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Letters to the Editor Thursday, March 18


Support refugees? Take them home

I just saw on TV about all the people coming across the borders from all sides. Over the fence, around and any other way they can manage.

Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left to come over. Then all the other governments can sit back, smile and say good riddance, we have come to a solution. I say we because a lot of people I know feel the same way.

Now for all you good people who want to see all of these refugees come across, and the ones here, legally and otherwise. We have a solution: All of you can march to the border and greet them with open arms. Then take them into your homes. Feed them, clothe them, pay their medical bills, make sure they go to the best schools. All of that and the rest of what it takes to bring up a family.

Now I know there will be a great deal of feedback, but make sure you have three jobs while thinking about it.


Evil in New York is deeper than Cuomo

Life is stranger than fiction.

Setting: New York State

Characters: Inept, politically privileged, corrupt governor and complicit, dysfunctional assembly.

Event sequence: Ventilator shortage known for years. Mass hospital closures. Pandemic. Hasty ordering of ventilators from sex toy company. Widespread societal shutdowns. Release of violent inmates. Surge in crimes against humanity. Reckless fiat. Unquantifiable loss to citizens. Intentional planting of COVID-19 in nursing homes. Forced isolation of elderly and infirm. Mass casualties and cover-up. Deceptive daily press conferences. Penning of masturbatory autobiography on leadership selectively sans sexual harassment and Mafioso leadership style details. Emmy award.

This is a mere vignette of a sick reality. As horrifying as all of the aforementioned are, I beg you to understand that it actually gets worse. I beg you to see that the bail reform and the COVID-19 jailbreak is unleashing unprecedented evil into our communities and supporting every evil that feeds into the dark web of the global sex trafficking industry, the addiction epidemic, the unrelenting cycle of child abuse and neglect, skyrocketing domestic abuse, and all manner of evil that is truly creating the humanitarian crisis that is playing out right in our communities.

Please join the community at and become part of the change needed to bring healing to our state from the despicable leadership of the Cuomo administration and all who are complicit. I assure you, this evil runs far deeper than the Cuomo bloodline.


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Ron Capullo, If your grandfather, as did my father, entered the United States at Ellis island from Italy, perhaps reading the inscription on the Statue of Liberty would be good lesson in compassion toward humanity for you:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Your quote is from an era when we did not have to worry about Covid -19 spreaders. Do remember that in the era of the quote private charity provided the safety net not the federal government. I find it in bad taste to argue that everyone should fund personal charitable inclinations. Your money should be connected with your beliefs.


Here you go again Fred. This is a copy of one of your previous posts:

“Lou contends that I am bigot because I take issue with the mealy mouth rationalization for racial prejudice known as government mandated diversity programs. If my arguments are flawed refute them!”

Here’s the deal Fred; it is a form of compensation for personal, financial and other general humanitarian inequalities and crimes committed against individuals as well as groups of people that have been going on for centuries and to this day are promoted by, yes, bigots like you. – If you’re so concerned with municipalities spending tax payers money perhaps some additional police reform and training, that you obviously are not an advocate for, would have saved Minneapolis twenty-seven million dollars in settlement money going to George Floyd’s family.

Furthermore it not just “government mandated diversity programs” making atonement for past gross injustices:

“One of the Catholic Church’s most well-known religious orders has pledged $100 million for the descendants of hundreds of enslaved people they once profited from — a significant move toward atoning for its slavery as the United States continues to reckon with its past.
Those descendants and the Jesuit order of priests on Monday announced the creation of the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation to fund descendants’ educations and support programs that promote racial reconciliation and justice. The nonprofit group will ultimately seek to raise $1 billion through other private donations.”

“Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black youth who was tortured and lynched in 1955 in Money, Miss., after he was accused of whistling at a White woman. An all-White jury acquitted the alleged

Got any kids Fred? How would you like that happening to one of them and there being no accountable, justice or reconciliation for your child’s death?


Lou this is 2021 not 1955!

You believe in racial responsibility. I believe in individual responsibility.

” Furthermore it not just “government mandated diversity programs” making atonement for past gross injustices:”

So the innocent should pay for the actions of the now dead guilty – you are a fine Democrat

“You believe in racial responsibility. I believe in individual responsibility. ”

Which most rational, compassionate people would read as:
“You believe in social justice, I believe it’s every person for themself”.


“Lou this is 2021 not 1955!”

Exactly Fred, so start acting accordingly and stop living in the past when the heinous behavior of racist and bigots was swept under the rug and were not exposed and addressed as there are today. – Sorry that’s so disappointing you.


I forgot to add that your quote was from an era where immigrants were expected to learn our language now we are expected to adapt to theirs.


The dreadful racially motivated hate crimes against Asian Americans that have drastically risen since the onset of the pandemic are terrible atrocities against a part of humanity.

Six of the eight people killed Tuesday in the Atlanta-area “spa shootings” were of Asian descent. It has not yet been determined if these particular killings were racially motivated, but regardless it fuels the terrorizing of the Asian communities throughout America.

Not only did Trump incite insurrection, he also incited all sorts of crimes. When the POTUS speaks people listen. “Chinese virus, China virus, Wuhan Virus, Kung flu.” Do you think speaking those words in a smirky disparaging manner had, or have an impact in influencing the crimes against Asians?

Trump is most assuredly an accessory to these crimes. Especially so when he was made aware of the obvious negative impact of his words, advised to not use the them and was told on numerous occasions the more appropriate and correct references are COVID-19 or coronavirus. So how does he react? He doubles down, defends and continues speaking his wicked words that encourages racism and violent crime. Absolutely pathetic!


Lou does your problem with racism extend to the government mandating diversity in police department or are you one of those Democrats who believes in good and bad racism?


Hey genius, “government mandating diversity in police” is not racism. Actually it is the exact opposite. It’s about fairness and equality.


Then explain why existing police policies do not result in the best people being hired. The notion of discriminating against white applicants is an application of the term that us are unfamiliar with.


“Then explain why existing police policies do not result in the best people being hired.” Because in all likelihood the existing powers at be still hire people of your mindset.


Your use of fairness requires an agreed definition of what is fair. In general those who think that the living should be held accountable for the actions of the dead could help their case if they wished for reparations from the African countries that exported their undesirables to our country.

As for equality are you infavor of whites receiving reparations for the Social services the Blacks received since the Great Society of the sixties?

“Now I know there will be a great deal of feedback,”

Which pretty much sums up your letter, as a cry for attention and not much else.
So there you go, you were noticed.

I suggest just staying in bed with the shades drawn tight for a couple months and see if we’re all still here and if anything’s different.
Your negative embellishment of the world we New Yorkers live in shows you might consider simplifying your life a bit. Maybe a canoe trip in the Adirondacks?

Lou, our Adirondacks have a long legacy of Black Bears (and Black Flies) and being a place of therapy and renewal. I welcome them, as long as they don’t bring Jetskis and snowmobiles, and guns.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – no one is against “legal” immigration. A country has a name and boundaries for a reason. Every civilized country in the world has a process to enter.

We can’t have undocumented individuals just roaming around – vaccines, paying taxes, contributing is all part of being a US citizen.

The children and families showing up at the southern border aren’t “immigrants”, they’re seeking asylum. We’re the United States, the greatest country in the world. We often refer to ourselves as that “beacon of hope” or the “shining city upon the hill”, showing mercy to those that are suffering religious or political persecution in their home countries, often ravaged by drug lords, autocratic, and unstable governments. The people showing up at the border have suffered unimaginable trauma and risked their lives to escape whatever hell they were experiencing. It is their legal right to request an asylum hearing. Maybe they end up proving their case and being able to stay, maybe they’re turned back to their country of origin. It all depends on their situation. If you think we should turn our back on this suffering and sending them all away, then contact your Senators and Congress people and have them change the laws. But this is the system we have, and this administration is just following the law. I find it so interesting that the Evangelical Christians who are the lifeblood of the GOP, are they ones with the most punitive, draconian and least Christian views on immigration and helping the persecuted.


If you reread Ron’s letter you will see that he did not want to pay for the personal predilections of another with respect to immigration.


Joe, Two things I would like to point out: I know times have changed, but when my father came to America, he was asked what his name was, was he ill and did he have a place to live. – Shortly there after he became a citizen and the rest is history.

Secondly you said “no one is against illegal immigration.” This is a quote from Ron Capullo’s today’s letter;
“Now for all you good people who want to see all of these refugees come across, and the ones here, legally and otherwise. We have a solution: “ See the part that says legally and otherwise?


#correction. Joe said “no one is against “legal” immigration.” I misquoted him saying “illegal”.
Regardless the point was that Ron Capullo indicated he didn’t want refugees here legal and otherwise.

I feel your pain, Martha. They’re like those gag birthday candles that you can’t blow out; they just pop up again with the same flame keeping everyone from cake.
But at least this isn’t one of their echo-chambers and they can’t get away with their half-baked ideas going unchallenged.
(which of course works both ways. And I long for one real “conservative” to make points that don’t just sound like “sux to be you, I got mine”).

William Marincic

And here we have on the Gazette forum the same old tired liberals, Ray, Lou, Matt, Martha, ChuckD, and Diane all pushing the same old tired lies about Trump and patting each other on the back. When you read Chinese or Russian papers the same thing happens, you have no dissenting opinion because the group attacks you to stomp out your voice. The problem is that people like me were once like you and you will never get me to live that lie again.

You’re very welcome to post some of those “lies” anytime and we can go over them.
But so far you’ve only accused others of what you can readily be proved guilty of yourself.
We’re waiting…


Fred states that he’s for personal responsibility, but he has yet to answer my recent question on this thread: are you registered for the vaccine or have you received said shot(s)? Also, do you wear a mask in public? That’s personal responsibility and respect for your fellow citizens. What say you?

Joseph Vendetti


My grandparents, aunts, uncles etc also came through ellis island from Italy. 100 years ago they were able to do limited medical exams, quarantine for things like small pox, and then they got a social security #, and went to work on the rail road or GE.

In the early 1900’s the US was in “expansion” mode. Millions were needed to build bridges, roads, man the rail. The population of the US was a mere 76 million, by 1950 it was double. At that point, the US government decided to start limiting yearly numbers of “asylum seekers” or “legal immigrants” or whatever name you feel more comfortable with. It didn’t have anything to do with drug runners, terrorism, or plagues at that time. It had to do with capacity. More people in means more roads, more schools, more hospitals, more garbage in landfills, etc. The system can only handle a certain amount of sewage capacity, water run off, timber excavation, natural food source. We only have a certain amount of land mass in the US. Think there is any correlation to why co-morbidities are so high in inner cities? Because hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed with shear numbers. NYC infrastructure was built to handle 5 million at best, not its current 9.8 million.

So when 28,000 children between 8-14 show up to seek asylum what schools would they attend? Our public school ratio is already 25-1 or higher, we force them into one system? Ten systems? What hospitals do they go to when they are ill?

There are already between 11-15 million unknown “asylum seekers” in the US. Those (or their children) individuals with no SS cards, no vaccination records, no real identity- are utilizing a system – schools, hospitals, roads without paying for it.

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