday, Feb. 26


‘Electric City’ nickname back in vogue again

Thank you for your front page article (“Electric evermore”) in the Feb. 21 Gazette about Schenectady’s nickname — the Electric City. “Electric City” has recently become popular again, because there are now both a cab company and a church around here with that name. Thanks again!

Our ‘thinking’ is skewed, logic absent

The absence of mathematical logic in thinking makes it possible for people to believe anything. Once reduced to being led by “feelings,” or “intuition,” it is easy to toss logic out the window.
All politicians rely on the fact that voters can be swayed easily by using non-logical techniques. Appeal to feelings, fears, and hopes, and you can steer the masses anywhere you want them.
Let me give just one example:
George Washington not only helped birth our nation, but he also led us into battle for our independence. He trained and led troops on the bloody fields of glory for our independence. He refused to take any titles or power. As president, he continued his service to our country. He was a man of great stature physically, intellectually, and morally. Even our adversaries admired the bravery and tenacity of General Washington.
The San Francisco school board wants to remove his name from school buildings. Not just his, but Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. These men helped make our great country what it is today.
Sadly, our “thinking” is skewed, our logic is absent, and our understanding of history is nonexistent. No wonder it is so easy to lead people astray. I find it pathetic.

Don’t let pandemic thwart cancer tests

February is National Cancer Prevention Month but being aware is not enough. The Cancer Prevention in Action Program (CPiA) urges people to lower cancer risk by making healthy choices, getting the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent cancer, and staying up to date on cancer screenings.

Screening tests for cervical and colon cancer can find cancer before it starts. Mammograms can find breast cancer early, which means treatment may be easier and more successful. Getting the HPV vaccine can prevent about 90 percent of seven different types of cancer.
Yet, during the pandemic, in two April 2020 reports, cervical cancer screening dropped nationwide by 83 percent, mammograms by 87 percent and colonoscopies by 90 percent. HPV vaccination decreased by 73 percent. This is due to the temporary shutdown of medical offices for routine care to curb the spread of COVID-19.
CPiA works to decrease cancer in our communities. We help employers set policies for paid time off to get cancer screenings for their employees. CPiA provides education in our community on the importance of the HPV vaccine for adolescents. CPiA also works with businesses, schools and community partners to adopt safety policies to reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays.
CPiA continues to do our work throughout the pandemic because cancer will not wait for the pandemic to end. To learn more about CPiA, which is supported with funds from the State of New York, contact us at
The writer is health education promotions coordinator, Community Cancer Prevention in Action of Fulton, Montgomery & Schenectady Counties.


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William Marincic

JAMES PAVOLDI When Isis took over a town or a village or a city they to destroyed statues and museums just like the Democrats are doing. By changing the name of a school please tell me one person that this has helped tell me the name of one person who was upset that George Washington or Abraham Lincoln‘s name is on a school. As Americans we have learned from our history, if you erase history then you are doomed to repeat it. Liberalism is a mental disorder and we’re seeing more and more of that disorder every day, God help America.

geri krawitz

well put raise your family go to work maintain your home practice a your religion pay taxes we dont really care about you. we must help the unfringed with their lives. more money for druggies transvestites people who object to our system and live of taypayer dollars. love the recent appt to HHS how can this person be a doctor and not understand that their are 2 sexes. feelings dont matter you can have romances affairs sex with any person you chose but it does not change your basic sex. of course in his response to senato paul who is a physician is that he did not know all the science behing this chicanerry. mentally ill people should get help and should not be encouraged to propagate their unproven views

We need Covid – 19 relief but we have enough money to muck around in Trump’s tax returns. So it is discovered that the state and federal government’s handling of his past tax returns has been less than thoughtful. So what?

I would audit Como’s tax returns to see if he paid taxes on his government mansion in Albany. Do remember that the governor’s mansion is part of his wages!

geri krawitz

why were covid products of 1 and half billion purchased from china by coumo
this should not even be legal rewarding the country who knowingly started this terrible problem. oh wait i forgot WHO said it was australia. and our gov erment did not challenge this and say how despicable it was. we cant even go to bat for countries that are innocent. i am sure if this was 1939 biden and company would have blamed the jews. trump was the only recent president who has worked for the average honest taxpayer and also tried to remove us from that incestuois organization the U.N.
waiting for the brilliant replies from the left people about how wonderful everything is


Since there is no right to put the life of an another I see no reason why we can not adopt the same idea for those who come in contact with children. If teachers and other s home come in contact with school children are unhappy with this approach to protect the school aged FIRE THEM!

geri krawitz

i cannot believe anyone would not want top get vaccinated except of course merkle who is allways contrary.
people begging to get vaccine and yet some refuse because they are anti-vaccine for anything.
i think i lucky i was to have children when all these vaccines were available especially polio. but why take a chance. i wonder if robert kennedy is still an anti vaccine but i am sure when he was a child he was givven all and then some for protection

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