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Letters to the Editor Sunday, March 14


Think before you vote in Ballston Spa

Recently the League of Women Voters released its Meet-the-Candidates video introducing and questioning the five candidates for the Ballston Spa Board of Trustees in the March 16 election. Despite clear instructions to avoid personal attacks, the video included a petty drama.
Two candidates, Benjamin Baskin and Shawn Raymond, brought up conflicts of interest regarding the other three. Two rivals, Sean Mulvaney and Robert Bush, Jr., are volunteer firemen with the Ballston Spa Fire Department. One rival, Mary Price-Bush, is the wife of the Ballston Spa police chief.
In response to this personal attack, all three rivals vigorously defended their loyalty to the village and their ability to recuse themselves if issues of conflict of interest arose.
Baskin and Raymond are members of a local political party led by Elizabeth Kormos, an incumbent village trustee.
CEO Kormos is the owner and president of the Kormos & Company corporation located in Ballston Spa. Its business is market study analysis which means it studies rundown and abandoned business sites under contracts with local communities.
Ballston Spa has several properties in need of redevelopment.
The expertise of CEO Kormos could benefit the community. As a trustee, however, she would be able to award contracts to her own corporation. Did Baskin and Raymond consider this scenario when they brought up potential conflict of interest by their rivals?
Candidates, who ignore meeting rules, disparage the community service of their rivals and insinuate rivals would be dishonest are not trustworthy. Think carefully before you vote.
Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa

Can we trust our own security personnel?

An estimated 14-20% of the Capitol rioters had a military or police background.
Many had been recruited by militia groups such as the Oath Keepers.
What does it bode for our country that such a number of those sworn to uphold the Constitution actively took part in an attempt to overthrow our democracy i.e. reverse a free election?
These closet insurrectionists have either swallowed the big lie (voter fraud) or are adherents to some aspect of Trumpian philosophy (white supremacy/racism, anti-immigration, deregulation, etc.)
The number of active military or police who may be closet insurrectionists raises a question about our country’s security.
If another uprising occurs and a number of active military or police charged with stemming the violence are sympathetic to the rioters’ cause, how can we be sure they will protect our government buildings and our citizens, especially elected officials, and that they will not join the rebellion?
Three basic steps to reduce this danger are:
1. Repeat the vetting of current active military and police, including their use of social media.
2. Screen recruits for ties to extremist groups, including their use of social media.
3. Encourage active military or police to report insurrection-leaning activities by other military or police.
Charles Rielly


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My God Fred!

The plan calls for using $10 million collected by the city in cannabis sales taxes over an estimated 10 years to provide African American residents with housing assistance and economic development benefits. As of the 2010 Census, the Black population of Evanston was about 13,400 people.

According to Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, who has led the effort, details for the first “remedy policy” are nearing completion: a $25,000 direct benefit payment to purchase a home. Those who qualify for such a check, according to the current proposal, are Black residents who lived in Evanston between 1919 and 1969 or their direct descendants.” (of slaves)

Do you realize between 1919 and 1969. Lynching of Black people was not uncommon? 10 million is a drop in the bucket for a partial restitution.

Your line of “has led to the tribalism” speaks volumes.

Aah, if only white supremacist racists could be morphed into young black males innocently jogging down a street in a neighborhood where they may live. Perhaps a predominately white upper class area. Alas, they’re approached, detained, and questioned about their “suspicious activity” by people of the mindset of those that stormed the Capital. Perhaps they are beaten, arrested, shot or killed because “they chose to, or made the poor decision to resist or not cooperate” while being harassed and persecuted solely because of the color of their skin.
When you’re a person of color situations of this nature are not isolated events, they’re daily occurrences happening in restaurants, on roads and highways or just walking down the street. People of color have “the talk” about these happenings with their young children. Racism is sad, sickening, pathetic and very much alive. More prevalent now than than in recent past as evident in the rise and boldness of white supremacy groups. (Thank you agent orange)

Additionally if you don’t believe white privilege is real and deny being racist but feel that blacks are being advantaged by government mandated programs etc. I’ll just bet you go to bed every night dying of envy wishing you were black.
I’m not saying this In an attempt to convince you to be more compassionate, sympathetic, understanding and open minded. So many of these posts prove that to be an impossibility. I’m saying it because I couldn’t comfortably live in my old white skin if I didn’t openly express a part of who I am and what I believe in.

Thank you Louis. While your excellent response is unlikely to have any effect on Fred, others reading the comment may see truth in your words. Endemic racism will only be eradicated one mind at a time through calm, thoughtful and logical arguments.


The Biden non-crises Sothern border policy facilitates the importation of drug cartel members who will expand their business in this country. Thanks Joe


Just like the uncontrolled pandemic and failed economy, Biden has to overcome Trump’s failed immigration policies too. Biden has only been in office 50+ days and is showing great leadership where Trump left a large void.


Charles Rielly should we vett Deomcrats in government in an attempt to end the current indulgence to BLM rioters?


Fred, has it ever occurred to you that instigators i.e., Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and their ilk see peaceful demonstrations and infiltrate to cause upheaval and chaos? It’s occurred to me, and it’s not ‘Antifa’ since that means anti-Fascist. Of course it hasn’t, because your oft-stated views on race.


Charles Rielly – You raise very important issues that should be taken very seriously. We can only hope that the people in charge are not the same type of racist sympathizers as their recruits.


Just like the uncontrolled pandemic and failed economy, Biden has to overcome Trump’s failed immigration policies too. Biden has only been in office 50+ days and is showing great leadership where Trump left a large void.

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