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Letters to the Editor Monday, March 22


Socialism not what many believe it is

Over the course of the past year or so, I have repeatedly heard and read about how the “radical” Democrats and their “socialist” agenda will ruin our country.
I am not an enrolled Democrat, but I don’t think the Democratic Party has a socialist agenda to pursue. If it does, I’d like to have someone identify for me which of the Democrats’ initiatives are “socialist” because I suspect that many Americans have little or no idea what socialism entails, and tend to assume it is evil, and equivalent to communism and “godlessness.”
Many area residents may not realize this, but slightly over 100 years ago, Schenectady had a socialist mayor. His name was George R. Lunn.
Mr. Lunn was duly elected to the office of mayor on the Socialist Party ticket in 1911 and voters liked his ideas and accomplishments enough to return him to office for a second term in 1915.
He later served in Congress and following that became Al Smith’s Lieutenant Governor.
Mr. Lunn was an ordained Protestant clergyman and described himself as a “Christian Socialist.” So much for godlessness.
And during his tenure, the city did not fall apart. Imagine that. To the contrary, Mayor Lunn enacted several reforms and significant improvements to public health, trash collection, public schools, and was instrumental in creating Central Park.
Think about that the next time you hear about the evils inherent in socialism or the so-called socialist agenda of a candidate or political party.
Paul Deierlein

Women deserve to have claims believed

Believe women. We are your daughters, your mothers, your sisters, your wives.
We are your cherished family and your friends.
We deserve to be believed about sexual harassment and sexual assault without having to tell our stories over and over again.
We don’t want to. It’s tiring.
We just want the men in power to be viewed for who they really are. The entire world should not have to know our life’s story to actually understand that these men are doing wrong.
They harm us through their actions, then again, each day when we see their claims that they “didn’t do anything,” that the accusations are “unfounded,” that they were “coerced” to leave their posts.
They are lying. They did it. Women deserve to be believed without having to “come forward” and be in the public eye.
Why would we make up the worst experiences of our lives?
Where were our institutions when this was happening to us? We were left to deal with it alone and we still are on our own.
Maybe we are the people with the lawsuits now. Time’s up.
Molly Schaefer


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Border Crossing: In my opinion, you will not be able to fix what is going on with immigration across our southern border with fixing what wrong in the country’s that the immigrants are coming from. The United States should invest in making these countries better so that people want to stay in their own countries instead of fleeing to America.


I suggest all that is needed is bring back Trump. Seriously, if people can live better on our social services than working in their own country they have a considerable incentive to migrate. To lessen this incentive they could be forced to seek asylum while in their own country.

You mean the crook. I’m a Vietnam vet and a 38 yr Federal worker and I can tell that broke every rule that applies to all Federal employees. I was a Republican for 50 yrs and I can tell you that the Republican Party that Trump represents is not the Republican Party of old.

Excellent letter Paul. Republicans have weaponized the word Socialism to scare their voters into voting against their interests. 69% of voters support Medicare for All when you ask voters about the principles behind M4 like: do you believe healthcare is a right and not a privilege? Do you believe people should have to go broke and declare bankruptcy due to medical bills? The majority of them, including Republicans, agree with M4A. But I’ve seen interviews with Republican voters that say Obamacare is socialized medicine, yet they have coverage through the Affordable Care Act. They don’t realize they’re benefitting by the very legislation they are demonizing as being “socialist”. That’s the power of messaging from the GOP, but is also the reason Trump was unable to dismantle the ACA, because many of his voters realized that he was trying to take their healthcare away and had no plan on how to replace it. Like many Republican ideas, they have powerful messaging, with little policy substance. Voters are finally catching on to their nonsense.


As we know, republicans are easily fooled by slogans like socialism and radical Democrats. Lately it’s cancel culture which they use freely to explain things they don’t agree with and try to tie it to Democrats. The GOP must have a think tank (I know, that’s an oxymoron) that comes up with terms that the right wing can use as marketing weapons and fund raising. Trump was very good at this with terms like hoax and fake news.


Try making your point without being insulting. While insults are a better way to release hostility than violence they do nothing to deal with the base causes of your hostility.


To say health care is a right without acknowledging the obligation to minimize your drain on societies resources by living a healthy life style is to proclaim yourself as an exploiter of your fellows


And you still haven’t answered my question, Fred: do you wear a mask and practice social distancing? That’s a healthy life style at present.


We all should care about mask wearing and social distancing. The reason I asked is because of your earlier comment about ‘bringing back Trump,’ who is the main reason his worshippers refuse to wear masks, etc. His history of sneering at mask-wearing displays his ignorance and refusal to accept scientific evidence that it is effective.

Martha Bencic

Amen, Molly. The goal is ZERO tolerance. And kudos to the Daily Gazette for your series of articles with local women yesterday. I’m grateful to them for sharing their painful stories. Cuomo needs to GO. Refusing to impeach is dereliction of duty by Carl Heastie.

William Marincic

Paul Deierlein according to Wiki, Socialism is an economic and political system. It is an economic theory of social organization. It states that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. This means the money made belongs to the workers who make the products, instead of groups of private owners. If you own it the democrats want to tax it and regulate it, if they don’t like it they want it banned. Democrats are about power and control, IE; Big government, regulations, laws. and taxes. Republicans are for smaller government little regulation, lower taxes, and more control for the people. In other words, we are adults that can make our own decisions concerning ourselves and our families. We can choose what to eat and how much, we don’t need the government to control our lives.

William Marincic

I forgot to add, look how the Peoples Republic of China and The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are working out……

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