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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 10


Scandals rendering Cuomo ineffective

The recent scandal surrounding Gov. Cuomo has put New York in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
We have, once again, become a national embarrassment. The governor has carried on the fine tradition of New York politicians before him, including Sheldon Silver, Joe Bruno, Anthony Weiner and of course, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer.
What is it about certain New York public officials who cannot live up to their responsibilities and serve the citizens of this state without controversy?
I suggest that significant personal character flaws and unchecked ego drive some of their questionable behavior. However, the unnecessary power given to the governor, speaker of the Assembly and the Senate majority leader creates a situation in which others are hesitant to raise questions about inappropriate actions.
The governor must resign to put this controversy behind all of us. Being distracted by scandals will make him ineffective in dealing with our state’s considerable problems including a huge budget deficit, dramatic out-migration of its citizens, poorly administered vaccine rollout and the need to make important decisions which will help us get back to normal as quickly as we can.
How can he govern and represent our interest while he is working to protect his own position? Absent of a resignation, this situation will drag on for many months as an investigation won’t be resolved quickly.
We are all being disadvantaged by his inappropriate behavior and oversized ego.
John Mastriani

Trump will be back after Biden failures

We lost the election, but we will be back in 2024.
Thank you for keeping the gas prices low while you were president. Biden couldn’t wait to reverse that. Thank you for getting the coronavirus vaccine for us so quickly. The liberal media is mum about those two issues.
Thank you for controlling the illegal immigration problem.
Biden has quickly reversed that too. Thank you for the temporary peace in the Middle East. Biden changed that too.
There is a lot more negatively changing. l just wanted to give the people who voted Biden in to think about what they wanted and got.
Bill Mullins

Power line plan not worth the damage

The Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) transmission corridor (power lines) would, if constructed, damage the Hudson River, and likely lead to additional river destruction in Quebec and Labrador, Canada where the electricity would originate.
In January, CHPE developers requested the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) quickly approve an increase in the permitted capacity from 1000 megawatts (one billion watts) to 1250 megawatts.
This proposed 25% increase, combined with all the route changes approved last year, should trigger federal and state orders that CHPE developers prepare a new environmental impact statement (EIS) and subsequent hearings for the approximately 335-mile power line project that would traverse eastern New York from the Canadian border to New York City.
Also noteworthy is Hudson Riverkeeper, an environmental group based in Ossining, publicly retracted in 2019 its prior CHPE support, saying much has changed in recent years, and CHPE is not needed to supply electricity to New York City.
CHPE developers pretend CHPE installation is the best way to displace downstate fossil fuel electricity generation.
However, many initiatives are being launched in New York City to greatly increase the energy efficiency of buildings.
These activities would reduce fossil fuel use and provide thousands of times more jobs than CHPE.
Huge numbers of New York City jobs could also be created by installing solar panels atop some of the city’s buildings. When it comes to job creation, CHPE is a dud.
Tom Ellis


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Thanks Bill for reminding us Democrats that we now have a government that is interested in governing. While Joe Biden and the Democrats are busy passing desperately needed COVID relief that has overwhelming support amongst Democratic and Republican PEOPLE, the Republican politicians in Washington were busy reading Dr. Seuss and complaining about the gender of a potato. When the Republicans were in power, they passed a massive tax cut for corporations, and tried to strip health care from working American people. I hope one day the Republican Party will find its way back to being a serious party interested in legislating and not one of culture war grievances. It’s hard to imagine when the party is still beholden to one man, Donald Trump, who is intent on destroying the party by funneling donations to Republican candidates into his own PAC’s coffers, promising to campaign against certain Republican candidates, and trying to extort the party by requiring permission (and likely money) to use his likeness in campaign and fundraising literature. Good Luck Republicans!

William Marincic

Matt that Covid bill only gives 9% to Covid relief, the other 91% is bail outs for blue states and a whole lot of fat. Why aren’t you thanking President Trump for giving us a vaccine in record time which the Democrat said would never happen. Why aren’t you thanking President Trump for all of the vaccines going in peoples arms because it was under President Trumps watch that these vaccines were being made and distributed, according to the government and vaccine websites it takes 60 to 100 days to make and distribute the vaccine. These are still President trumps vaccines. We have a crisis at the border it has tripled in less than two months what is Biden going to do about that? When is Biden going to have a press conference where he’s questioned without being given the answers in advance? If you guys were talking about Trump you would be burying him that he’s taking 50 days and has not given a press conference yet, you would say it’s not a transparent government, you would ask what is he hiding. Finally I’m gonna say it again when have the people that ban books and censor speech ever been the good guys?

Bill, so you’re saying that all the things that Republicans passed last year in the CARES act, like extended unemployment, PPP business loans, and stimulus checks were considered COVID relief last year, but now that there’s a different President, they’re NOT related? That’s laughable. I guess we should expect the red states to forego the relief in the bill for state and local governments. They must not be interested in investing in their schools to ensure they’re safe, or offsetting the costs they incurred due to the pandemic. States can’t run deficits, so I suppose they’ll just have to declare bankruptcy. Even though he did an awful job of denying the severity of the disease to the public, not ordering enough shots, and politicizing mask wearing, I will thank the Trump administration for shepherding the vaccine development through so that we now have an opportunity to overcome this. Now it’s your turn to pick just one thing that you think President Joe Biden is doing well.

TRUMP: “As a result of Operation Warp Speed, Pfizer announced on Monday that its China virus vaccine was more than 90% effective. …Pfizer said it wasn’t part of Warp Speed, but that turned out to be an unfortunate misrepresentation.”

THE FACTS: Not so much. Pfizer notably did not accept government money to develop, test or expand manufacturing capacity under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative to quickly find a vaccine and treatments for the disease sweeping the country.

In fact, Pfizer partnered with the vaccine’s original developer, Germany’s BioNTech, in March and the following month announced the first human study in Germany. The White House announced Operation Warp Speed in May.

Pfizer opted not to join Operation Warp Speed initially but is following the same general requirements for the vaccine’s development as competitors who received government research money. The company says it has risked $2 billion of its own money on vaccine development and won’t get anything from Washington unless the effort is successful.

“Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine development and manufacturing costs have been entirely self-funded,” Pfizer spokeswoman Jerica Pitts said this week. “We decided to self-fund our efforts so we could move as fast as possible.”

Joe Biden doesn’t sexually assault women.
Joe Biden doesn’t need to pay off strippers with his campaign donations.
Joe Biden doesn’t k___ Vladimir Putin’s a__.
Joe Biden doesn’t have to dance when you demand it.

Could you please just go away?

William Marincic

Chuck do you actually think that Pfizer’s vaccine would have been approved in 10 months if it weren’t for President Trump with operation warp speed? Pfizer vaccine would’ve taken five years minimum if not for President Trump so you can say whatever you want to say but the truth of the matter is we have what we have because of President Trump and your hatred for him won’t change that and it doesn’t change the facts.


Yeah Matt, why aren’t you also thanking trump for his intuitive realization that “the Chinese virus ”would miraculously go away. And why aren’t you thanking trump for his ingenious scientific suggestion of ingesting or injecting bleach as a viable way to combat the virus.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it’s limits.” Albert Einstein

geri krawitz

dont we all see what we want to see. i do not respiond positivelly to left leaning causes.
i am a consevative republican. as winston said when you are a conservative when you are young you have no heart when you are not a conservative when you are older you have no brain. people in power and people with monies in the past had a feeling of noblesse oblige. and they did pass on this to their children. now it is hoard all power and wealth and become victims. do nothing for the small classes as they have no power to refute. how else to explain someone as lacking in integrity and intelligence (he even lied about his law school standing saying he was tops when he was last) and now governs what was once the best country in the world. and the parasitic child he raised who very wealthy with out doing a bit of work has had someone write for him a memoir of how he is a victim wealth and victimhood now go hand in hand


What you just said makes no sense to me at all, and I have no clue as to what you’re saying.

You solidly stated that I was fantasizing when I said there was solidarity between some police, George Floyd and the BLM movement. When I prove you wrong with written statements from the Schenectady police chief, you don’t acknowledge that fact.

Again I say, you see only what you want, you hear only what you want, you believe only what you want. Facts and truth don’t matter.


Additionally by saying “ i do not respiond positivelly to left leaning causes.” such bias is exposed. – Regardless of how good a left leaning cause may be in your eyes it cannot be positive.

I believe people with that mindset lose all credibility. You cannot ignore or deny, truth and fact, as you have or done with Chief Clifford’s statements and expect your opinion to be acknowledged or respected.

Thoughtful readers and commenters would probably like to know the facts about The American Rescue Plan, and one place you can find out if only 9% of The Plan really only benefits Americans (and of course that’s not really true) is at PolitiFact:

But predictably, we also have Republican parrots here who apparently cannot form an opinion on their own because of …literacy issues? …ADHD issues? Who knows. But what we get from “the other side” is sadly devoid of adult-level thoughtfulness.

Looking at the Big Picture, this is a desperately needed cash injection to our economy to common people like us who for the most part will not squirrel it away into bank accounts and investments, but use it immediately for goods and services. That will increase demand and that will increase growth to meet demand and that means more jobs and a healthier, happier population. And America desperately needs that right now.

And if Republicans don’t get that, it sucks to be them.

Bill Nechamen

Blaming Biden for gas prices shows an ignorance of economics and current events. There are four reasons gas prices are rising. First the success in accelerating virus distribution under Biden (Trump did not develop an effective distribution plan) is indeed helping to open the economy. People are traveling more. The pandemic recession cut travel by more than half, thus cut fuel demand, so costs dropped. Second, there was recently a major winter weather event in Texas that took a significant percentage of U.S. refinery capacity off line. Less supply equals higher prices. Third, OPEC and Russia have maintained an agreement to limit production. It’s an interconnected global economy. Fourth, refineries are converting to summer fuel mixtures, which are more expensive. Less supply means higher prices. Unless Biden wants to release supplies from the strategic petroleum reserve, and this is not the kind of emergency that calls for that response, domestic prices will react to the factors I mentioned. Yeah, but it’s so much easier to blame Biden.

For the second time since Biden took office the Dow has hit a record high!

He’s killing our country! Just like tRump predicted!

William Marincic

The Dow hit a record high because of a $2 trillion boondoggle where people are expected to spend money and states are expected to spend money it’s not because of any great things that Biden did. The stock market is affected by consumer confidence, when a family of a single mother and four kids are expecting a $7000 check the market reacts positively. But you just keep living your fantasy.

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