Blight demolition resumes in Schenectady; two structures leveled on Barrett Street

Bronze Contracting demolishes an old house at 1052 Barrett St. in Schenectady on Friday. 

Bronze Contracting demolishes an old house at 1052 Barrett St. in Schenectady on Friday. 

SCHENECTADY — The first old houses targeted in Schenectady’s 2021 campaign against blight bit the dust Friday.

Two structures on Barrett street crumbled beneath the mechanical claw, and four more are on the execution line.

The long-running campaign by city government, the Capital Region Land Bank and the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority has so far leveled more than 200 vacant buildings that are deemed beyond repair. 

Demolition of the structures at 1052 and 1052 Barrett St. is expected to continue through next week. 

The other four are at 804 Strong St., 529 Mumford St., 16 Grove Place and 652 Sunset St.

They will be demolished in early spring with $91,300 in Community Development Block Grant funds provided by the federal government.

The Barrett Street demolitions are near the Live In Schenectady townhouse project. The street has been the site of other demolitions to make way for the redevelopment as well as to improve aesthetics. 

Mayor Gary McCarthy alluded to this strategy in a news release.

“As we build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing our strong, unified efforts to fight blight by demolishing unsightly buildings that cannot be fixed,” he said. “Today, we eliminate two problem properties on Barrett Street as we prepare to demolish another four structures in the weeks ahead.”

The city Department of Development opened bids for the four demolitions Wednesday. 

They’ll go before the City Council’s Development and Planning Committee on Monday, and are expected to go before the full City Council on March 22 for approval.

The city of Schenectady, the Capital Region Land Bank and the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority have collaborated to demolish more than 200 blighted buildings in recent years to help revitalize city neighborhoods.

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David Bianchi

Besides I bought 1052 Barrett Street at Auction and City Hall totally ignored that and foreclosed on it anyway from the previous owner in which was a Very Close Family Member of mine!
I guess that would be Small potatoes compared to what the City did to the same Very Close Family member of mine with other Properties on Barrett Street and Seminary Place that Lawyers Threatened Me to sell them my Families Property or They Would Go through the City and Take it! Followed by the City Illegally/Wrongfully ordering my Tax Payment made in Full to a Tax lien company! Followed by an Bogus Abandonment trial in which was also one of the properties involved in the initial Threat to sell or Else!
In which the property that was seized at the Abandonment trial the City inspectors were never actually in.
Followed by right outside the Courtroom immediately after the Abandonment trial of the Lawyer that represented the City of Schenectady in that Abandonment Trial if I was ready to sell them the Other Properties involved in the Initial Threat! Then with my reply of No! That lawyer that represented the City at the Abandonment trial Tells Me, Then We Will Just Go Trough the City and Take those Properties Also!!
In which soon followed the City of Schenectady doing Eminent Domain on those properties which had No buildings on them and were Vacant Lots that I kept mowed.
How Can Vacant Lots with No buildings on them be Blight?? I Still after All these Years haven’t figured that one out!
I have Solid Proof/Evidence that everything I have stated is Factual and Not Just Hear Say!
The City has Also Violated my Rights on Several More Occasions with Other Properties over the Years in which my Attorney right before he stopped practicing Law even wrote me a letter notarized from him to me stating of in which he was an actual witness to the City Violating my Rights along with him be an actual witness to the other lawyers Threatening me to sell them my Families Property or They would Just Go Through the City and Take Them! Not One Threat, but Two of the same separate Threats involving separate properties..
I have to Admit when One’s of Power in a certain area want Yours or your Families Property they can Certainly Get It! Any way Possible! Legal or Not! And Basically They Know How to Beat You Down along with They Know it Takes Money to Fight Them!
And Even then with any money, I would bet with Who they know, that a Common person could not get actual Justice..
8th Commandment, Though Shall Not Steal! In which I would think would go for anyone religious or not.
Along with No One is Above the Law!!
But, I guess I have been shown different..

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