Niskayuna postpones police reform vote


The Niskayuna Town Board is pushing a vote on its police reform plan until next week so its members have another day to work on the plan, putting adoption of the plan close to the April 1 deadline.

“I believe the plan needs more discussion,” said board member Denise Murphy McGraw via email before the meeting.

She said she wants to discuss the whole plan since it has not been discussed among all of the board members yet.

The board plans to meet early Friday to workshop the document.

“We will be allowing for additional examination for the plan,” said Supervisor Yasmine Syed during the meeting Tuesday evening. “Once that workshop is held we can then schedule a town board special meeting to pass the plan.”

She said the town has every intention of getting the plan to the state before the deadline.

The Niskayuna Town Board established a Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative to produce a police reform plan for the town. Syed said members of the collaborative will be invited to the workshop and it will be open to the public.

Some of the recommendations in the report include:

  • Banning chokeholds, which were banned by the state in summer 2020
  • Require body cameras for officers
  • Publish an annual use of force report.
  • Independent civilian review board to look at use of force incidents
  • The task force would maintain oversight and conduct reviews of actions taken on recommendations in the report and relay the status of the actions to the town board
  • Community dialogue on how to demilitarize the police
  • Development of policies to address people who are disorderly during otherwise peaceful assemblies
  • Ongoing implicit bias training for officers
  • Creation of a Community Affairs Officer who can liaison between the department and community organizations and groups
  • Better access to a translator and basic language classes for officers
  • Annual community forum to address issues in the community and the promotion of monthly town council meetings on policing

Attend the meeting:

When: 8:30 a.m. Friday

(1) click on this link:

(2) If you are already logged into a Google account, select your profile image or initial in the top right.  Click “Use Another Account”

(3) You will then be directed to a Google sign-in page. Enter:

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(5) Click “Next”.  You then will be signed-in.  This will give you access to the meeting livestream.

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