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Letters to the Editor Thursday, March 4


Time to get rid of idiot Gov. Cuomo

I have never cooked books myself. I don’t think I would like the taste. Our esteemed Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems to have a taste for it. It doesn’t matter where they died; they just died (quoted by him).
It’s about time to get rid of this idiot. What has he done for New York state? Are people that blind to see what a fool he is? It’s not all his fault. Some credit has to be taken by the fools who keep voting for him. He’s a legend in his own mind.  “Oh Fredo where for art thou?”
Edward Hedlund
Clifton Park

Common sense is needed in Sch’dy

I am writing in reference to the Feb. 26 article (“Organizational changes recommended for district.”) Unbelievably, the news has now become the comics and I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.
After a costly months-long study, it was determined that changes are recommended for the Schenectady School District because they have “too many different priorities, diverting attention and focus from key priorities — like academics.” What?!  Reread that sentence again and let it sink in.
I am guessing Schenectady residents have a few questions.
What priority is more important than academics? You determine the solution is to add more administrators? Why don’t you just replace the ones that do not know how to run a school?
If a district is confused about their priorities, then it really is not about the children, is it? Students, teachers and taxpayers deserve better. I cannot wait for common sense to become fashionable again.
Gayle Cole

Keep politics out of Rotterdam police

Here we go again. Over 15 years ago, the Rotterdam Town Board, under Supervisor Steve Tommasone, created a police commission to interject politics into the town police department.
On July 22, 2020, resolution 204.20, was passed by the Rotterdam Town Board to perform an audit of the police department’s procedures and personnel.
This was done under the guise of following the governor’s executive order. This executive order was for police departments to review their policies and procedures, not to hire an outside firm to perform and audit.
The town on Feb. 17 released a press release admonishing Chief Manikas for disciplinary action and failing to get town board approval to change his operating procedures. This audit focused on an incident that occurred over two years ago and went after people, not policies or procedures. It cost you over $25,000.
To my knowledge, I was on the town board for five years, the town board has never approved the police department’s operating procedures. If you want to keep politics out of your police department in November, vote the people out of office that supported this resolution.
Robert Godlewski

Resolve train bridge issues before tragedy

It would appear that the town of Glenville is very near a bi-partisan solution to this long-standing problem of bridge strikes.
The town supervisor wants to levy fines for over-height trucks to compensate for handling after-the-fact mishaps. Fines work best against repeat offenders. He proposed a laser over-height detector/warning system. This will stop the strike but not solve the problem of traffic congestion and the need for a police response.
One of our Democratic town councilmen recommends a turnaround in an “environmentally sensitive area” on the south side of Glenridge Road. It would not use much of the preserve. The town supervisor opposes this suggestion.
If taking a small part of the nature preserve is not acceptable, what about using the north side of Glenridge Road? There is a large, cleared parking area with what appears to be an abandoned Quonset hut. It could be seized under eminent domain.
The situation for eastbound trucks is not as critical. After over-height alert, trucks could turn onto Hetcheltown Road and redirect using the Indian Kill hiking area parking lot. The only question with this route is the load-bearing capacity of the bridge fording the Indian Kill.
The most expedient and least costly solution would be for the state DOT to ban large commercial vehicles from this portion of Glenridge Road.
The time to stop bickering is long past. Sooner or later a motorist in the adjacent lane will be struck by falling truck parts or worse, some heavy cargo.
Ed Culhane, Jr

Candidates should reveal their education

How refreshing to read about the academic achievements of the Allen brothers. Not only did they break barriers, but they did it with brain power.
As noted in the Feb. 1 Gazette story (“Breaking barriers: Allen brothers Art, Joe became first Black Schenectadians to make political inroads”), education was paramount in their home. Community involvement came later.
What are the academic credentials of the five candidates running for Schenectady City Council? In reporting their endorsements, The Gazette article did not mention academics. Is it because they don’t have any?
Chairman Tom Bellick bragged that the Democrats have a “very talented group of candidates.” Brains are needed for decision making. The brain is the organ in the body that promotes ideas. Knowledge feeds it.
If taxpayers pay to provide free tuition for educating students, should they settle for less from those who represent the voters?
How about it candidates – tell us where you went to school and what you achieved academically like the Allen brothers.
Mary B. McClaine

Early vaccination efforts disorganized

I would like to point out the hypocrisy of Gov. Cuomo’s opening of Yankee Stadium Thursday, February 4th, the same day that my wife and I as well as many other people who had requested appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Approximately a week before our date to receive our shots, the governor canceled all immunization shots for non-essential and non-healthcare workers in all of the hospitals in New York state.
No notification was given to people who were scheduled to receive their shots at that time. Unless people called the phone number that had been given to them when they were to receive their shots, they would have no knowledge of this action. There were at least 3,000 people on the list for these shots, who now had to find somewhere else to be accepted to receive shots elsewhere.
We were told to go online to Walgreens or CVS pharmacies to make an appointment. After speaking to the person in charge of this, we were told that their website wasn’t entirely ready as yet. There MUST be a better way to organize giving out the necessary shot.
Thank you Gov. Cuomo.
Charles W. Errig

Officials must take better care of seniors

As the daughter-in-law of a 90-year-old senior residing in Glenville. I’ve realized that the city and county of Schenectady and the town of Glenville have been more focused on developing new business and buildings over caring for their seniors during covid. Nearly a month ago we helped my mother-in-law enroll for a covid vaccination. As a member of the newly built senior center in Glenville (physically closed), she made phone calls to 40 members of the senior center to do a mental wellness check-in and see if they are still “on the roster.”
While the call didn’t specifically ask for data on whether or not a member had been vaccinated, she mentioned to me that only one member had “somehow” received their vaccine. Is there any data being formally aggregated regarding the very eldest senior citizens’ vaccination status?
Is there a feedback loop to the vaccine providers to ensure that our very oldest seniors are prioritized? Is there coordinated outreach to this very senior population to assist them in enrolling for the vaccine or driving them to a vaccination location?
While a new senior center was erected in 2020, a feather in the cap to Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle, there’s a lack of leadership in 2021 with regards to supporting the senior population. At 90 years old, every day is a gift. What are you, the city and the County of Schenectady waiting for?
Nina Gasparello Moore
San Francisco, Calif.

Don’t take away our right to bear arms

With all these talks about gun control laws and gun rights, as a law-abiding citizen, I have to ask the question: Do we the people or any of our leaders in all three levels of government know what the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights actually says? Let’s take a look at what the Second Amendment – Bearing Arms — actually says: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
So you see that’s what the Second Amendment actually says, so all these talks about gun control laws and gun rights have nothing to do with our Second Amendment rights. All our leaders are trying to do is take away our constitutional rights as law-abiding citizens and not have a way to defend ourselves or our loved ones.
Anthony Carota

Nursing homes must be open, accountable

My mother was a rehabilitation patient at the Schenectady Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing recently.
Apart from three staff members who were kind and attentive to her, her stay was a nightmare. Staff morale is low and who can blame them when they are overworked from understaffing? Forget trying to talk to the head nurse or administrator. Our calls went unreturned for three or four days.
Twice they forgot my mother’s food tray because they “forgot” she was there. She waited three hours for Tylenol for a headache and ankle pain. Her roommate fell on the bathroom floor and no one answered the call button.
My mother wheeled herself down the hall to look for someone because she couldn’t just leave her on the bathroom floor. That same roommate was left on a bed pan for two hours, and as a result, experienced a painful rash. Another patient who is the grandmother of a friend fell out of bed. No one answered the call button, so she pulled the blankets off her bed to keep warm on the floor. This is unacceptable.
Nursing homes need to open safely. It’s the only way families can keep an eye on loved ones and to document and call out gross neglect. Their lives depend on it.
The grandmother I mentioned above told her relative that she is living a desperate life and will die alone. She just wants to see her children and go outside.
There needs to be accountability.
Angela Capullo

For the People Act protects democracy

Congress is currently considering passing For The People Act 2021. This act lives up to its name.
Among other protections for voters and voting, the bill provides greater oversight of all election system vendors (putting to rest concerns about faulty or rigged machines), requires all organizations involved in political activity to disclose large donations (greatly reducing the current ability of unidentified money to scream while most citizen voices are politely modulated), and prohibits voter roll lists from being purged as has happened in Ohio and Georgia.
Under the provisions of this bill, voters will be better protected.
American elections will be significantly safeguarded from foreign interference, and the act of voting, which one might call the sacrament of democracy, will continue to empower and advance the democracy itself. Please call your U.S. Congress members and ask them to vote for the For the People Act.
Anne M. McCabe

Legislative leaders cowardly on Cuomo

Some months ago, I wrote Carl Heastie, speaker of the New York Assembly, and Andrea Stewart-Cousins, majority leader of the Senate, suggesting that the emergency powers granted to the governor early in the pandemic be rescinded.
His deadly incompetence had been evident for most of a year by that time. I felt it was inappropriate to allow the governor to continue his blundering, excuse-making, blame-shifting and lying. What I got back were automatic thanks-for-your-letter replies, followed by nothing. Now, after the governor’s exposed cover-up has become a national scandal, these legislative “leaders” have begun to withdraw some powers.
They are as cowardly as the governor. Cuomo is not the only one who needs to go.
Michael Reilly

‘Pardon My Planet’ cartoon inappropriate

The “Pardon My Planet” cartoon in The Sunday Gazette on Feb. 7 was truly inappropriate.
You have a child not only cursing in his conversation with his parents, but wishing they were abusive to each other. To add insult to injury, the family is Black. What message is being sent to Black youth?
Why would your paper promote any type of activity that encourages youth to welcome abusive behavior so its essence could be used to demean those same people for profit.
Those people being his parents – his parents.
Long story short, this cartoon was in bad taste of epic proportions.
I read the same cartoon on Feb. 14 hoping the last one was just a one off and it would be funny. It wasn’t. Once again, we have a Black family sending a negative message. I would not in jest or otherwise tell my kids, grandkids or great grand kids (yes, I have them all) that their lives are destined to be miserable.
I don’t read the comics often, but that writer, as well as The Gazette, should be aware that cartoons are usually funny and can carry positive and not offensive messages. If that is not the case, then maybe I’m subscribed to the wrong paper.
Terry Anderson

Texas residents took care of one another

As a summer resident in Galway and a Texas citizen in the middle of the power outages and problems with the worst ice storm, at least in our town, since 1918 there seems to be a national perspective that during the problems we Texans sat around wringing our hands waiting for help from the government.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Where we live, power was out for seven days for many and at least four days for most with ice covering everything. Just in our subdivision we had people bringing senior citizens into their houses to care for them if they had problems caring for themselves.
We had other neighbors bring firewood for fireplaces where the residents had used up all of their wood. We had neighbors who had gas and could cook giving meals to those who could not and from local news this same pattern was true all over the state.
We did NOT see a spike in crime or any looting. Nor did we see people waiting around for government help. Texans were helping themselves as they normally do.
Just wanted you guys up north not to feel sorry for us.
William Malec
Fredericksburg, Texas

City needs moniker to reflect past, future

Many people have been expressing their support for keeping “The Electric City” as Schenectady’s nickname. This has been in response to Mr. Golub’s idea of changing it to “Schenectady Metro.”
I agree that Schenectady Metro is not a good fit, since it equates to saying, “Schenectady City.”
But I believe that Schenectady will need a new moniker — one that is a mission statement for the future of Schenectady; and comes with the projects and ideas to make it happen.
It needs to be changed from “The Electric City.” That is outdated and common. It represents a short period in this city’s history, not its future. Not to mention it shares the nickname with eight other cities and one literally named Electric City.
I love the idea of celebrating Schenectady’s past to achieve this future. Let’s look past the GE era and focus more on the centuries before. When Schenectady laid the foundation for a city that would let businesses like GE and ALCO thrive. When Schenectadians were on the edge of the frontier; to the time they built a city of lights, phones, trolleys and trains.
Ryan Bussing

Covid package is full of wasteful spending

Paul Tonko recently spoke locally advocating the $1.9 trillion “COVID Relief” bill. This spending is on top of previous measures costing hundreds of billions of dollars already passed into law.
He said the goal is to “crush COVID,” mentioning that $14 billon is allocated to administering vaccines. So, $14 of every $1,900 will be spent “crushing” the pandemic by actually doing something that directly stops the spread of the virus.
The other $1,886,000,000,000 is allocated to Democratic wish lists.
Even if you include additional $83 billon for testing, mental health, healthcare workers and “disparity” of health care, that leaves you with only $97 of every $1,900.
I noticed nothing said about implementing policies to create jobs or boost the private sector economy. The focus is to grow government and entitlements, not foster an environment where people are able to take care of themselves.
Bailing out government and private entities that do not manage their budgets responsibly is a harmful solution. There is no incentive to be prudent in your fiscal obligations if you know you will always have tax dollars cover the shortfall.
Students, or anyone else, who want to renege on their loans should not be bailed out, either. You are not being kind; you are fostering economic ruin.
Christine DeMaria
Clifton Park

Cameras on Mars, but no fix for bridge?

I have been in the local area since 1968, most recently in Burnt Hills since 1988.
It is abundantly clear to me nothing short of modifying the Glenridge Road bridge/roadway will permanently eliminate or prevent accidents from happening.
There are just too many people, including those from outside the area, traveling that section of road. There will always be “first timers.”
If the collective will of the United States of America can put a video camera on Mars so we can see the effect of and hear the wind on the planet, I believe there is a permanent solution to this problem.
I understand there have been statements that it is too expensive to rebuild the bridge/roadway. I reject that assertion.
How many years will it be before that arrangement degrades enough to have to be worked on? How many accidents will occur between now and then? I do not accept excuses like cost, Corps of Engineers, environmentalists, etc.
It is past due for the town supervisor, town board, county legislators, state legislators, governor and other stakeholders to become adults in the room and force the state government and railroad to now and forever more fix the problem.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and I await your constructive response.
Al Pirigyi
Burnt Hills

Rich don’t pay fair share of taxes in NY

Some people say that how we act in a crisis shows us who we really are. If you think that’s true, this may be hard to hear.
Through the nightmare of covid, New York state’s billionaires have become unimaginably richer, seeing their fortunes grow by almost $90 billion.
Taxpayers, meanwhile, despite facing critical, widespread budget failures, are being asked to cover the funding gaps by shouldering more austerity budget plans this year.
Millionaires in New York state are paying a lower rate in total state and local taxes than any other New Yorker; there hasn’t been a tax on Wall Street transactions since 1981; and companies used the money from the recent federal corporate tax cuts to buy back their own stock. Is continuing to let the rich cheat this system acceptable any longer?
I say the answer is no.
That’s why I’m asking Assembly member John McDonald to support the Invest in Our New York Act (, which will raise $50 billion by ending tax breaks for the rich, tax Wall Street again and more.
I hope you’ll ask your representatives to support this important legislation, too.
Gabriel Recchio

Stefanik shows what a hypocrite she is

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s call for Gov. Cuomo’s resignation and her assertion that he is a “criminal sexual predator” easily qualifies as a textbook example of hypocrisy.
I’ll wait for an independent investigation of recent allegations against Cuomo, but no need to wait with regards to judging Stefanik.
Where has she been while Trump has spewed thousands of lies, bragged about his sexual conquests and been accused of sexual assault by numerous women, botched the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, wasted millions of dollars on a useless border wall, abused immigrant children, pardoned his criminal friends, defiled the U.S. Department of Justice, bad mouthed our men and women in uniform and incited a deadly assault on our nation’s capital?
She has been right by his side and not said a critical word.
She is a hypocrite, and she should resign immediately.
She may have been a congressional darling as the youngest woman ever elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, but her act is getting old and it stinks.
John Kucij

Give citizens the top priority for vaccines

I am enraged by the March 1 announcement by the president that undocumented immigrants are assured that they will get the COVID-19 vaccination(s) and not be arrested by ICE.
Yet there are people in this country who are qualified to get the vaccination but have been unable to do so.
I have a very special friend who is 85 years old and in relatively good health who has spent many hours trying unsuccessfully to get the vaccine.
To date, with the horrible and constantly changing vaccine roll-out program in New York state‘s Montgomery County, she has not even been able to get an appointment.
And now Biden is assuring undocumented immigrants they will get the vaccine — Trump is absolutely correct — the program is now America LAST.
Lawrence J. Wareing

Trump fans honest about idol worship

Those who openly approve of the golden statue of Mr. Trump on display at CPAC are at least being honest about considering him a god-like figure deserving of worship.
John Harper


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Joseph Vendetti

Gabriel –

Millionaires & Billionaires pay 97% of all US & NYS tax revenue between – income tax, business surcharge tax, etc etc. They pay the highest tax rates on all income. Don’t confuse what they are able to deduct and are able to reduce their tax burden. These are business owners that reinvest money into plant, property and equipment. These create jobs and future wealth for generations.

The US govt & NYS gov’t needs to cut expenses instead of just continuing to out spend the rate of inflation.

John –

Hypocrite- every politician – regardless of party is a hypocrite. Think about what Bill Clinton did in office, yet his wife and Senator Gillibrand attacked the victim. What Trump did and was defended or not called out by Graham, McConnell, etc.

Yet Gillbrand called for Trump to leave, Cuomo calls for Kavanugh to resign, etc etc –

So it seems the only thing that matters in politics. Its a joke, a sham!!!

William Marincic

Gayle Cole I read that report there really wasn’t much of anything about academics, it was all about teachers and administration. That tells you who’s running things,the teachers unions they could care less about the kids all they care about is the money that’s being brought in. Look at that gigantic buildings that are owned by these teachers unions filled with hundreds of people working there, NYSUT, New York State Teachers Retirement. Our tax money is paying for that and all these unions care about is how much more money they can bring into the union, kids are an afterthought as we can tell by the education that they are receiving in public schools. The biggest insult to America was Jimmy Carter in 1979 creating the Department of Education.

Thank you for the letter Anne. It is evident from the Republican-led insurrection on January 6th, and the subsequent state house legislation being considered across the country to restrict voting rights, that the Republican party does not believe in democracy. It is up to the Democrats to lead the charge in protecting a country that was born out of putting power in the hands of the voters and not in the hand of politicians and wealthy donors. I guess the Republicans know that they will lose their seats if all people are given easy access to the ballot box and will likely vote against a bill that 67% of Americans, and even 61% of Republican voters support. It is up to us, the people, to remind our elected officials that they represent ALL people in their states and districts, and ALL people should be given a say in the future of their towns, cities, states, and country.

William Marincic

Here we are seven weeks after the inauguration of Joe Biden and he has yet to have a press conference where he answers questions, this is the longest a president has gone in over 100 years without answering questions at a press conference. Yesterday Joe Biden hosted a virtual event and then he said at the end of it, OK I’m ready to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, seconds later the feed was cut and no response from the White House as to why it was cut. It makes you wonder who’s really the president. This seems more and more like the Wizard of Oz every day.

Joseph Vendetti

William – I have to say that concerns me. Since he pledge to bring daily COVID briefings back, be more open & haven’t seen him.

For you Joe, and the Q-bot Marincic,

– COVID news briefings are held several times a week with Dr. Fauci and other top level health officials.
– The President’s Press Secretary provides daily updates.
– The President has ansered questions after recent announcements.

You only want the President up there himself to treat like a pinata because you think the former President as ‘treated so unfairly’. Getting useful information is way down the list.

The President who wanted his team to look into injecting some kind of disnfectant or “introducing UV-C light into the body”, and disparaging members of his own team who would also endorse hydro-whatever (which it was shown people close to him had vested interests in).

On 4/1/20, The Business Insider gave us this:
“Journalists are skipping Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings, saying they don’t have enough news value”

Reporters are skipping President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus news briefings, and TV networks are increasingly choosing not to broadcast them live, because they believe they don’t have enough news value to risk breaking social-distancing rules.

In recent days there have been scores of empty seats in the White House press-briefing room, where Trump has delivered updates on the US battle against the novel coronavirus alongside public-health officials.

But instead of delivering key information and sober assessments of the situation to the American public, Trump has frequently resorted to tactics more familiar from his raucous campaign rallies: boasting of his accomplishments, floating misinformation, attacking the press, and taunting Democrats — with Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York a favored target.

According to The Washington Post, reporters are now “keeping their distance because they are concerned about the health risks at a time when many consider the president’s evening news conferences to have become increasingly less newsworthy.”

William Marincic

Wrong again Chuck, he has not done a full press briefing since taking office 45 days ago this is not happened in more than 100 years. Having Jen Psaki up there not answering questions because she doesn’t have the answers to the questions because she does not have access to Biden is not enough and that’s why she keeps “circling back”. Kaylee McEnany had the answers because she had an open door policy with President Trump and he always spoke to the media, whether it was on a trip he would stop on the front lawn on his way to the helicopter and do a press conference or anywhere else, he never backed away from the media he had the most transparent government in decades. Even your beloved CNN and New York Times are complaining that the Biden administration is not at all transparent when they promised that they would be, when you have the water bearers for the Democrat party complaining about your president you have a problem.

Of course, you’re reciting a USA Today article because you can’t muster your own critical thinking. You also continue to make assumptions about me, a Bernie Sanders supporter and until recently a 45+ year unaffiliated voter. Your inability to formulate your own opinions is glaring. I get my “news” from far more sources than you do because I want the whole story.
So I won’t be answering your questions about when you’ll next get to snag some gaffs to yuck it up over. It’s only another juvenile attempt to prove he’s not qualified (and reinforce your delusion that the former president is somehow more deserving). People like you made this country a far bigger mess than a pandemic would have, and you helped make us a laughing stock to the world.

I resent that, sir, and I hope you and your fellow insurgents eventually ask your god for guidance and get the help you need. Meanwhile over 300 of your little friends are now either in federal custody or under indictment and the noose around the Trump Whitehouse is closing.
Law and order.

Joseph Vendetti


I would much rather see No Biden then any sight of Trump. Don’t read me wrong! But since I first voted in 1986 I am used to seeing a President more visible. From press conferences that broke into daily TV programming to the opening of a new federal institution to them talking about interest rates. I would just like to see the President and see what he has to say (Pandemic, Vaccines, Economy, etc).

Joe, I would like a Whitehouse that is open, transparent, and rational and I feel like we’re getting back to that. And while the fatherly figure of the President to sooth our fears and provide guidance and insight is important and provides good theater, being a good stage actor isn’t a requirement for the job. He is certainly not invisible and is very much engaged and calling the shots. Go to the Press Briefings page of if you doubt that. But being a stand-up comedian is not a requirement of being President. And with the idiotic, moronic behavior of the Republican base and officials, why give them more fodder to distract and disrupt?
I’m not defending him in this case, but I’m getting what I need in terms of clear, transparent, honest, rational, mature guidance. I’m assured grown-ups are now back in charge.


Anthony Carota,

In reference to the 2nd amendment and gun control, you’ve got it wrong when you say: “All our leaders are trying to do is take away our constitutional rights as law-abiding citizens and not have a way to defend ourselves or our loved ones.”

Did you ever consider that what some of these legislators are a trying to do is prevent a reoccurrence of the Sandy Hook elementary school slaughter where Adam Lanza killed 26 people, of which 20 were 6 and 7 year old children?

Did you ever consider that what some of these legislators are a trying to do is prevent a reoccurrence of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, where Steven Paddock killed 60 innocent people and wounded an additional 411 after firing more than 1000 rounds.

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Can you imagine what may have happened if the 30,000 revved people that stormed the Capital had the above thought in their minds and were all packing AR-15’s?

So as not to come off as being a hypocrite I want to say that I live in New York State, which has the toughest gun laws in the country, and I have a pistol permit. I’m a sportsman, additionally, yes, I want the ability to protect myself my home and my family if circumstances necessitate my doing so.

Having said all of the above let it be known that I am an ardent advocate for more strict national gun regulations. I’m not ok with showing a bubble gum card as good enough documentation to purchase and possess a lethal weapon. To many crazies out there.


Louis, I’m pleased to read your final paragraph. My question is primarily for others who mostly ignore the beginning words of the Second Amendment:

Why the objection to universal background checks?


Cynthia, I believe there arguments is that it starts with universal background checks and eventually evolves into government officials knocking on doors and taking possession of their guns.

Perhaps they just don’t want to lose their illusion of macho self image after watching reruns of Gunsmoke.- I don’t know.

Another consideration regarding the 2nd amendment: When it was written there were no automatic large capacity weapons. Just Revolvers, bolt and lever action rifle’s. Perhaps the right to bear arms should be limited to those weapons. Good luck with that.


Just a bit of fact, Louis, there were no revolvers back in the day! It was flintlock rifles that took minutes to reload. The phrase ‘flash in the pan’ comes from that era.

One has to fast forward to the mid-19th century to Sam Colt for revolvers.

That said, NYS’s SafeAct to my knowledge has not resulted in the government’s knocking on doors and confiscating firearms unless the owner is a convicted felon and has no right to own a firearm.


Your absolutely correct Cynthia, 2nd Amendment was adopted in 1791, no revolvers etc. I thought about what I said after I wrote it and figured my comment would slide but not much gets past you. Thanks for the history correction.

William Marincic

Seeing how the government treats us knowing that we have 393 million guns in the United States just imagine how they would treat us if we didn’t have guns. That’s what it means by a well regulated militia, the only thing stopping the government from doing whatever they want is the fact that we do have guns. The first thing the Nazis did when they took over was go to the clerks office to find out who had guns and then they went and confiscated them the rest is history. Well at least it’s history until that is canceled as well.

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