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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, March 24


Professional care welcome after spill

While walking down my driveway the morning of Feb. 18 my left foot hit a small patch of ice and down I went.
Unable to move, a walker was coming down the street. I was able to get her attention and use her phone to call 911. My biggest fear was having to go to the hospital during the current pandemic.
The first to respond were the paramedics from the Scotia Fire Department followed by Mohawk Ambulance who escorted me to Ellis Hospital.
I waited alone in the ER until taken into a room in the department. I couldn’t help but feel very uneasy about being there but the staff in the ER, along with the x-ray department made me feel cared for and at ease. The ankle was broken. I needed immediate surgery and again the staff treated me with great care.
After being whisked to the OR, then to a room, I found out that all COVID-19 cases were in a completely different section of the hospital.
I spent the night and most of the next day in room A301B.
The doctors, nurses, aides, housekeeping and physical therapy team all made my stay relaxing and not all about COVID-19 which is what I feared from the beginning.
Many thanks to all of you for your professionalism and care given to me during these very difficult times.
Pam Hansen

Make time during Lent for God in life

God is in control. Things happen with a reason. “Repent and believe in the Gospel” during this Lenten season.
Please go to church. When was the last time you were there? Make a special place in your home. A place for God in your prayer.
Jonathan North

State must crack down on poaching

Now that the 2020 hunting season is mercifully over, I would like to say how disappointed I am in DEC Region 4 in Schoharie County. We have had a years-long problem with deer poaching.
I have been in contact with the DEC and another state agency. However nothing is done. The slaughter continues year after year.
All I ask is to set up some cameras and give tickets to the unlicensed ATVs, which roar throughout the night. “No” is what they say, “there’s a poacher in every town.”
What they are doing this year is setting up as many trail cameras as possible, and when the camera spots a deer, it sends an alert to the poacher who then pursues it on his ATV, running it to exhaustion, then shooting it. Day or night!
I have been awoken many a night by the roar of the ATVs.
All I can say is I wish I had the officer’s job and hope next hunting season will be less stressful.
Michael Gruner


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All well and good Jonathan North, but what about the large percentage of people that say they are atheist, have no religious faith, or are agnostic?

Is my contention we all be good people regardless of what we do or don’t spiritually believe it, church shouldn’t matter.


Michael Gruner – If you haven’t done so already, post it on Facebook and ask people to contact DEC, State Police and local authorities to get support for fixing the problem. Once a few get arrested, the others should stop. Good luck.

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