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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, March 9


Enjoyed article on local foosball champ

Thank you for the sweet story on Sam Dijohn, foosball prodigy in the March 7 Daily Gazette (“Lighting a Foos.”). I met Sam when he was a student at Jefferson Elementary School (Schalmont School District), where he regaled me with stories of his interest in foosball and some tournaments that he attended. His passion for the sport was apparent even then. Sam, I knew you when.


It’s not difficult to get an ID for voting

I never expected my education in political knowledge would be spurred by events of the last five years, but I must say that is one benefit of living through this horror fest.

Recently I read the current voting laws of the United States issued by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

I had wondered why I could walk into my polling place year after year and never show any form of ID in New York.

Seventeen states allow this privilege. As hundreds of laws are in the works to restrict voting access based on identification, acceptable ID is offered to all in some form.

I have not memorized every state, but once past the usual of birth certificate, driver’s license, military ID, bank, passport and Social Security documentation, which can certainly be impossible for those on the fringe, homeless, impoverished or unaware, government aid check, Medicaid/Medicare, public assistance, lease documentation are acceptable.

Also noted: most states will issue a free non-driver ID or other form of free ID acceptable to vote.

Lastly, I saw repeatedly, for those without any ID at all, a provisional voting form may be used to allow the person until three days after the election to obtain an acceptable ID, thus giving a person more time to make sure their right and duty to vote is not prevented.
Round Lake


Calling fowl on voters who elected Biden

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think that voting for Joe Biden was like the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. Just saying.


Don’t ignore dangers of resisting arrest

At what point did the police become the community punching bags? “Resisting arrest shouldn’t be a death sentence.” “Pepper spray should only be used when the public is in danger.”

Both of these assertions imply that it is OK to resist arrest by attacking police officers.

If someone is willing to strike a police officer, then by default, they are violent and a demonstrated threat to the public if allowed to escape.

A single punch can cause brain damage or death if the officer falls and hits their head on the ground.

Repeated attacks are analogous to football players (only without helmets and other safety equipment) who end up with brain disorders, leading to excessive emotional reactions, violent behavior and early death.

This is far too much to ask of those who have sworn to protect us. Respect for police needs to be restored and the passive approval that it is OK to resist arrest needs to end.


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Joseph Vendetti


We need IDs to – buy cigarettes, alcohol, to drive, to enter an airport, to purchase train tickets, rent a car, return things to stores, to rent an apartment but to vote we just say our name here in NY. It is very odd.

I’d love to hear why this or voting mail without a thumb print or some other verified action isn’t questionable for our democracy.

geri krawitz

mr. vendetti a brilliant comment. one of the reasons is that they could not have thousands of fake votes. remember that we are now a country where crime does not matter from stealing to murder all are innocent. only one law is in affect. WHITE POWER
most people white or other work take care of their families try to live a good simple life.
this is now meaningless because only criminals have rights the right to steal and kill.
how often do we have a protest if a white person is shot by police. granted all criminals should be in jail not honored. we are not a society that obeys rules so the vote wil. be
compromised. rmember vote early and vote often was not just a slogan

So go ahead and show this country all the evidence that a signature is not adequate. We won’t wait around because if there was, you’d have all sides in favor of a voter ID card.
Instead we have the same Party of Pinheads who are runnng amok in the courts doing everything they can to suppress people’s freedom to vote.
Let’s see the plan to do this…
There is none, just a prolonged, shrill whine.
If there is to be a plan, it had damn well better provide proactive outreach for the millions of seniors like my mother who couldn’t easily get out to get their ID card, nor easily get to the voting booth.
The voter ID idea is another poorly thought out, ham-handed sham.
The Republican Party is in the throes of extinction. They know it and they’re grasping at anything to keep from drowning.

geri krawitz

mr. mangino diane barney good to read intelligent letters. when did we loose all common sense and feel the need to prioritize lawlessness .
still waiting for the democratcs to acknowledge the wrong doing of hunter and to stop cancel culture.
it will not be long before hunters book is required reading from kindergarten up

William Marincic

LINDA PETERSON If a person cares enough to vote then they should care enough to get an ID. The government right now is pushing for us to have an ID card that says we got the Covid vaccine yet they could care less about ID for voting, why, because they know with mail in voting and no ID it’s ripe for fraud. In California they are checking every single signature on Gavin Newsons recall effort yet they tell you they don’t need to do that during a presidential election, hypocrisy at its best.

Does the Gazette HAVE to publish submitted letters from the public? It’s bad enough we have to be subjected to Fred Barney’s drivel in the comments section, but now we’re subjected to the same nonsense from another Barney. These two actually believe that George Floyd, the man who was slowly murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin, deserved to die because he was, according to their twisted logic, resisting arrest. Truly Neanderthal thinking.


Matt. How did you come to that insane conclusion?!? I never mentioned George Floyd, but now that you bring him up you might benefit from spending the 20 minutes to watch the body cam video of his arrest. Diane

William Marincic

Matt, when a republican doesn’t like a book he doesn’t read it but a democrat want’s it banned.
When a republican doesn’t like a product the don’t buy it but a democrat want’s to boycott them.
If a republican doesn’t like a comment they just move on but democrats like you Matt want their right to their opinion cancelled and removed,

I will repeat, when have the people that ban books and speech ever been the good guys?

geri krawitz

spot on mr marincic. have you noticed that the comments from waht i assume may be conservatives are so logical and full of respect for others. wouldst we could say the same for people like matt. the arrogance to say who should be published read or seen on tv sets or movies. the incredible chutzpah
the german book burnings in 1933 were anti semetic and vastly approved bt the people. we have come to that cancelling and this is heralded as a positive thing
woulk also like to mention to artz and his wife about their happiness with biden and harris.
biden clearly delusional now and never did anything positive whilst in office, harris
who rose in san francisco because of her affair with willie brown. a round heels

Funny Bill, how you act like Republicans didn’t engage in cancel culture tactics with Colin Kaepernik. First they got him cancelled from the NFL, then they boycotted and burned their Nikes. Or is your memory that short? I also recall Republicans destroying their Keurigs because they didn’t like the company pulling their advertising when he defended child predator and rapist Roy Moore. Or does that not count as cancelling in your Trump-addled mind? Also, just to be clear, Dr. Seuss Enterprises were the ones that decided to stop publishing their own books. Josh Hawley wasn’t cancelled, he found another publisher to print his book of Republican tears. It’s called capitalism, and a free market. Ain’t it a wonderful thing?

geri krawitz

oh the hero kapernick skinny not very good player. he tried they gave him chances no one wanted him because HE IS NO GOOD AS A PLAYER.
love burning the nikes that will show them


Matt Did George Floyd say I surrender? It is not a matter of twisted logic it is factual matter.

While you are pondering your answer might consider how a serious problem can be solved by the application of analytical thought.

I suggest that police have access to the same weapons that are use to tranquilize animals. While some will gross at the symbolism it is about the only approach left for a community that does not think it proper to put the lives of those who try to enforce the laws at risk. Of course their is always there is the hear to fore ignored possiblity that people will accept the possiblity that people will recognize that a stable society recognize that gambling with one’s life by resisting arrest is not acceptable


Diane Barney, what about those that are “resisting arrest” that have committed no crime and just being harassed by corrupt or quick trigger law enforcement representatives.

Not unlike the family, including young children, that were handcuffed and forced to lie down on their stomachs in a parking lot by Aurora police because they thought their vehicle was stolen. It was not.


Talking is good. Throwing punches is not. When such an aberration occurs (which is all that reaches the news media), you deal with it later when you file a complaint and sue. Diane


Diane, That’s not all that reaches the news. They were plenty of videos of police officers kneeling, walking and hugging people in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters.

As in every walk of life there are good and bad examples of people “doing their jobs”. Be they auto mechanics, doctors, or cops.

Perhaps some police reform is in order. Especially so when the wrath of “bad cops” bias is disproportionately directed to people of color.

geri krawitz

no their arent not plenty of solidarity where do you read these fantasies.
the police to busy trying not to get killed.


“…disproportionately directed to people of color.” Can you document this assertion? In particular can you document it after correct for differential criminal behavior?

What if rightist, White supremicists are a plot by the Deep State to drive the libs crazy with mindless, seemingly idiotic, “assertions” and challenges that have no basis in reality (“Show me one instance where a colored person didn’t deserve it. Well? Ya can’t, can ya?”).

Tread carefully Lou. Don’t get drawn into their Weird World of Whack-a-Mole. They don’t care about reality.


Thanks for the tip Ray…The situation you’re describing is when I activate my invisible Blah, blah, blah nuclear powered anti- nonsensical insanity repelling lightsaber. If your interested in purchasing one they’re being sold by pedophiles in the basements of most pizzerias in Washington DC.


Since resisting arrest is crime we must try to deal with mistakes made by law enforcement rather than asserting what is crime is not


Hey Robert Mangino did you consider so many of the Trump voters were the equivalent of criminals voting for Al Capone. Just saying.

geri krawitz

what could this possibly mean? it isnt sarcasm it isnt snide it is meaningless. hey loui have you considered that people voting for biden are just stupid? the facts have always been their what does it say for the level of intelligence of the democratic voter. and to boot a woman who had a ten year affair with a married man. is that christian?

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