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Letters to the Editor Friday, March 19


In two months, Dems sent country to hell

Almost two months into the Democratic takeover of America, what changes are we seeing?
Well here we see gas going from $1.78 a gallon to $2.59. We have thousands of people crossing the southern border illegally and getting free aid funded by hard working American citizens.
They say there is a crisis at the border. No kidding, and how can we solve this? We can pitch tents on the White House lawns, let them camp out on the lawns of the politicians who think there is no problem with them, like all those snakes in the grass like Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, et al. They haven’t any worries. They have protection.
Now America is in a position where there is no checks and balances in government. The Democrats can do all the damage they want to.
You will see more police being crucified for doing their job, you will see it being more difficult for law-abiding citizens to have the right to protect themselves.
For many years I have heard the expression “America is going to hell in a handbasket.“ Guess what? It’s gone!
Joe Statile
Rotterdam and Conway, S.C.

Grateful to ‘KF’ for return of document

At the Rivers Casino vaccination site on March 7 I foolishly took my Social Security tax form as proof of address, but lost it before I even got to the check in.
I’d like to thank the kind soul who found it and returned it to me in the mail, But the individual only left initials “KF” in their note and no other way to contact them for me to express my gratitude.
I will sleep better thanks to their thoughtfulness. Nice to know there are people who will still go the extra mile.
Donna Burton

Fearing truth, Trump backers cling to lies

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” — Adolf Hitler.
According to the Washington Post fact checker, Donald Trump “made 30,573 false or misleading claims as president. Nearly half came in his final year.”
But it wasn’t until the bitter end of his regime that he busted out the granddaddy of all tall tales with the claim that he actually won the 2020 election, but it was stolen from him because of voter fraud, despite the fact that there isn’t a shred of objective evidence to support his claim.
The truth is Trump’s claims of election fraud were rejected by the courts because his legal team never alleged fraud. Lawyers have a professional ethics obligation “not to abuse legal procedure” by filing “frivolous” claims. Violating this requirement could expose the lawyer to sanctions from the state bar, which could range from a reprimand to a fine to a license suspension.
Hence, Trump’s legal team didn’t allege fraud because they knew there wasn’t any evidence to substantiate his claim. They knew he was lying, and so do the Republican Party officials who are repeating his claim ad nauseam. Nevertheless, Trump’s supporters refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth because they won’t allow themselves to be confused by the facts.
That’s his story and they’re sticking with it.
Walter Wouk

Time to take problem gambling seriously

Is it possible to be addicted to something that isn’t a substance, something that cannot be ingested?
In modern times, technology has connected us to each other from the furthest corners of the Earth.
It has helped us to launch new virtual workplaces and to keep schools open during the global pandemic. However, it has also contributed to making addictive activities and substances more accessible.
We must ask ourselves if we are taking advantage of ease of access to pick up seriously unhealthy habits such as problem gambling.
Cell phones have made placing an online bet easier than ever. We are constantly connected to our fantasy sports teams, poker apps, card games, and more.
According to the National Council on Problem Gambling “two million U.S. adults (1%) are estimated to meet criteria for severe gambling problems in a given year, [and] another 4-6 million (2-3%) would be considered to have mild or moderate gambling problems.”
Online gambling makes it easier for youth to gain access to illegal gambling through applications on their devices, and “research shows that a vast majority of kids have gambled before their 18th birthday, and that children may be more likely to develop issues related to gambling than adults.”
March is Problem Gambling awareness month. If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available.
At New Choices Recovery Center, we take problem gambling very seriously, and we will take your treatment and recovery very seriously as well.
Visit for more information.
Dakota T. Torales Maxwell
The writer is a prevention coordinator at the New Choices Recovery Center.

Count our blessings for new leadership

Mitch McConnell is certainly an enigma, refusing to schedule the impeachment trial prior to the inauguration and then voting to acquit because Trump was no longer in office.
Although, he said the election was legal and that Trump was guilty as charged. Duh? Shortly thereafter, he said he would support him in 2024.
McConnell, in my opinion, is not a very likable guy.
I do not remember ever seeing him smile, but I do remember him saying on Obama’s first day as president that the first thing on the GOP’s agenda was to ensure he would be a one-term president.
Of course he did not succeed, but wasn’t that a lofty goal?
Barack Obama accomplished several things.
Exactly, what did Trump achieve in four years?
For a short period of time, I thought Mike Pence had become his own person. But alas, he remains a wimp and a derriere kisser.
President Biden and Vice President Harris have accomplished a great deal already.
Let us all be thankful and count our blessings. Now, it is WE instead of ME.
Jane Reisenger


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Joseph Vendetti


I’ll focus on the last few sentences of your letter. Trump while spoiled, crass, egotistical, verbally limited, immature, lacking empathy did do a few things that benefited the American People.

1.) his tax cuts grew the economy at a faster rate over a shorter period of time then the last 4 presidents (Republican or Democrat), 2.) he had the lowest unemployment (and highest) of any president since FDR, & 3.) his administration creation of operation “warp speed” allowed for vaccines to be created at least 30 months faster by cutting out red tape and pit falls for drug makers.

To me, it seems scary that at the same time the Trump Administration was trying to put China into tariff headlocks that a virus that originated in their country destroyed our economy & led to the deaths of millions world wide. Some questions that I still ask – why were the people of Wuhan allowed to travel Internationally but not Domestically starting as far back as 11/19? Why have so few people in China been impacted by Covid-19 relative to the UK, Europe, the US, Brazil? Why did it take WHO so long to declare a pandemic? Why didn’t our intelligence agencies realize that China had cornered the PPE & ventilator market?

China owns 30-40% of all US debt. China owns over 5% of the world debt. When you are that large of a “loan shark” you control many types of businesses. You would be surprised what nations, organizations, or businesses would do to become debt free.

I am happy that we have a President that isn’t tweeting and is more distinguished- but that may not be what is best for America. Only time will tell.

I’m happy to have a President who doesn’t owe or fear Vlad Putin.
Nothing else the former President did makes a damn bit of difference as long as he acted as an agent of Russia.
Which he did, as did members of his personal swamp. There is no question about that.

William Marincic

Let’s talk about Joe Biden‘s first two months, better yet let’s talk about Joe Biden‘s last two weeks. His secretary Blinken threatened the North Koreans that we are ready to fight tonight. Joe Biden called President Putin a killer, Putin responded with he is ready to publicly debate Biden today. With Putin statement he showed the world that Biden is weak and because of that America is weak, we all know that Biden isn’t cognitively sound enough to debate anyone, my eight-year-old grandson could out debate Biden. At least on four occasions Biden has called Kamala Harris the president, who is running this country? I can’t wait to see the press conference that Biden does next week, I would be willing to bet that most of the questions will be softball questions by his friends in the media.
What is sad is that under President Trump we had four years of peace and no new wars, we were actually bringing our military home from those danger zones. I’m going to have to unfortunately say that we will probably be in a new war within six months, and I pray to God it’s on foreign soil.

Mark Mahoney

Just FYI, It was Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, not Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said the U.S. is ready to fight tonight. It was in response to North Korean criticism of the U.S. resuming military exercises with South Korea.

Cool story Bill. Donald Trump made fun of Kim Jong-un on Twitter, then said he would ‘totally destroy’ the country with ‘fire and fury’, then set a nice little date with him at the North Korean border where he heaped praise on the murderous despot and later exchanged ‘beautiful’ letters with the leader. Donald Trump refused to ever condemn Putin for anything, and sided with him over our own intelligence in front of the entire world in Helsinki. Does Joe Biden mispeak and say embarrassing things from time to time? Absolutely. But at least he isn’t telling people to inject bleach and to take unproven drugs and to act like this…

No thanks. No interest in beating up on a senior citizen. Biden wasn’t my choice but he is a wise, lucid man. He doesn’t waste his time on social media making enemies and insulting people and there’s a far less chance we’ll be cleaning up the legal and ethical mess the former President caused.
You know as well as anyone else that you think you can get Biden up on a stage and abuse his age and past stuttering issues. That’s an utterly disgusting thought but certainly not out of the realm of possibility for you and your type. A US President does not have to be a performing seal on the debate stage. He needs to be a serious, rational leader.
If you’re a truly a patriot and not a right-wing stooge, tell us what you know about future domestic conflict, or at least go to law enforcement. “I pray to God it’s on foreign soil” drops all kinds of hints that you can’t wait to make up for the disaster of a coup attempt of January 6th.

Hey Joe, I’m having a hard time finding the letter your wrote to the Gazette back in 2018 when gas was even higher, in which you blamed Trump and the Republicans for sending our country to hell in a handbasket. Please repost in the comments so we can all marvel at your intellectual consistency.


You want him work on problem that you are interested in. If your not willing to put forth the effort for a matter that you are concerned about why should he? Since the back issues of the paper are readily available by the same use of your computer that you use to post your comments you appear to be playing with the truth.


🙂 Fred’s got to be the laziest blogger. He must have been a needy child, adolescent, adult, and whatever he is now.

William Aiken

I’ve taken a hiatus from commenting. Joe Statile’s letter on the border crisis prompted my return. The Biden administration has downplayed this crisis, labeling it a challenge.

Here’s a timeline that’s lead up to “The “Challenge” at the border:

January 22th: Biden puts a moratorium on deportations.

January 22th : Biden signs an executive order that grants migrants deported under Trump are now free to return to the US.

January 28th: Biden rescinded Trump’s Stay in Mexico order, which prevented migrants from staying in the US while their cases are being adjudicated.

March 14th: Pelosi states that Biden inherited a broken system when it’s been the dismantling of Trump’s policies that have broken our border security.

March 17th: Biden administration restricts media access to border detention facilities. During the caravan border crisis in 2019, Trump allowed the media access to BDFs.

March 18th: Biden’s messaging of lax border enforcement has incentivizes ten of thousands of migrants to rush the border in record numbers, overwhelming our resources and our ability to humanely process them.

Okay! So ready Ray…Matt…Chuck…. Louis, etc? Put on your Biden filter to explain to us deplorables how Biden’s decisions I’ve outlined and created this “Challenge” at the border are all somehow the fault of President Trump. You just can’t let go of him.

Joseph Vendetti


If its one thing I am it’s consistent. I will call out good, bad, both. Sure I’m a registered Democrat but I’m not blindly led. I’ve voted Republican, Conservative, Independent and other.

In the above – I slammed Trump and gave him credit. Why is that so offensive to you?

William Marincic

Joe, it’s because you don’t blindly follow the party line. I was a liberal democrat most of my life until I saw the light. Whatever comes out of the left-wing mouthpieces is parroted right here, verbatim.

I have no issue with your comment Joseph, my comment was in regard to Joe Statile’s letter and the intellectual dishonesty (or blatant ignorance) of some people who change their positions based upon what party holds power.


Fred, you apparently missed the article on page A3 of this morning’s paper in which the people at the Pentagon insist there is no equivalence between the insurrection on 1/6 and BLM protests where there was looting and mayhem by some individuals. As I posited before, has it never occurred to you that groups like Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other white supremacists see peaceful protests and take advantage to sow damage and disruption? Read the article for some enlightenment. Oh, wait! You don’t wish to be informed! Oops…..


Cynthia, Three times I have put up the same post explaining to Mr. Racist and his sidekick that there is no parallel between the insurrection of the Capital and BLM protests. May as well be talking to a road kill chicken or Beavis and Butthead.

My intention is to no longer respond with logic or reason to their ignorance of fact and inflexible stance regarding their acceptance and promotion of racism and bigotry .

My alternative option will be to respond to their repetitive blather with sarcasm. I Wouldn’t feel comfortable not responding to some posts, as it may somehow be interpreted as acceptance of their insanity.


Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has long estimated that about 2,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every year.

Biden’s solution make them all legal!


USA! USA! USA! – They keep shouting it out at their rallies. USA! USA! They shouted it on January 6th during the violent uprising against our government and the democracy it stands for. USA! USA! While beating police with American flags, looking to kill Pelosi and Pence as others are getting killed.

The irony being that what the people of the mindset of Joe Statile (today’s editorial), Fred Barney and William Marincic are saying, believing, and fighting for Is what can eventually take American down.

Just keep listening to on line conspiracy theory wackos, propaganda filled news outlets and alt-right leaders that fight science, truth, justice, equality, reason, compassion, reality, honesty, transparency, fact and, yes most assuredly, democracy.

Not much more to be said that hasn’t been expressed tens of thousands of times to these deaf eared, closed minded people.

Marincic posted belatedly to yesterday’s “Letters” (as he’s wont to do) lamenting all the lies the libruls post here. “Lies” that are readily provable, but as coming from the right. Such an odd tactic. “No I’m not, you are!”

I’ve invited him to present those unspecified lies so we can address them. Maybe it’s some new revelation about back-dated votes in WI (now recanted by the “whistle-blower”), or the Bidens’ nefarious dealings in the Ukraine (with no, ZERO, evidence presented), or maybe it’s the profound meddling by the Chinese in our elections, supported by the former Attorney General, Barr, and now proven to be a deliberate lie.

Go ahead Bill, what lies?

William Marincic

I’ve stated those lies more than once but let me do it again. The lies that Biden has anything to do with this Covid is a lie. According to the government and the vaccine manufacturers websites, it takes anywhere from 60 to 100 days to make and distribute a vaccine, so even today every shot that goes in someone’s arm is because of President Trump. The other lie is that gas prices are not going up because of Biden. The other lie is that the crisis we have today on the southern border is due to President Trump, that’s an absolute lie President Trump had things under control at the southern border and then here comes Biden.

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