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Letters to the Editor Friday, March 12


Cuomo must do the right thing: resign

My count is up to six. How many women must come forward for our Emmy-winning governor to come to the realization that enough is enough? The award is a joke.
So many deaths in the nursing homes, largely at your direction, yet you receive an award for your handling of covid? We the people of New York certainly cannot take you seriously anymore.
Cover ups, lies, twisted statistics to hide your ineptitude.
Speaking of handling, how many women were there? If you weren’t so inflated by your enormous ego and grandiose thoughts about yourself, you would see that anyone in this state with a conscience has turned their back on you and anyone still supporting has got an ire for truthfulness and honesty for which they follow you down that dark path to nowhere.
Give up, Cuomo. Every day you pretend nothing happened and you try to lie your way out of this latest scandal is another festering wound you have created. You yourself took the sexual harassment training you mandated everyone in the state take part in. How then could you so ignorantly come on TV and apologize for things you clearly knew and trained others on to be wrong?
Do you really think an apology after the fact negates the injustice already done? How pathetic you are as a leader, and in the end, you will be forced to resign anyway. Do the right thing and step down.
Brian Baldwin
Burnt Hills

If you care, keep wearing your mask

In the 1980’s there were anti-drug ads showing an egg being cracked into a frying pan.
The message was simple: Using drugs was dangerous and bad for your brain.
Today we are in a pandemic. There is clear evidence based on facts and data that the most effective ways to control the pandemic until most people are vaccinated is to wear a mask and practice social distancing.
We are finally seeing hospitalization and death rates coming down.
However, we have some so called “leaders” in a few states eliminating mask mandates and relaxing social distancing restrictions. This is irresponsible and dangerous. This kind of recklessness risks sabotaging the recovery and prolonging the pandemic.
Even if you only care about just yourself, failure to wear a mask risks perpetuating this pandemic by allowing the disease to mutate into more contagious forms. This will affect yourself.
If there is someone else you care about, prolonging the pandemic will certainly affect him/her.
If you care about America, reckless and irresponsible behavior will clearly hurt the nation’s recovery. Do the right thing: Stop the spread, wear a mask. Please.
Paul Zawistowski

Fear hospital merger will strip away rights

I am a life-long Schenectady resident, born at Ellis Hospital, treated at Ellis more than I can count throughout my life, and had a long career in EMS, training at Ellis to become a paramedic.
The hospital has been a part of my daily life, walking past it to school, and turning to Ellis for my parents’ health care.
I understand that there are financial burdens on Ellis Medicine. However, partnering with St. Peters, and the associated potential for denial of treatment and procedures related to reproductive rights, is not just wrong, but also a denial of basic human rights, as would be allowing the employees’ health insurance to disallow coverage for birth control and gender identity-related medication and procedures.
We are responsible for, and should have control over our own bodies, and — the Supreme Court’s egregious ruling notwithstanding — no religious entity should be able to control what health care is available for us.
I have never been a fan of Albany Medical Center, our local 800-pound gorilla. But if the merger goes through without specifically exempting gender identity and reproductive rights restrictions, I’d rather see Ellis Medicine shut down than to continue my association with the entity.
Kurt C. Siegel

Covid should serve as a wakeup call

Why is it that some of our elected officials think they are above the law and don’t have to follow the rules and regulations they often enact/promulgate?
According to the Constitution of the United States, the true power lies in the people, the electorate. All U.S. governments were found for and by the people, not to be usurped by elected officials. Elected officials are “representatives” of the people voted in by the people to serve on their behalf. COVID-19 did not change this.
COVID-19 did not excuse an elected official from behaving or treating people differently.
As far as I can ascertain from reading about COVID-19, it does not negatively affect the brain’s moral behavior towards others, nor allow for less remorse for people like those in nursing homes. COVID-19 should serve as a wakeup call to all, especially to the so-called experts/scientists who were actually caught off guard initially and tried to redeem themselves by posturing as learned scholars.
Just remember that those who say “listen to the science” say that it was science that created COVID-19.
William D. Wills

Why not identify names in photos

I have been a subscriber of your paper for nearly 45 years since moving to this area. I have difficulty beginning my day without spending an hour or more reading The Daily Gazette and completing the Sudoku puzzle. In fact, I have always felt fortunate that our area supports a locally owned independent newspaper, that is beholding to no national media giant.
As we celebrated Black History Month in February, I was surprised and saddened that the four Monday editions did not identify the names of those folks featured in the Local Section. I realize that some candid photos may not identify most and sometimes all of the people in a photo, but the absence of names in the photos selected this past month needs explanation.
This act of omission could only have been done purposefully and raises questions of bias.
Alex Hallenstein
Editor’s Note: The Gazette photography archives do not always have photographs available with the names of the individuals. When all the people in an archived photo can be identified, we use captions that identify them. When the photographic record is incomplete, we use just the image. The alternative would be not to use any photo at all.

Give Cuomo credit for covid response

I think it’s time to give Gov. Andrew Cuomo the praise he deserves. This covid crisis has been a nightmare for us all, and he has guided us through and with honesty and strength. My husband and I just got our first vaccine at the UAlbany site. They were wonderful. The National Guard was there helping any way that was needed, and were friendly and supportive.
There was plenty of help to move the hundreds of people quickly and safely. It takes a lot of planning to turn a parking lot into a vaccination center. Don’t be so quick to condemn Gov. Cuomo, he has done a great job. Thank you for keeping us safe.
Marty Shanty

Support budget bill on crossbows

The Executive Budget is to be approved by April 1.
Two bills that are part of the budget are S.2508/A.3008. These bills would classify crossbows as archery equipment and remove unnecessary restrictions of the 2014 law. As part of the DEC Draft 10 Year Deer Management Plan, the DEC has requested changes to grant them full regulatory authority for crossbow use.
To show your support for these bills, please visit and complete the form that will take you two minutes. The form will be sent to Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senate EnCon Chair Todd Kaminsky, Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie, Assembly EnCon Chair, Steven Englebright and your respective Assembly Member and State Senator.
You will get six contacts for completing one form.
Steve Zahurak


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William Marincic

Paul Zawistowski It would seem that Florida’s numbers are better than New York State numbers and better than California’s numbers and they’ve pretty much been open while New York and California have been shut down totally.

What does ‘open’ mean though? Florida, like Texas is lifting all restrictions, which essentially leaves it to the individual businesses and municipalities to regulate. If you look at Tampa and Miami, they still have mask mandates and distancing requirements for restaurants. Beaches are open for Spring Break, but no groups of more than 10 are permitted, beachgoers must wear masks unless in the water, as well as at concessions, or in restrooms, etc. Playgrounds are closed. So sure, telling yourself that the state is ‘open’ is just another way of saying that the governor is absolving himself of responsibility and leaving it to local governments.


Matt, Louis and the Hombachs, you’re all correct. Bill loves to compare NY to Florida where people visit, pick up the virus and take it back to their states like NY. The Florida governor, like most republican governors are indifferent to people catching Covid-19. They just want the business. Plus, NY has been the recipient of the virus from Europe and elsewhere and needs a certain amount of controls to hold down the pandemic. Florida has been proven to lie about their statistics and should be investigated by the Justice Department.

Gosh darn it, Bill!
It must suck that every time you post a comment here and elsewhere one of us libruls shoots it down.
Tell you what though: stop posting nonsense, fake facts and repeating whatever you heard on Facebook, Newsmax, OANN and Fox, and show you’re using that conservative noggin of yours and you might get some constructive debate.

Also some clarity on where you were on January 6th and where you stand on armed insurrection would be good. Your silence is deafening.


” …Cuomo, he has done a great job ” What about lying about the number of nursing home dead ? Prsumeable this was done to protect his book deal!


Not attempting to defend Coumo but he would have to grope 20 more women, tell 30, 572 more lies, and be responsible for tens of thousands of additional COVID-19 deaths to catch up trump.- Never any condemnation of that behavior. Oh the hypocrisy.


So Como is an under achiever does that in any way effect the merits of my conjecture that he lied about nursing home deaths to protect his book deal?


You said….“So Como is an under achiever” I guess that means you would consider him a success if he met or exceeded the the extremely undesirable numbers of lies, perversions, and deaths that trump has racked up.


If you have you achieve your chosen goal you are a success. It does not follow that your chosen goal is appreciated by others. As for Como his Child Protection Act hold practicing Catholics financially responsible for the actions of others. Thus this act is a clear demonstration of Como’s charactor and why Democrats need to be replaced.


I’ll respond on a similar parallel as I perceive your thought process to be: Mary had a little lamb. Two plus two equals five. There once was a farmer a priest and a rabbi. The chicken came first, no I mean the egg. Okey-dokey


We don’t know if Florida’s numbers are correct…… remember, the Florida governor fired the women who issued the Covid numbers, they even stormed her home an took her computer.


“would be allowing the employees’ health insurance to disallow coverage for birth control and gender identity-related medication and procedures.

The problems you see from the merger of two hospitals are really social improvements.

1> Birth control which includes the morning after pill other than an abortion is and will continue to be readily available after the merger

2> Nothing in the planned merger lessens help for the deluded. There is of course a problem for those who want their body modified to suit their delusions.

Paraphrasing Andrew Cuomo just now:

‘there are currently two reviews in process and no one wants them to be thorough and complete more than I’.

How about that, no mention of witchhunts, no threats of revenge and retribution, no insults, no threats of burning down the place. Republicans could learn a lot about being adults, and how to accept questioning and investigation, from Andrew Cuomo.

With eyes rolled back in his head, Mr. William Wills (seriously?) intones:

“COVID-19 should serve as a wakeup call to all, especially to the so-called experts/scientists who were actually caught off guard initially and tried to redeem themselves by posturing as learned scholars.
Just remember that those who say “listen to the science” say that it was science that created COVID-19.”

Mr. Wills doesn’t know much about how “science” works and clearly would rather mock than to try to learn. You’re in good company, Mr. Wills. There’s an entire political party that wants you, and your credit card number!


Brian I realize that you may be new to the policies of our state and country but people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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