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Letters to the Editor Monday, March 1


Proctors workers can commute from anywhere

Proctors is a private employer, not civil service, so they have every right to pay a salary to someone commuting from Saratoga or Savannah or Singapore, if they want.
Furthermore, I absolutely support employment of people who support sanctuary cities, in fact, everywhere I happen to be will be a sanctuary, regardless of any positions held by local officials or law enforcement.


Mayor Sheehan is weak on crime

Given all the chaos and grief our nation has endured during 2020, I’ve become very concerned and question the politicking in our state capital.
Albany has always been looked upon with much pride and favor. Travelers came from all directions to tour, vacation, seek excellent education and enjoy all the history of this once beloved city.
Since then we’ve experienced extreme inequality which is tearing the fabric of our society. Schools, homes and streets have been affected. It’s undeniable with more than 100 shootings, serious injuries and sadly, approximately eight murders have yet to be solved. With all the cameras throughout the city and beyond you question why more offenders have yet to be found and convicted.
Albany has quite a large police force and the chief of police is one of the most revered across the state. Where does the problem lie? One that has manifested into out of control criminals appear to have the lead.
As a very strong and proud Democrat, it’s with much chagrin that the problem falls directly to the leader in City Hall. Albany’s mayor, Mrs. Sheehan, appears to have no plan that will bring about the safety and peace of mind every resident deserves. Maybe it’s time for a change.
I can only pray that common sense is a strategy used to brainstorm an effective measure to eliminate the criminals who are taking over a city with the use of guns, intimidation and mockery of the laws designed to protect everyone.


Writer was wrong about Trump

In his Feb. 11 letter to the Gazette (“Deniers can’t deny facts about Trump”) Bruce S. Trachtenberg writes a litany of false or exaggerated claims against Trump. Like most Democrats he tries to push these off as facts.
Do your own research and try and find the $400,000 Mr. Goya gave to Trump. You won’t find it. You wouldn’t have anybody getting vaccinated if not for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.
Cuomo is an example of what Democrats leading this pandemic fight would have done to us. “Good people on both sides,” go watch the actual video to see how that lie was created and repeated by a corrupt media. Lied about the election? Did states change voting laws without legislative consent? Yes, that’s a fact. Did they verify signatures? No that’s a fact. Did Big Tech aid the Democrats? Yes, that’s a fact. So what did Trump lie about? Fools believe Biden got 80 million legal votes.
All of Bruce’s “facts” are opinions gleaned from CNN and the hateful left wing elitists. If the Democrats didn’t own the MSM, Americans would know the truth. I won’t say Bruce hates Trump; his letter says that.


We already have voter identification

I am writing in response to a Feb. 20 letter from Domenico Dicaprio (“Require voters to have identification.”) Mr. Dicaprio should understand that unlike voting, the Constitution doesn’t guarantee he has the right to pawn shops and auto insurance. He conflated services and voting. Let’s not make the same mistake.
There is more. We already ID voters. We must register to vote in person and sign the registration. From that day forward, our signature becomes our ID. When you vote, you sign the register next to your previous signature. When you send in an absentee ballot your signature is matched with the signature on file. No registration, no vote. No signature match, no vote tallied.
I’m pretty sure Mr. Dicaprio also knows that unlike voting, he is not similarly pre registered at airports, hospitals, pharmacies, jails, courts, or the post office, which is why he needs his ID for service.
There are tens of millions of voters who don’t have a driver’s license. This nonsense requirement is the new Republican poll tax/voter suppression. There is no actual news here. We all have voted. We know these facts, but our inability to think critically drives preposterous conclusions.


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William Marincic

GLENN GRAY since 1976 when I first registered to vote my signature has changed at least 10 times so how can you verify a signature like that. Democrats make it seem like African-Americans and those on the lower income levels are ignorant and they can’t figure out how to get an ID card. do you need an ID card to go to the doctors office to get on a plane and a dozen other reasons, everyone has one. I will say that millions of people watched President Trump last night and if you read what CNN said it was all lies but in fact if you really fact check what he said it was all truths. Trump is back stronger than ever especially after seeing how Biden is destroying this country. How do you like that $.70 a gallon increase in 5 1/2 weeks, those of you that get a stimulus check that will just about cover your gas prices increase for the year but trust me by this time next year gas will be over four dollars a gallon.

I could possibly buy into the idea of voter ID, if it wasn’t being jammed in our faces by a party with a rich history of making voting difficult for specific demographics.

Once again the Party Who Can’t Shoot Straight (aka, The Guns Party) manages to blast another hole in their feet.

Thank you for your letter Glenn. “Voter fraud” is really a non-issue, but Republicans govern by fear and try to convince their base that there are somehow millions of undocumented immigrants risking it all to cast a ballot in an election. This lie is evidenced by Dave’s letter. Apparently voter fraud isn’t an issue in the races in which the Republicans won (looking at you Elise Stefanik), but only in the Democrat-won elections. Any sane person can see how ridiculous that argument is.

William Marincic

Matt if there is no voter fraud why do the Democrats continue to fight simple voter ID rules such as Florida has. You either vote in person and your signature is verified on the spot or you request an absentee ballot with their form your signature is verified you send in your absentee ballot and that signature is verified it’s very simple. Democrats want drop boxes all over the place where anybody can fill out a ballot and just drop it off, why do we need them if you can’t get to the polls from 6:00 in the morning till 9 o’clock at night on election day that’s a problem and if you cannot because you’re out of town then you can request an absentee ballot that is verified, it’s a simple process but Democrats keep fighting it and there’s only one reason why they would want to fight it, it’s because of the fraud. Wouldn’t you want everyone to be sure that the election was fair? Do you want the election to be like the last one where 70% of Republicans 25% of Democrats and 45% of independence believed that the election was unfair. That’s Third World country stuff not United States of America stuff.

Those people thought the election was unfair because the then-President was telling everybody it was unfair, not because there was any wrongdoing. Officials said it was the most secure election ever. Republican governors and secretaries of state repeatedly told everyone the election was conducted properly and fairly. It’s just you Bill, and all the other Trump lovers, that believe it was unfair because your guy lost. Get over it. If there was any fraud to speak of I’m sure Trump’s voter integrity commission led by Kris Kobach would’ve found some evidence. But instead it was quietly disbanded in shame after finding nothing. Much like Trump, a lot of bluster with little substance.


Matt – Exactly. The GOP lost because they helped make voting easier and more secure. So in their minds, fairness doesn’t win elections and that’s all they care about. STP – Screw the Public should be their motto.

Spare the public your anxieties over the sad state of your party.
Everyone knows that the easier it is for people to vote, the harder it is for the Republican Party to win. Your own party admitted as much. Your own party also certified and signed off on Trump’s loss just as it certified and signed off on where Republicans did win, so just get over it and act like a grown-up.

geri krawitz

joyce sanctuary for whom? criminals druggies illegal aliens me too advocates abortion providers and people who sanction it peolple who cancel. misfits and criminals of the world we support you especially with taxpayer dollars from hard working citizens.
what a wonderful world let the looting and the goverment subsidies begin


Dave D. – In addition to Matt shooting down your repeated Big Lie arguments, I also wanted to point out your comment, “You wouldn’t have anybody getting vaccinated if not for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed”, was misleading. Trump’s Warped Speed was incomplete, like many of Trump’s initiatives. They didn’t order/purchase enough vaccines (100 million when 600 million were needed) and had no plan for its distribution which Biden had to do once he took office. So stop repeating Trump’s lies and believe in documented facts.

To listen to Trump you’d think the whole world was sitting by just waiting for him to lead us to Salvation.

The timeline which is easily verified, goes like this (taken from multiple sources):
Jan. 10, 202 – SARS-CoV-2 sequence data was shared through the Global Initiative on sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID) Initiative.

March 11, 2020 – the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

March 19, 2020 – The research-based global pharmaceutical industry makes the commitment to address COVID-19.

The first news report of Operation Warp Speed was on April 29, 2020, and the program was officially announced on May 15, 2020.

So it took Trump 1 month of trying to placate and mollify the public that it would go away by summer, no big deal, until he faked rage and impatience, and stomped his feet and saw an opportunity to attach his name to it and try to look like a hero.
The Presidential Poseur.

William Marincic

Ray wrong as usual, it takes between 60 and 100 days to make and distribute a vaccine according to the governments own website so all of the vaccines that have been getting into people arms are from the Trump Presidency, not Biden. Prove me wrong.


Bill, you missed the point. Trump cut back the order to 100 million doses when 600 million were needed. Biden ordered the additional doses. Be real, Trump never cared about the virus and whether the public got better. He only cared about getting reelected and thus, got blown out though he still pushes the Big Lie. Now he’s back on his whining tour. Explain why only 58% of CPAC participants want him as their candidate in 2024? If he cannot get 90% out of that group, he is losing influence faster than you think. Find a new hobby.


Raymond & ChuckD,

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