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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 3


Stefanik displays hypocrisy on Cuomo

It’s heartwarming to see that our state Rep. Elise Stefanik is asking for Gov. Cuomo’s resignation for being accused of sexual harassment.
I assume Elise considers herself a woman and therefore takes this as a serious offense to women everywhere.
What is puzzling to me is why she worships at the feet of the sexual harasser in chief Donald grab ‘em by Trump.
If Cuomo is found out to be guilty of this charge, hopefully an audio videotape will surface of his deeds so that he could become the next president of the United States.
Jeffrey Murtagh



Forum to address hospital merger plan

Were you aware that almost every hospital in the Capital District is a Catholic hospital, subject to religious policies and restrictions?
And now there is a plan for St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany to merge with Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, including its birthing center at Bellevue Woman’s Center.
In a life-or-death situation for a pregnant mother, the decision as to whose life to save is up to the “Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Services” and not the mother.
Also at stake if this merger goes through is the fate of reproductive rights in general, including contraception methods, tubal ligation and vasectomy, LGBTQ care, and end-of-life decisions.
To express your concern over this proposed merger, please join a virtual community forum on Thursday, March 4, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. by registering at and going to the bottom of the page to sign up.
Linda Somberg Spaulding


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William Marincic

If the two letters today one was anti Trumps, shocker the other anti religion. What letters we don’t see and have not seen in the last six weeks are any pro Biden letters. You would think they would be approving of the $.70 a gallon increase in gas and they would be approving the 17,000 unaccompanied minors expected to come across the border this year along with the million plus adults that are devastating border communities and taking low wage jobs from American citizens, where are you Biden supporters?

Seems like you missed the pro-Trump letter yesterday, and the day before. Too bad, so sad that there isn’t a Trump fan letter in this paper every day. He’s no longer President Bill, get over it. The reason you don’t see pro-Biden letters, is because Democrats don’t elect someone so they can fawn over them and write love letters to them. We elect them to do a job. And if they fail to do the things we elected them to do, we push them to do better. They’re not above criticism. This obsession Trump supporters have with the former president, and how he can do no wrong, and crafting golden statues, and shrines, and photoshopped Rambo flags with his face on it, is creepy AF, honestly. Two years ago gas prices were the same price they are now, but I’m sure since Trump was president, you thought the economy was great, and didn’t mind paying it at the pump. Now you’ve got Biden Derangement Syndrome, and the sky is falling. Grow up. Gas prices are rising because demand is increasing, because the world is opening back up again. Biden didn’t flip the “increase gas prices” switch when he took the oath of office, smh.


Biden is doing a great job so far. He’s only been in office six weeks and the public gives him high marks (around 60% approval). Trump never reach 50% in four years!

Re. gas prices, they averaged $2.75 in 2018 and $2.60 in 2019. As I pointed out yesterday from reliable sources, the market will fluctuate for many reasons, particularly the pent up demand. Oil companies are also looking to make up the money they lost during the pandemic and conveniently uses the debacle in Texas as an excuse to raise prices quickly. So get off your misinformation bandwagon.

Re. the border, all I know is that Biden’s policies will be humane unlike Trump’s racist agenda. It’s a difficult topic that will require bi-partisan support, though the GOP’s agenda will be to do everything they can to make Biden look bad.

Not afraid to speak out, and proud of our actions.

How about you? Were you in DC on 1/6/21? One would think you’d be proud to say so if you were a true patriot supporting all the other true patriots. Can’t speak to it, can you?

Jeffrey, Elise Stefanik’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. You’re about as likely to see her calling out Trump’s history of sexual assault and harassment, as you are to see her questioning the election integrity and vote totals in her district.


“It’s heartwarming to see that our state Rep. Elise Stefanik is asking for Gov. Cuomo’s resignation for being accused of sexual harassment.”

At one time you were innocent until proven quality. Now you are guilty until proven innocent!


Perhaps the hypocrisy can be explained by Republicans giving the same abuse that they have received from Democrat. In either case what passes fo aceptable adult behavior has changed for the worse.


Linda Spaulding’s letter re a possible merger between Ellis and St. Peter’s should scare the daylights out of everyone. The so-called “Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic HEalth Services” is authored by the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, an all-male group, never married, with no medical background, and undoubtedly more than a few pedophiles in the mix. Certainly no thinking person wants to have this sort of backward theological authority overseeing medical practices in any hospital. If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, her decision for care will be ignored on “theological grounds.” She may die because a medically necessary abortion is off the table.

The Catholic Church is an authoritarian institution with a nasty background. Our First Amendment in the Constitution against religious establishment is there because the founding fathers were all too aware of the horrors of the Inquisition by the church. This hospital merger is another step toward religious establishment.

Good reasons for concern.

But wait, there’s more…
Ultimately it’s Trinity Health who own and control St. Peter’s Hospital and St. Peter’s Health Partners, as well as “92 hospitals…100 continuing care locations that include PACE programs, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services.”

Search on “health care monopolies” for why this growing non-profit, corporate machine needs to be checked in our area. Fortunately for now there seems to be a healthy competition between St. Peter’s and Albany Med, but obviously (if you think like a corporation does) more presence in Schenectady is desirable for them.

That said, may family has enjoyed very good care at St. Peters for years, although none was maternity related, and it is our go-to hospital in spite of it meaning a bit of a drive. We’ve never needed to “prove” our religiosity (or defend our lack of) nor been proselytized to. And folks working the front lines have told me St. Peter’s pays better than Albany Med (who clearly have mishandled their staff).

I didn’t have to go far as I’ve already experienced on a personal level the heartlessness they’ve shown toward their professional staff that has, at least in one case, resulted in an undisclosed settlement and near-ruin of a much-loved doctor’s career.

William Marincic

ChuckD you have no problem with the far left media monopolies though do you? There are a lot of other hospitals that are not religious, you can go to Albany Medical Center and many others in the area. It’s all about choice which is what Republican support, unlike the Democrats who only want power to tell you what you can do and when you can do it.

F+ for reading comprehension, Traitor. I described mine and my family’s experience at St. Peters. You chose not to read it.
And you don’t get to project your delusions on me. As it happens, this vast ‘liberal media’ giving you the night sweats is a reflection of the will of the majority of the American people who have rejected him, and you traitors who think you can get your own way if you stamp your feet and roll around on the ground like spoiled children.

William Marincic

ChuckD you must be speaking of what you Democrats have been doing for more than five years whining and crying, Trump is so far in your head you can’t get rid of him, you people can’t even admit that it’s because of him that we have this vaccine so fast. You people are willing to give him no credit for all the things he has done the lowest unemployment in history of the United States for Blacks, for women, for Hispanics, for Black youth. You all hate the man because you don’t like the way he speaks because he’s a New York businessman but that’s the way Cuomo speaks and you bow to him. As Far as F+ for reading comprehension I don’t read most of what you say, it’s like trying to listen to Biden complete a cognitive sentence. By the way speaking of Biden, this is the longest a president has gone without a major press conference in over 100 years. I guess his handler’s are afraid to let him out in public. The Biden administration reminds me of an old movie that I watch every year and now I watch it with my grandson it’s called The Wizard Of Oz.


Why is the pandemic and now getting the vaccine so political for republicans? The majority of them refuse to wear a mask and social distance. CPAC was the latest example of a super spreader event. Now Texas, Mississippi and other red states are lifting the mask mandate. Watch their positivity, hospitalization and death rates skyrocket. A majority of the GOP said that they don’t plan to get vaccinated either.

Conservative networks like Fox could do some good here. White republicans, their core viewer base, are the most likely group in America to say that they don’t want or are hesitant to get the Covid-19 vaccine, with more than half of them saying they either won’t get it or are unsure. The networks, the former president and right-wing commentators could all team up to tell their followers: If we want life to return to normal, then we need to reach something close to herd immunity, and that means getting vaccinated. Instead, they’re whining about Dr. Seuss. They’re ginning up cheap outrage rather than trying to improve their viewers’ lives. And they’re making a lot of money while they do it. Stop making everything political. It’s not Dems vs. the GOP. Wear the mask, etc. and get vaccinated.

I feel your frustration, Ray.
The monolithic belligerence from the Republican Party will be their downfall, a middle-schooler could see that sad truth. Now they’ve latched on to a man who will drive his luxury yacht through the heart of of the party and decimate the very platform he’s standing on because to him, everyone’s his tool and he sees his tools as disposable at the slightest flaw.
Those same middle-schoolers would understand why he’s allowed Rudy to hang around so long. Rudy has something on him.
And millions will cheer him on?

As the kids say, WT…?

William Marincic

Why Ray? It’s because it was President Trump who got us this vaccine in 10 months in record time to save the world. You all want to talk and say President Trump killed so many people, how many billions of people did he save by fast tracking this vaccine? I was speaking with a former person that used to post on this paper and him and I agreed that the reason Biden is pushing these liberal ideas and far leftist policies so fast is that he knows that he will not be able to do it in two years because the Congress and Senate will belong to the Republicans as well the presidency in 24.

There you have it, people of Earth. Donald Trump saved us all. Surely he is the Messiah!

Maybe we need to rethink the Clorox injections and UV-C where the sun don’t shine.


Ray and Chuck , I am compelled to reiterate much of what you have just said. It’s kind of like banging on the same door until someone answers…. Remember it’s the right of some Americans to not follow logic and science and again throw caution to the wind. Now Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas is lifting all mask mandates as well as opening the state to pre-COVID-19 living. Perhaps he thinks the virus will somehow “miraculously disappear”. It will not. More sick, more dead.

I too have great concern with approximate 30 percent of the people who definitely or in all likelihood will not get vaccinated, the majority of whom are Republicans.

Does this mean the virus can or will mutate within the ranks of those “Anti-vaxxers”? If that’s the case, new variant strains can become established that may be resistant to current vaccine antibodies. That scenario can bring us back to square one or create a logistical nightmare of getting booster shots to hundreds of millions of people.

Yes, it’s a choice, but consider that millions don’t get a choice about whether or not they become reinfected because of others poor decisions.
What the _ _ _ _ for sure.

You mean, freedumb?
Its the Darwin Awards on a scale we’ve never seen, not since hundreds of bison followed their leader over a cliff.

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