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Letters to the Editor Sunday, March 7


Some suggestions for catchy names

Recently in sports, the trend has been to eliminate nicknames that upset certain people.
In life, just about everybody gets a chance to name their children and their pets.
I’d like to suggest nicknames for the nation’s sports teams that are up for grabs.
Washington of the NFL presently doesn’t have a nickname. I suppose you could call them the “Nonames” as most of the seemingly good names are taken by other teams, like: “The Generals,” “The Senators,” “The Patriots,” “The Revolutions” and “The Diplomats,” etc.
I’m suggesting “The Franklins” after one of our great patriots and citizens of Colonial Days, Benjamin Franklin. In the early days of our country there was a territory named Franklin that missed out on becoming a state.
Since it looks like Cleveland MLB will be losing their nickname, why not call them “The Fellers” after the great Cleveland pitcher Bob Feller.
For the Atlanta MLB, I feel “The Hanks” would be a good choice to honor “The Great Hammering Hank Aaron.”
This name would go great with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. If Atlanta ever got another NHL team, they could be named “The Hunks.”
Guest columnist David Lucier’s (“How do you say Schenectady?”) in The Daily Gazette on Feb. 28, is another angle about names.
I learned to say the city’s name from my dad when I was a young resident there. While using the Sign of the Cross, I touched my forehead and said “skin,” my neck and said “neck,” and my breastbones and said “tity.”
Thomas Farnan

Elderly being treated unfairly on vaccine

I enjoyed John Figliozzi’s column (“On road to vaccination, pondering our future”) in the Feb. 21 Gazette about his trip to receive the vaccine.
I wonder how old John is. It’s wonderful that he had a computer to set up his appointment. He is also lucky to have a car to make the two- and-a-half-hour drive.
Do you know what I was doing while he was on his road trip?
Sitting in my apartment with no computer, no car and no appointment. I am 86 years old.
New York state has opened up for all sorts of eligible people to get the vaccine.
The first group were the elderly with underlying conditions.
Do you know many over 70 that don’t have underlying conditions?
In the building I reside in, all elderly have not received the vaccine.
Something is terribly wrong with the way the elderly in New York have been treated.
Jean Anderson

Not time for NBA’s meaningless travel

I am dumbstruck by the news about the NBA’s All Star Game. Why meet now to play this non-essential game?
The owners’ safety guideline to keep their players safe is to have them all fly in on private jets. This waste of jet fuel and carbon dioxide pollution is really greedy and anti-social.
My apologies to the fans who take offense, but we have a climate and people to care for.
Jim Ralston



Great experience at SUNY vaccine site

My wife and I have received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations at the SUNY Albany campus.
The operation is professionally run and without long lines to contend with.
You can access them through the NYS COVID-19 help line either by phone or email.
We strongly recommend them.
Doug McFadden


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William Marincic

Please name one time in history where the people fighting to ban books, censure speech, and tear down statues and monuments were the good guys.


Perhaps I’m off base by throwing this out there because it isn’t relevant to today’s letters and if that’s the case I apologize in advance.

I’ve been pondering the answers to a hypothetical question: Your, and other families comprise a group of 50 or so people that are stranded on an isolated island with extremely limited resource of food, water and materials to build shelters. The personalities, as well as strength, stamina and needs of people will vary just as in all life. There is high probability some may not survive. Your families’ lives may very well depend on fair and equitable distribution of these resources. The only option is having one of two people with total control of these precious life saving necessities . The choices being either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Who would you choose to have control?


“… fair and equitable distribution of these resources. ” Since the meaning of fair and equitable depend upon point of view it is nothing but an incantation that is to say outside if the incantor’s group it has no clear meaning. To see this consider the Democrats promotion of reparations for slavery. Since all persons who were in any way involved in slavery are dead it is not clear what meaning fairness between the dead would have in this context. Alternatively if we are talking about reparations for slavery for decedents of former slaves we have to consider what is a fair price to charge this group for having a higher life expectancy than their counter parts in formally slave exporting countries?

“…outside if the incantor’s group it has no clear meaning.”

Hey Fred! You’re on the internet again! Exciting stuff, eh?
You’re like a thesis waiting to happen.


Hey Chuck, it’s useless. He talks in meaningless circles that are irrelevant responses to the subject at hand. Diversion, deflection and evasion. All roads lead to Rome, but his Rome is bigotry and racism. Trying to make sense out of what he says it’s like finding symmetry in a bowl of spaghetti, it’s just not there. I got sucked back in, and will do my damnedest to no longer respond to blah, blah, blah any more.


I would chose the person who as shown would be fair to all, regardless of income and race ……..Joe Biden.

Jean, Phase 1a of vaccine eligibility only required that you be at least 65. You did not also have to have an underlying condition. Vaccines were subsequently opened up to NYers with underlying conditions regardless of age.

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