Gloversville Police issue alert on suspected drugs found with altered candy packages in recent arrest

Images released by Gloversville Police

Images released by Gloversville Police

GLOVERSVILLE – Gloversville Police Tuesday advised of suspected drugs found in altered candy in packages during a recent arrest.

“The City of Gloversville Police Department is releasing the following information to alert the public as to a method which suspected narcotics were recently discovered to be packaged,” police wrote in a release.

The discovery came during a recent arrest where two individuals were found in possession of “Skittles” brand candy packages. 

Closer inspection of the packages revealed them to have been opened, tampered with and resealed with tape. The original contents had been partially removed and replaced with purple capsules.

Police released photos of the packages and contents Tuesday.

A field test indicated the capsules to have contained narcotics, police said. They have since ben sent to the state police lab for further analysis.

Police did not identify either individual found with the packages in a release and neither have been charged related to the contents. Any charges related to the contents are awaiting the laboratory results, police said.

One of the individuals, however, remains held on a state parole warrant. The second individual was ticketed for vehicle and traffic infractions and released, police said.

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