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Letters to the Editor Sunday, Feb. 28


Bogus claim about riots par for course nowadays

Well I thought I had heard everything, but of course I have not.
Sen. Ron Johnson recently championed a theory that the Jan. 6 rioters were in fact led by left-wing radicals pretending to be Donald Trump supporters. Amazing that he was allowed to go on with this foolishness.
Hard as it is to believe he said this, it is even harder to imagine that his fellow senators allowed him to do it. Lying to the public is what got us to the Jan. 6 riots (by Trump supporters).
Next, maybe Johnson will tell us it wasn’t the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor but that he had an eyewitness account that in fact it was Chinese who were flying those planes to provoke the United States of America to enter WWII. I know it sounds like something John “Bluto” Blutarsky might have said in “Animal House.” This is, however, how Johnson sounded in the U.S. Senate.
In a more honest time, Johnson would have been told by his leadership to “knock it off” and do his job. Instead, he was allowed to do this by his leadership, leadership which I would contend is no better than him.
Let’s hope in the future the public will elect better people to represent them then Ron Johnson. Although in our area we have elected Elise Stefanik, a little-fish clone of a person like Sen. Johnson.

Today’s newscasters could learn from Harvey

While I don’t claim to be a musician, I do play guitar. One of the most important things in music is not what you play but what you don’t play.
A constant barrage of ON is disconcerting, and fails to get the message and pleasure across.
The same goes for newscasters. Have you noticed the tag-team reporting where not a beat is missed between them?
From one topic to the next, it’s a constant irritating blast. How about “Fine Print Radio?” There’s no pause to allow the thought to penetrate and digest.
Even the CBS Eye Opener is over-shouted by a blast of cheesy, tinny horn music. You expect me to listen? I have this mute button.
Perhaps that’s what they want? You are only to be filled with their pablum and there’s no need to think. Just get programmed.
I dearly miss the likes of Paul Harvey. … Good day.

Dental clinic’s closure cause for concern

Sara Foss’s Feb. 21 column (“Ellis dental clinic slated for closure”) should sound an alarm for all health care consumers in Schenectady County.
Patients currently served by the Ellis Dental Health Center are to be transferred to Hometown Health, the only other Medicaid provider of dental services in Schenectady County.
As currently structured, the Ellis Dental Health Center offers a much wider range of dental services than currently provided at Hometown Health. These services include a hospital-based, full-time graduate dental residency; 24/7 coverage for “after-hours” dental emergencies; and consultations for hospitalized patients with comorbid dental problems.
Also, elimination of the Ellis Dental Health Center would require a significant increase in service capacity at Hometown Health. It is difficult to imagine that the increased manpower and infrastructure needed to support such an increase could be addressed in the short time horizon currently suggested for the Ellis closing.
Any plan to address the future dental health care needs of our community should include the services currently provided by the Ellis Dental Health Center. We should all feel compelled to be sure the Department of Health takes no action to allow closure of the center until these issues are addressed.

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geri krawitz

like rip van winkle you have been asleep for the last years. whatiden family has enriched themselves about the news talking about peaceful protests when you can see cars and buildings burning in background. on trumps inaugaration streets of cars were burning. kavanaugh looting burning occupying and the worst of all drum circles. we demand our right to steal and vandalize has been the cry of the democracts and their cohorts for 4 years.
do you know who is in office now and how the biden family has enriched themselves while joe was v.p. and continur to do so. you do not apparently believe hunter got 80,000 each month from burisma because jor threatened to hold back monies for ukraine how hunter and nephews of kerry bulger flew to china and made a deal of 1and a half billion for their unknown services. uncle who got contract to build homes in iraq under obama of course he has no knowledge of construction actually only of grifting. now the feckless human cesspool hunter is given 2,000,000 for a book really the person who had to resign his only job in the service because of drugs and has never done a lick of work in his life other than cheating on spouses and creating children out of wedlock who is worse

“Let’s hope in the future the public will elect better people to represent them then Ron Johnson. Although in our area we have elected Elise Stefanik, a little-fish clone of a person like Sen. Johnson.”

You are insulting someone rather than make your point with fact base reasoning.

You might want to consider the possiblity that the DC disturbance was the Democrats Reichstag Fire.

In response to the discussion about voter registration: Everyone who pays federal income tax is automatically registered for the following year. Thus for example if you paid income tax by 4/15 2021. you are registered for the following year. This approach relies on the premise that those who support the government should have a say in its running.

This is completely false, and the moderator should note it as such.
To my knowledge there is no connection between paying your taxes and being “automatically” registered to vote.
I willing stand corrected if I’m mistaken.

ChuckD I offered a suggested change that would deal with many of the issues raised about voter registration. I am of the opinion that those we pay federal taxes should be automatically registered for the next year. This approach would tie voting rights to individual support of the country.

M y view is those who pay should be the only ones who have a say in how our money is spent. Yes, this means that taxpaying illegals can vote.


Jim Novotny,
Your letter is spot on. – Along with Ron Johnson and Elise Stefanik you can add Hawley, Cruz, the complete wack job Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham and Madison Cawthorn to name a few to the list of politicians who who’s preference is kissing trumps fat lying rump over caring about democracy, decency and what is best for ALL the people in this country and for that matter the entire world.

Additionally, Mitch McConnell is really special, A true chameleon of a twisted, hypocritical politician. After completely denouncing trumps behavior regarding incitement of insurrection, he recently stated he would “absolutely” back him if he ran for president in 2024.

I wonder how these cold blooded reptilian like people sleep at night.

William Marincic

I can tell you President Trump sleeps with a supermodel, I can tell you that I fall asleep usually within two minutes of going to bed. I can tell you that the Democrats insulting 80 million Trump supporters is not a good idea. I will also tell you that President Trump will break the Internet today at 3:30 with his speech at CPAC. Daily I hear you Democrats constantly talking about how bad President Trump is, not once since January 20 has I heard anyone talk about how great Joe Biden is. Gas is up $.65 a gallon since January 20, I’m pretty sure the lower income people are getting hurt because of this but Democrats only like to talk about how much they do they never show it because when push comes to shove the democrats are more for supporting illegal immigrants than they are the American people. Prove me wrong.

Little boys avoid getting bloody noise by calling names and hiding. If you wish to be insulting you should deliver your insults face to face.

Mr. Martindale, now I’m triggered!
; )

I grew up getting “The Rest of the Story” over AM radio from a Tupper Lake station I can’t now remember the callsign for. The last of the true Conservative radio personalities, maybe.

We’re news junkies in our house and enjoy getting our news from multiple sources, American and otherwise. Local news has become a complete parody of itself. While we sometimes see glimmers of real journalism, it mostly a non-stop, shrill, “hair-on-fire” production that shows very little creativity (has anyone noticed they’re all exactly the same format?) and seems aimed at the geriatric demographic.

Couldn’t we get our news presented in a calm, conversational, grown-up tone?
Is anyone at these stations competent enough to proofread their graphics?
Why do the weather folks feel the need to YELL their segments?
And could we please dedicate even more time to the sports middle-aged White men love?

We’ve found switching over to the BBC is a refreshing break, and also a chance to catch up on what the rest of the world is doing since our own media is so caught up in it’s own perpetual naval-gazing.
Thanks for bringing this up, our local news is really the dregs.


ChuckD, small world!

I’m at my camp in Tupper Lake while I’m writing this.

Perhaps the AM station you’re referring to from so many years back was WNBZ out of Saranac Lake.

Unless you have NASA reception the only radio stations you can get with any clarity here in Tupper these days are WRGR (primarily classic rock) and NPR, and that’s fine with me.

I subscribe to three online papers. I also believe BBC to be refreshing break from Bob Kovachick coughing the weather and Chief meteorologist Steve Caporizzo and his pet show whether reports.

Additionally the broken record commercials are intolerable. Thank god for recording, then fast forwarding 85 % of these “news” broadcasting.

Small world, indeed, Lou!
WNBZ is correct. I think it was also on NBZ that I listened to Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon, from our camp on Follensby Clear Pond.

As a kid growing up there, one of my favorite things was to sit with my radio out on the dock at night when the air was clearer and surf around the dial listening for distant stations. Most nights I could also pick up WPTR here in Albany, 170 miles away. I could usually snag WKBW in Buffalo and KDKA in Pittsburgh too. Then sometimes you’d get some mad preacher from the midwest or elsewhere.

We’re also big fans of The Guardian. Americans are free, including free to look at how the rest of the world sees them. Sadly so few Americans care.

This is a seemingly random endorsement, but Lou’s and my reflections on the Tupper Lake/Saranac Lake area brought to mind a place I think anyone who enjoys the Adirondacks should see, The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. We had a chance to go this past Fall and it really is a tremendous attraction.

Joseph Vendetti

Interested in what the opinion on the Governor is?

Besides the nursing home scandal and now a 2nd woman has come forward, the atmosphere around the executive seems toxic, bullying, etc.

Time will tell, and these women deserve to be heard, and vetted.
At least Ms. Gillibrand is keeping her lip zipped, unlike when she took her “strong stand” against one of our greatest Democratic minds, Al Franken. Many won’t soon forget that briliant move.
Credit to Cuomo for inviting an investigation, too.



Things that are happening between our posts are uncanny. The largest contributor and very influential board member of The Wild Center is a good friend of mine. The land her her camp is on abuts mine.

Rather then get into detail, I previously stated I was at my camp. – The fact of the matter is that my camp had a devastating oil furnace blowback last month and is presently being cleaned and restored. My friend who won’t be coming up north for a while very generously offered her Tupper home to me during the restoration. The fact of the matter is her camp is actually where I’m staying when I’m up here overseeing the work at my place.

Earlier this week I made a donation to The Wild Center in her name, in part for what she is doing for me and additionally because it is a great place. Very educational as well as a fun place, especially so for inner-city and underprivileged kids.

I’m working on a program to get abandoned teens living in temporary shelters free transportation and admission to visits the center when the COVID smoke clears.

Perhaps there’s a way we could somehow discuss the Tupper connection other than on this Gazette comment line???


I vote for a DG forum upgrade that would include a way to PM another user (as it used to be before the Dark Years of Faceplant), and a way to vote approvals, (or “likes” if you must) or disapprovals of course.

Till then I prefer to be anonymous.

You mean to tell me that the videos that I accessed from the referenced article are fake? And that the many papers that I can access from the Drudge report are transmitters of shallow thought. I thought the BBC was respected by the thoughtful!

Joseph Vendetti


Credit him for asking Barbara Jones who works for Cohen law firm to investigate? Considering Cohen firm is a major donor to the Cuomo administration and Barbara Jones worked for HUD at the same time as Governor Cuomo – I hardly see how that could be seen as “independent”.

Since yesterday he has shifted gears from denying it to saying that his actions were “playful” & “misinterpreted”. This is a law school graduate! This is a man that has sat thru what sexual harassment consists of. This is a man that knows right from wrong. The same way Trump abused his power with threats, innuendo, and back door shenanigans- Cuomo is and has done the same thing for years. Threatening assembly & senate members, threatening staff, threatening general citizens. Do as I say not as I do (like him running around without masks, having fundraising events with no masks, etc).

The double speak in our party (and the other major political party) is frankly embarrassing.

This absolute power is a by-product of lack of term limits.

Joe, for the record (as if anyone cares) I’m a proud DINO. I registered for a political party in 2016 for the first time in 40+ years of voting unaffiliated only because that was the only way I could support Sanders (by being allowed into the closed Primary, the one Cuomo probably leaned on the NYS Board of Elections to cancel).
If I come across as a Cuomo defender it’s only a reaction to what I see as manic hatred for him, as I saw for his father. This is not a Cuomo == Trump situation either because the stack of Cuomo’s redeeming values would put Trump’s to utter shame. In truth, Trump’s would be in the negative thanks to trying to overthowing the government.

As for Cuomo? Let the chips fall where they may and maybe like Elliot Spitzer he’ll end up in the political wastebin; a sadly misssed opportunity. In the meantime are you aware of the statewide law enforcement reform going on? Due solely to a Cuomo mandate over the summer in response to the BLM demonstrations. ‘Change or lose your funding’. That’s a pretty positive thing and we’re already reaping the benefits locally.

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