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Letters to the Editor Friday, March 5


Try the benefits of community solar

Solar energy used to seem like a distant dream for many of us.
Now a simple alternative is joining a community solar farm, thereby saving you money, reducing greenhouse gases and creating local jobs.
Unlike traditional solar on your roof, community solar is installed at an offsite location.
By subscribing, you receive credit on your electric bill for the clean energy that’s created.
As the sun’s energy is captured, it’s put onto the energy grid, replacing the energy created by fossil fuel sources, while you receive a credit on your electric bill.
Many community solar companies guarantee a 10% discount off your electric bill, no sign-up fee, and no penalty if you wish to stop at any time.
If you pay an electric bill, you can sign on to solar power.
Why not help cool the planet, save money, and provide good community jobs?
Try living on sunshine. It feels so good.
Caroline Brooks

Dems, media trying to control our lives

There is something infecting this country that’s worse than the coronavirus.
The infection is the collusion between the Democrats and the media. We saw it when the media influenced the 2008 election won by Obama.
It became obvious when the media played the race card to get Obama re-elected.
The collusion was confirmed when the media did everything they could to get Hillary Clinton elected.
Clinton, her fellow Democrats and the media screamed, “The election was rigged.”
Clinton and the media created a firestorm of false accusations that triggered the Russia collusion investigation.
This was another divisive lie by the Democrats fueled by the media.
A pure example of collusion was the media burying the Hunter Biden story for the Democrats before the 2020 election.
The story came out a month before the election and if you mentioned it on social media your account was suspended.
The Gazette didn’t print any Hunter Biden stories until almost a month after the election. It was a small blurb buried in the back of section A.
The Democrats and their media allies want to control everything we see, read, hear, think and believe in.
With the Democrats and media working together it’s a scary time to be an American.
Greg McDermott


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William Marincic

Greg McDermott Exactly. Sean Hannity last night did a segment on Joe Biden, he showed some snippets of speeches from Biden in 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019 and last week. You can see that Joe Biden is not mentally cognizant anymore, he can barely get a sentence out which is why the media carried his water when he hid in his basement during this election, and continues to hide which is why we have not seen a press conference since he’s been elected, this hasn’t happened more than 100 years and everybody should be worried and wondering who’s pulling the strings and running our government, because it’s certainly not Joe Biden.

geri krawitz

and yet people do not care. aside from his mental impairments he has always been a liar and while in gov had done nothing but enrich his family when he reached the pinacle as vp. the hatred for trump who worked endless hours actually put into practice many good ideas and cared for the citizens is so profound that they elected a man with dmentia and with a family wo has benefited from his being in goverment. did not like obama but even he did not support biden normal as he was his v.p.

geri krawitz

mr. mcdermott what a brilliant letter. we are now in the control of one of the most corrupt families the bidens all grifters joe the son the daughter (drugs and dwi even the brother. one of the writers last week said hunter is n ot lilly white words to that affect, could anyone be more disgusting and this is how he is forgiven by the dems.
coumo should be impeached for his wrong doings not the lesser me too nonsense.

Oh the irony when someone talks about the supposed collusion between the media and the Democrats, yet fails to mention the relationship between Fox News, OANN, Sinclair Broadcasting, and Newsmax with former president Trump; providing him free political airtime covering his rallies, not airing any negative coverage of him, all on-air personalities defending and never questioning him, and planting “journalists” in pressroom briefings to lob softball questions. If there was such “collusion” between Democrats and “the media”, they probably wouldn’t have made such a huge deal over Hillary’s e-mails in 2016, a nothing-burger that investigations revealed she probably shouldn’t have handled her e-mails that way, but it really wasn’t THAT big of a deal. Perhaps Fox News should start covering actual news and not spend 30 segments a day covering the “controversy” over Dr. Seuss’ publisher deciding not to continue publishing a few of its books, or what gender a tuber is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

William Marincic

Matt, other than Fox News none of the others are main stream media. As far as Fox news goes they are full of liberal commentators for instants Donna Brazil, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Jedediah Bila and others, you don’t have any opposing opinions on CNN or the main stream media is ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC.

Bill, CNN and MSNBC have plenty of conservative commentators, like Chris Christie and Rick Santorum. All of the others, like Joe Scarborough, Ana Navarro, David Jolly etc., are still conservative, you just think they’re liberal because they’re critical of Donald Trump. Jedediah Bila is a self-proclaimed libertarian and a ‘right-leaning independent talking freedom’ (direct quote from her). Chris Wallace is a hard-hitting journalist, he holds no liberal views. Just because you’re critical or ask a tough question of the president, doesn’t automatically make you a member of the opposite party. I’m a Democrat who voted for Cuomo, but think he should resign. That doesn’t make me a conservative, it just means I want my party to do better. Maybe try that sometime?

geri krawitz

the ny times wapo abc cbs nbc pbs cnn msnbc
now who do all these support so in this day of cancel no one can have a view different from the majority of broadcasters and newspapers. not the majority of people just the powerful and woke. so censorship is not a problem if the author is not one you care for. i read where the ny city libraries are keeping all the seuse books and then we have the sites that have banned the books but have mein kamp and farikans books ugh disgusting there seem to be more fascist in this country than i thought and apparently proud of it. must go back to hunter given 2million how much did the ghost writer get because it is obvious that addled hunter could not write anything. anyone who supports censorship especially of such innocent books has a bit of hitler mania

geri krawitz

and his collussion with russia was what a confirmed breach. what about the steel dossier, nothing to read here. if we had a press that was less biased we would have had more knowledge of her wrong doings. like biden a consumate liar even about small things.
a plane shot at me when i landed somewhere never happened and putting classified goverment info on her own server why?
i see biden his now targeting indian americans talking over he said, i cannot find even one in goverment or one who is quated. what a louse he is

geri krawitz

how do you know what is on fox unless you watch it. if you dont than it is merely making things up. why is censorship not real news? all the others were covering the big protest that happened yesterday. hours and hours what fools these people be


WOW! Or as Phil Rizzuto, the old Yankees shortstop/sports announcer, used to say” “Holy cow”!!! Or as Robin might have said: “ Holy here we go again Batman!!!

After reading Greg McDermott’s letter, I say “Holy hypocrisy”!!!

How can anyone talk about “collusion between” a political party “and the media” and not mention Rush Limbaugh or Fox News and the Republicans is Ludicrous.

How anyone could have the audacity to complain about people saying “The election was rigged.” And be referring to Clinton in 2016 and not make mention of what has become “The big lie” of the other guy and republicans repeatedly claiming, and going so far as the January 6th storming the capital in the false belief that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and stolen is beyond Ludicrous.


President Biden has offered over and over to have bi-partisan support for his agenda. Here’s what’s happened so far:
1. Republicans aren’t going to work with Democrats. GOP lawmakers have clearly decided whatever backlash they will face from voters for the unified obstruction of a Democratic President is less bad than the backlash they’ll face for working across the aisle.
2. Democrats aren’t going to spend much time trying to find Republican help. We’re only about a month and a half into Biden’s term here. The three party-line votes were for major pieces of legislation. Democrats have clearly learned it’s not worth waiting for any Republicans to work with them on their priorities, no matter how much of the country agrees there should be additional Covid relief, police reform or a more streamlined election system.

I predicted this all along the way. The GOP did it to Obama in 2009 when he attempted to work with republicans on his stimulus bill coming out of the Bush Great Recession only to lose time and the GOP eventually not supporting the final bill. The GOP needs to get on the train that’s moving quickly or just be honest and say “we don’t care what the overwhelming majority of citizens support; screw the people.”

William Marincic

Ray, democrats in Congress opposed all of these bills because they were so bad, the stimulus bill was opposed by one of the sponsors because it was so loaded with pork. Lets have a Covid bill that just helps covid, not democrat bailouts.


All logic, reason and fact is completely lost when attempting to communication with a Republican that backs the mentality of a two year old brat that must have his way. – Sound like someone we may know? Their ignorance and intolerance of so much is abundantly obvious when trying to explain something that is not in alignment with their view of the world or how they believe it should be.

If a Democrat tells a Republican the sky is blue, the response will be, “No it isn’t, I looked up at 4 o’clock in the morning and l didn’t see any blue…
The ocean is wet. No it isn’t, I went on a cruise and was completely dry the entire time.

No middle ground, ever.

Another real example: Now that the vaccine is solidly up and running, I just love continually hearing and reading on these posts and elsewhere about the Clorox Stable Genius getting poignant accolades and being credited for astute handling of Operation Warp Speed by his delusional loyalists.

The reality of the situation is that the coordinated efforts of thousands of relentless, tenacious, tireless, hard working virologists, scientists, lab workers, technicians and volunteers throughout the world deserve the credit.

A substantial portion of that credit should be given to those people because they accomplished what they did in spite of Donald Trump and the Alice in Wonderland world of science he was living in.

Trump was, in no uncertain terms, an anchor, a hindrance and most assuredly a buffoonish embarrassment for what he said, did or didn’t do to in regards to every aspect of his handling of COVID-19, as well as everything associated with it. From initially denying it, to his helter skelter approach of implementing a coordinated attack against it and not doing what was necessary to protect frontline workers from it.

If the only consideration was trumps misinformation combined with a lack of understanding and total incompetence regarding his handling of COVID-19, “Operation WARPED Speed” would have been a more appropriate name.

Thank God for the professionals who knew what they were doing and had the ability to overcome Trump being a hindrance in dealing with the crisis.

Talk to a Republican and you’ll hear he did a great job of bringing the vaccine to America. Hello???

As a footnote, the irony of the situation is that his handling of the coronavirus, in all likelihood, is what put the final nail in his coffin for re-election.

William Marincic

Lou you are a perfect example of what a democrat is but should not be. I was a liberal democrat most of my life so I know both sides of politics while you only know one. If not for Trump cutting the red tape and pushing operation warpspeed it would not be done, also FYI it takes 60 to 100 days to make and distribute the vaccine according to both the makers and the governments websites, what that means is that every shot going into the arms of people was put in motion during Trumps presidency. I know how people like you are blinded by the hatred that you learned from the main stream media as I was once like that. Thankfully I was willing to listen and I did my own research and found that the democrat party was a lie and did not hold any of my principals like no abortion, tough on crime and illegal immigration, an America first policy and others. Until you are willing to hear both sides and do your own research you will continue to be a puppet of the media.

Spoken like every evangelical Christian who’s ever tried to sell me on their “product” (and in 60 years, many have).
Almost phrase for phrase.

Two words:
Frederico Klein

The arrest of this person, a State Department staffer, a Trump appointee and past employee of the Trump campaign (look up his own Federal financial disclosure where he says so), should be seen as a significant stepping stone in the investigation of the insurrection of 1/6/21. This is far above the heads of the talking-point parrots who regurgitate here and elsewhere, so we shouldn’t expect that they will acknowledge it until given “orders” to. But this is very big news.

For reasons only they know, the Republicans have latched on to an ideology which is in the throes of self-destruction. Their poorly-chosen leader lost, their party continues to lose power and constituents, and cannot seem to figure out how to dig itself out it’s own hole. Meanwhile our country and the world watch in anger and sadness as the once Grand Old Party devolves into “that giant sucking sound”.

The Democratic party, and this country, would thrive on the balanced tension between two rational but ideologically different parties, but it’s become one rational party and a cult who are completely unaware of how thin the ice really is and how naked their ambitions are.


My attempt to to open the hermetically sealed minds of unreasonable people is by using common sense and logic, the result of which only becomes a lesson in futility.

People like Chuck, Ray, Matt and Cynthia do a much better job with cold stone hard FACT than I do, therefore unlike many posting incoherent gibberish, I yield and acknowledge when someone is more proficient at something then I am.

The problem being that fact nor logic mean anything to so many that are only concerned with their pathetic self serving agendas.

Lou, I for one welcome yours and Ray’s and Cynthia’s and Matt’s, and any other rational thinking readers’ words here, _*from the Right or the Left or in between*_.

Obviously there’s really no point in reasoning, and readers must scratch their heads wondering why try. But, if for no other reason than to prevent this small corner of the interwebs of this very good newspaper from becoming infested with the mindless talking points of the alt-right and their grifters, I’ll continue providing the facts and evidence that they clearly cannot.

How utterly ironic a writer feels we’re under some kind of mental “infection” that blinds us with hate. This is the first time I’ve heard a tRumper use this analogy that has circulated on the Left for months. But it’s not the first time we’ve seen these traitors to our country co-opt what they themselves are most guilty of, and turn it into a limp, empty attack point. Incredible that we hear endlessly about stealing the election, and the corrupt Bidens, as they try to steal the election through violence and their leader and children face a lifetime in court over their well-documented fraud.

There’s much noise to come from these drama queens and Facebook divas, we should not pass up an opportunity to meet that with facts and evidence, for whatever it’s worth.

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