EDITORIAL: Cuomo should quickly sign bill to expand nursing home visitations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wednesday
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wednesday

A woman wrote to The Gazette recently saying her 103-year-old grandmother, a resident of a local nursing home, had not been able to visit in person with her daughter in more than 130 days.

State covid restrictions, even the expanded version that Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced earlier this month, still make it almost impossible for large long-term care facilities to allow visitors if they experience even one new covid case.

The result is that elderly patients and their families are still locked out in a large number of instances, depriving both of the contact they’ve lacked for so long.

A bill (A1052/S614B) that would allow and personal caregiving visitation for routine care and for compassionate caregiving visitation for short-term emergency care and support at end of life passed the state Senate on Feb. 22 and the Assembly on March 3.

Yet the bill still sits on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk awaiting his signature.

Caregiving family members need to be able to see their aging, ailing loved ones now.

With proper precautions such as full vaccination and testing, there’s no reason they can’t be allowed in.

This bill won’t take effect until 45 days after it becomes law.

Gov. Cuomo shouldn’t wait any longer to sign it.

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