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Letters to the Editor Friday, March 26


Impeaching Cuomo the cheaper option

If your governor resigns, he will receive his full life retirement, health care and security, on our dime. If he is impeached, he will leave the mansion with nothing, except the possible box of paper clips.
Impeachment is an expensive process, but in the long run less cost to the taxpayers.
Robert Grimm

We must address our rampant racism

After 9/11, Americans who wore turbans and/or who were dark skinned were attacked and beaten. Now it is American Chinese who are not safe. And of course, don’t forget that Black people have not been safe for centuries.
For exactly what sane reason are these people being targeted? What are people teaching their children? Is this all a symptom of systematic dumbness?
I am quite old, German and Irish in an Italian family. We have all had our problems with American bullies. I have family members who are Chinese and African. Must they also live in fear of being attacked? Does this make any sense? Will there ever be a time of peaceful co-existence?
I write these things because someone out there needs to hear them. You know in your heart who you are. I write to try to fix some of these things before I go and leave this place in less of a mess. The mess is our collective doing, and we can collectively repair it.
Marilyn B. Guidarelli

Stefanik voted against constituents

This letter is addressed to all Republican voters in the New York 21st Congressional District.
Your congressperson voted against the following:
1. $1,400 for most of you and your children. For a family of four this would be $5,600.
2. Voted against $1.62 million for Gloversville.
3. Voted against $.9 million for Johnstown.
4. Voted against $10.35 million for Fulton County.
5. Voted against many more millions for the towns and cities in the north country.
6. Voted against help for small businesses.
7. Voted against helping children get out of poverty.
8. Voted against extending unemployment benefits.
9. Voted against money for the state government to keep our taxes from going up and saving jobs.
But you do not have to worry, because you and your family will get these benefits despite your congress person’s vote. You will get them because the Democrats voted for them. But it still would have been nice if your representative voted for them, but she voted against helping you.
John H. Quinn

Scoreboard should honor Buck Ewing

I was very pleased to see Peter Barber’s picture of the new A-Diamond scoreboard (“Getting ready to play ball”) being installed on the front page of the March 19 Daily Gazette. I am sure that the other promised amenities to the field will soon follow.
I especially took notice of the “A-Diamond” designation at the bottom of the scoreboard and am wondering why it also did not include the official name of that diamond as “Buck Ewing Field?”
The name change occurred in 1983, blessed by the city, four years after the passing of Mr. Ewing, whose exploits as a member of the Mohawk Giants and  Homestead Grays of the Negro Leagues are legendary.
He was instrumental, as arguably the best player on the Giants, in bringing overflow crowds to Central Park during the darkest days of the Depression.
I also believe there is a very nice plaque that was donated by the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association which was displayed at the field in the past. Hopefully the city has that in storage and it will once again be displayed in a prominent spot for all to see.
But I also hope that Buck Ewing’s name can be added to the bottom of the new scoreboard in respect to his local accomplishments on that diamond.
History should not be pushed aside, and honors given posthumously should never be forgotten.
Vince Riggi


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Joseph Vendetti

Mr Grimm:

How I wish that were true. At his current salary, benefits using the actuarial table his life expectancy is another 19 years. With administration burden his retirement package is worth $200,000 per year x 19 years – $3.8 million with inflation – lets round that to $4 million.

The investigation(s) – there is one by the AG & one by the Assembly using outside counsel – on average ($1,500 per hr – thats two attorney team, aide, assistant, investigation team) x 2 investigation. So $3,000 per hr. AG & Assembly have said they are targeting end of June end date. That is 15 weeks away- that is 600 hrs for just one 40 hr worker. We have at least 8 individuals on the clock. The “Buffalo Billions” investigation cost $4.7 million.

Spitballing I say we are looking at 2,000 hrs per investigation x 2 concurrent investigations x $1,500 per hr. $6 million in cost vs $4 million in resignation. I guess the Governor could live to 100 and then the investigation would be worthwhile- but them still have to have the Assembly agree that there were “impeachable” offenses after they read investigation and the NYS Senate would have to convict.

At the end of the day all that Assembly and Senate time isn’t free. – so I think you see my point.

Thanks Joe.
Mr. Grimm’s letter has the scent of another Facebook gem that’s been poorly thought out yet spread far and wide.

As far as I know a NYS impeachment is roughly the same as a Federal one; impeachment be itself does not remove the subject, it’s only an indictment. And after hearing the NYS GOP leader on the radio the other day, it doesn’t sound like there’s even a clear definition as to how it should work.


Marilyn Guidarelli, thank you for your letter. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Endemic racism in this country is rampant and we as a nation should do everything possible to eradicate it.

Echoing Lou, thanks also from me for your clarity, Ms. Guidarelli. “American bullies” is an apt distillation of the problem, going back to the original White doormats, Native Americans. I grew up during the turbulent 1960’s and remember well the struggle then, and I have to say I’m stunned to see so many now openly flaunting their self-imposed entitlement. Progress is slow.


Does your concern about racism extend to holding Black Lives Matter rioters accountable to the full extend of their crimes as provided by Law?

I assume as a antiracist you are against the racism that goes by the name of government mandated diversity programs. Am I correct?


Fred Barney, hello world! – Your response exemplifies and reinforces the need as to why the problem of systemic racism should be addressed in this nation.


The two points that I have raised are examples of systematic racism that the Democrats have refused to address!

A third point: Failure to seek reparations from African countries that exported their undesirables to the new world


I’ve solidly refuted your inaccurate redundant claims of government mandated program being racists at least three different times. – Additionally, numerous posts regarding the delusion of what you believe BLM protesting to be about has been address numerous times.

Fred, You’re short on ears and long on mouth.- Pay attention and look at previous posts.


” Stefanik voted against constituents”

It should be noted that she voted against printing money. It should be noted recent history provides considerable number of examples governments failed because of their choice to print in place of tax!

We anxiously await your solutions. Obviously the first thing you would support is the rescinding of the tax breaks awarded to the wealthiest during the former President’s tenure. Correct?
“For the wealthy, banks, and other corporations, the tax reform package was considered a lopsided victory given its significant and permanent tax cuts to corporate profits, investment income, estate tax, and more. Financial services companies stood to see huge gains based on the new, lower corporate rate (21%), as well as the more preferable tax treatment of pass-through companies. Some banks said their effective tax rate would drop under 21%. ”

Obviously you would be in favor of equitable taxation.
But with millions living at the poverty line and lower *right now*, how would you quickly get all these recovered funds to them?
Again, we anxiously await your thoughts.


“Biden Claims Nothing Men Can Do That Women Can’t Do Better…”

Thus it appropriate to abolish the sexual distinctions in athletic contests. This change would end the problems associated with the ability to pick your own gender in athletic contests.

Joseph Vendetti


While I disagree with all the riots, looting damage that was caused by the summer events you can’t compare that to the oppression that has happened in our county to women, African Americans, native Americans, for the past 6 centuries.

Affirmative action, government set asides, etc are a way to level a playing field that has allowed us as white men to advance further and faster then our female counterparts, African American counterparts, etc – so don’t see it as reverse racism. Racism against white people does occur but it is far less prevalent. Not a huge believer in “systemic” racism – which was evident when African Americans, etc were denied loans, homes, etc based on skin color or there were a large group (a system) trying to eradicate them.

Our country has made great strides – we have had an African American President and Vide President, there are hundreds of African American CEOs, Generals, Admirals, Astronauts, College Presidents, US Congress People & US Senators but there are still racist people in the US.


It is not a question of comparing but one of law treating everyone the same.

Their is only one reason why people are denied a loan the projected inability to pay it back.

You ignored my comment about the Democrats not seeking reparations from countries that exported their undesirables to the New World. WHY? Is that an example of the Deomcrats systematic racism?

Joseph Vendetti


You think in the 1600’s thru 1800 – tribal kings in Africa were shipping undesirables to the US, UK and Europe?

If they weren’t “royals” or in the tribe in charge they got captured and shipped.


Former President Trump downplayed the Capitol riot, falsely claimed it posed “zero threat,” and defended his loyalists who stormed the building on January 6 during an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday night.

Trump claimed that some of the rioters had “great relationships” with the Capitol police, although one officer died and more than 100 were injured after being attacked by violent rioters. Trump suggested some of the rioters didn’t commit any offense by invading the US Capitol building as Congress met to certify the results of the 2020 election.

“It was zero threat, right from the start, it was zero threat,” Trump said. “They went in, they shouldn’t have done it. Some of them went in and they’re hugging and kissing the police and the guards, they had great relationships. A lot of the people were waved in, and then they walked in and they walked out.”

Of course, Ingraham didn’t challenge Trump on his lies, as usual. What is really unfortunate and damaging is that millions of viewers actually believe what he said because they are never “fed” the truth from Fox, their primary source of information.

Say it louder for the people in the back: “ELISE STEFANIK DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HER CONSTITUENTS!!” She cares about her corporate donors, and advancing her political career. Full stop. She had no problem voting for a tax bill that grew the deficit and gave most of the benefits to corporations to buy back stocks, increase their wealth, and led to no hiring or wage increases. She had no problem voting to repeal the ACA and allowing many of her constituents lose their affordable healthcare. She had no problem defending a president that said “If you’re from Upstate New York, you don’t have any future.” When there was an opportunity to help poor and working class people (in a district with an almost 16% poverty rate), and supporting our towns and cities that have been financially crippled by the pandemic, she couldn’t be bothered to cast a vote in support.

Joseph Vendetti

I wish the group could talk about relevant topics.

To America is Trump relevant? We might as well be talking about Herbert Hoover, Taft, or Gerald Ford. One and done guys!

Trump is a spoiled sociopath and I truly believe the more we rehash him or talk about him it is exactly what he wants.

He is kinda relevant, Joe, because he’s now running the GOP.
But I feel the burnout, mostly because of the media fixation on him (ALL the media, MSNBC included) that began long before 2015 that likely got him elected. That’s where my angst is directed.

Meantime we have these zombies here who continue to live out their fantasy which I think needs to be addressed and challenged, especially when it supports insurrection. Clearly they’re locked into a loop that they can’t escape easily, but when the lies are aired in public, maybe someone else observing whose spell is weakening will take notice.

William Marincic

Here all lies the problem in America with liberals like you two. You believe that Biden is a better president than President Trump. Wow. Biden has done absolutely zero to help America and every policy he has enacted has hurt America. President Trump was an America first president and I can never understand why Democrats or anybody would not be for America first, aren’t we all Americans?

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