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Letters to the Editor Saturday, March 27


Cuomo shouldn’t be denied due process

A recent poll shows that 70% of Black voters said that Gov. Cuomo should not resign.
That strong support is based on several issues of great concern.
First, while we hold the position that women should be listened to and believed, we remain haunted by the long history of lynching, imprisoning and executing Black men, based on false accusations of offending a White woman -– the Scottsboro Boys, Emmet Till, the Central Park Five and many others.
A second concern relates to upholding the right of due process, which has been systematically denied Blacks in this country. As a result they have been unjustly criminalized, executed and disproportionately incarcerated.
So, why should Cuomo be denied this essential right?
Also, many support Cuomo’s stance on a number of equity and justice issues, such as his closing of prisons; issuance of Executive Order 203 to re-imagine policing due to the killing of George Floyd; and then his expressed concern and action calling for special attention to the disproportionately negative impact of the COVID-19 virus on Black and Brown people.
While we do not know if the charges lodged against the governor are true, it does not matter. What does matter is that he and all others be accorded the right of due process. To deny it weakens our democracy and mocks our Constitution. Let the very capable Attorney General Letitia James do her job.
Alice P. Green
The writer is executive director for the Center for Law and Justice, Inc.

Send DeJoy packing over election woes

It is beyond absurd that Louis DeJoy is still the U.S. postmaster general. It would make more sense to hire Willie Sutton to be bank manager.
DeJoy’s sole intent in 2020 was to destroy the post office. He dismissed, and did not replace, half a dozen post office executives. He abolished overtime. He removed over 600 sorting machines and ordered them dismantled (all while owning stock in another delivery company).
The motive was clear: to make it difficult for people to vote by mail. DeJoy knew that the mail-in vote would sink Trump’s re-election bid. Only the great perseverance of the voters overcame DeJoy’s plundering of the post office. He belongs in jail.
Matthew Lofchie
Saratoga Springs

Not satisfied with harassment apology

I am writing to thank The Daily Gazette and all the brave women who shared their stories for the Sunday March 21 section (“All Too Familiar”) on workplace sexual harassment.
My mind is especially left hanging with the question that young Elizabeth Canavan asks what was the intent of her ShopRite assistant store manager when he projected intimidating, unhealthy and unsupervisory words and actions toward her both in plain view and in the back of the bakery section.
My husband and I haven’t shopped at ShopRite since reading the assistant store manager’s lame non-apology “apology” and ShopRite’s somewhat less lame but unsatisfying response.
The assistant store manager needed to be asked by his employer, “What was your healthy, legal and appropriately supervisory intent?” Until that happens, supporting such a person and a place feels like ShoppingWrong.
Sarah Howes

St. Clare’s staff will never be forgotten

Please allow me to give thanks to all the nurses and staff at St. Clare’s who cared for me so many years ago. Most names I do not remember, but always they are in my prayers. Your kindness will never be forgotten. You saved my life on several occasions and God will give you His reward for what you do and did for the least of us.
Your fight for just pensions must be resolved by those in power and it seems as if there is money for everything but. Who are you going to call when you need a nurse?
I hope that soon these issues will be resolved, but please know that you are never forgotten.
With deep appreciation to each and every one.
Helena Calvano

Object to company’s depiction in letter

In response to the March 14 Letter to the Editor from Forman Philips (“Think before you vote in Ballston Spa,”) I wish to correct his characterization of my business, Kormos and Company, which does not perform “studies (of) rundown and abandoned business sites under contract with local communities.”
I mostly work with not-for-profit organizations across New York state to assist them in development of new facilities and services for senior citizens. I rarely work for municipalities and would never work for the village of Ballston Spa, since that would be a conflict of interest for a village trustee.
His insinuation that I would do such is insulting and potentially constitutes slander. I volunteer hundreds of hours of my professional capabilities for the benefit of the village.
I wrote three grants that resulted in $125,000 worth of professional services for the village and have recently written an application for a $245,000 grant for the Ballston Spa Fire Department.
Elizabeth Kormos
Ballston Spa

Let Sch’dy’s historic past speak for itself

There’s been a lot in The Gazette about Schenectady’s nickname. Neil Golub has done much for the city and area where Market 32 and Price Chopper has stores. He’s off base, though, with the name “METRO” attached to Schenectady. That sounds like a comic strip city.
Let’s keep the nickname as is. It’s our history. During World War II, I was on a cruiser in the Navy and many of the ship’s control panels had a nameplate: “Made in Schenectady, N.Y. by General Electric.” I took pride in those and that I came from the same place.
Many Hollywood movies and TV shows mention “Schenectady.” Bing Crosby and Bob Hope used it in some of their “road” movies. Marge and Gower Champion (dancers) did a skit about getting married in Schenectady. Gene Kelly did a movie, “It’s Always Fair Weather,” and Schenectady was used many times. Errol Flynn made “Back to Burma” with a character that was a Mont Pleasant schoolteacher and lived on Crane Street. In a “Newhart” TV skit, the star says, “she was going home to Schenectady.” Bradley Cooper was in a movie shot around the area and Sen. Hugh Farley played the mayor.
Leave Schenectady alone and accept what we have: a city that helped start this country with electricity and locomotives that helped give us peace during two World Wars to “Light and Haul the World.”
One black mark is that the Statue of Liberty doesn’t have a decent home to display the greatest symbol of freedom.
James A. Wilson

Contact lawmakers on Medicaid changes

Opioid Use Disorder (F11.20) is currently the number one cause of death in those under the age of 50. About 55 years ago, New York state had a treatment program for this illness and did a follow-up study after one year. It found that 97% had relapsed.
I’ve been treating this illness with buprenorphine for the past 18 years and over 85% of my patients have remained normal, productive citizens. The only death has been someone who was hit by a truck.
A study revealed that 55% of psychiatrists don’t participate with insurance carriers, including me. I’ve had a valid medical license in New York since 1961 that doesn’t expire until 2023. In almost 60 years, my patients have been able to obtain my prescriptions using their insurance. This has been the case with the Schedule 3 medication, buprenorphine, during the past 18 years.
Only about 3% of providers can prescribe this medication because it requires a DEA waiver. It’s very difficult for patients to find someone for their treatment.
An ignorant regulator ruled that effective April 1, state Medicaid won’t cover prescriptions from non-Medicaid participants. This is a threat to the lives of my Medicaid patients because of the difficulty of finding someone who can prescribe buprenorphine.
I’d hope that anyone who’s aware of this new regulation would contact their legislator to ask them to take action to prevent it.
Jack L. Underwood, M.D.

Put Capitol raid in historical context

I saw that members of Congress want ‘40,000’ protesters at the Capitol arrested. At a meeting of the big three during World War II, Stalin said that 50,000 (that is all) Nazis need to be executed ASAP when the war ends.
Churchill was horrified. Roosevelt said, maybe 40,000. Roosevelt and Stalin had a laugh.
Imagine, American politicians on the same wavelength as communists. Who would have thought?
Has anyone read a history book lately?
Edmond Day

Tedisco on a crusade to bring down Cuomo

State Sen. Jim Tedisco hasn’t done anything good since he passed Buster’s Law, which was very good legislation, I will give him that.
Now he makes a full-time job criticizing our governor, which he has done for several years. In his 38 years in politics, he has been a professional critic and has been trying to run the governor off the rails for years. He probably can’t wait to get Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul in the governor’s seat just to wait for her to make a mistake so he can jump down her throat.
Jim is a strap hanger and won’t let go. He has been out to get the governor from day one, like Nancy Pelosi was out to get Trump. And no one heard a peep out of Jim when President Trump was accused of sexual harassment of 26 women.
Granted the governor made a few women feel uncomfortable and needs to answer about the nursing home data. But he also did an excellent job with the coronavirus. He was a voice of reason at the time when people needed a voice.
So let the attorney general complete her investigation before you deem someone guilty before innocent.
Corky Miller

Embargo is harmful to Venezuelan people

Dear President Biden: Please rescind the extreme embargo on the people of the peaceful, democratic country of Venezuela that is killing tens of thousands of innocent citizens. Clearly, they do not represent an “extraordinary threat to U.S. national security” (Executive Order 13692).
Unlike the United States, they have not bombed and invaded any countries.
Any lies that they do are right up there with saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was involved with 9/11 attacks (that was Saudi Arabia), leading to the $6 trillion debacle that you and most of Congress voted for 20 years ago.
I was arrested with some friends for peacefully requesting to explain this to my senators.
While you can’t take that vote back, you can decide to take a few steps towards peace and justice now. Check your Bible and see what Jesus recommended, (Love everyone, not kill them — Matt 5:44).
If you want an embargo, maybe a permanent weapons embargo on Saudi dictatorship.
Peter Looker

Majority rule is key to check and balance

In Joe Statile’s March 19 letter (“In two months, Dems sent country to hell”), he bemoaned the ability of the current Democratic majority to rule with “no checks and balances,” which was actually the preferred approach by the previous president, the one who dismissed our Constitution and insisted appointees swear their personal loyalty to him rather than to our Constitution.
Voters are the first-line defense for checks and balances, and we put the Democrats in charge last November by a strong majority.
President Biden won the 2020 election with 7 million more votes and 74 more electoral votes than Trump. Senate Democrats represent 41.5 million more people than the Senate Republicans do. Their thoughtful policies are attempting to untangle incredible messes left behind – a pandemic that ran out of control, killing over half a million people because our president cared more about his re-election than people dying, an environment that is increasingly toxic and dangerous to more and more people, an immigrant situation he pretended could be fixed by encouraging hatred and build a few hundred feet of an ineffective wall by taking money designated for veterans’ support.
Majority rule is a fundamental underpinning of democracy. If we’re diligent, I hope we’ll keep it that way.
Catherine Winter

Not wise for Biden, Harris to share travel

Is President Pelosi in the future?
While watching news, I saw the presidential plane landing in Atlanta. President Biden stepped down and was followed by Vice President Harris. In the past, the president and the vice president never traveled together for fear if their plane went down, our country could be leaderless. If that were to happen, Nancy Pelosi would become our next president.
Biden addressed the crowd by saying racism is unacceptable. Harris then stepped to the mike and basically reiterated Biden’s words.
When we see Biden on TV, Harris is standing nearby. Apparently, our government doesn’t feel that Biden can effectively speak for America.
Perhaps it would be best if they don’t delay the inevitable and have Biden step down and let Harris take his place.
Pete Pidgeon

Let AG complete Cuomo investigation

What about due process for Gov. Cuomo?
I am getting tired of politicians and others seeking publicity of not letting the independent investigators decide if he is guilty of sexual harassment. I do not know Cuomo.
Most of the Italian men I have met are culturally affectionate, but harmless Cuomo is even being blamed for bad bolts in the Tappan Zee bridge.
And if he has the “My Way or the Highway” mentality, that is a road well taken by those seeking gun controls, a cap on property tax, equal pay and opportunity and same sex marriage. If the investigators do find him guilty, then he will lose support. But then, he might gain support from some of those “grab em” Trumpers.
Don’t get me wrong. The MeToo movement is doing a good job developing respect for women, their rights and abilities.
But, like any organization there are always a few who would misuse the mission. So an investigation has to be made. I wish they had been around 40 or 50 years ago.
Back then, one had to be creative to avoid sexual harassment to keep from being fired. Socially, one sometimes needed the skills of a black belt in karate to prevent it.
I also appreciated the bra burners of the 70s. Their so-called extreme behavior helped us in business negotiate for better pay and opportunity.
Mary Kuykendall
Ballston Lake

Government needs to act reasonably

When is our country going to return to some semblance of normalcy, and when will the new administration focus on the present United States citizens?
We are giving vaccines to Mexico when there has as yet to be a site for Saratoga Springs.
Many people, myself included, have received both shots but must still wear mask. I am protected by the vaccine. So why the mask or as that eminent scientist Fauci said, two masks? Why not just tape our mouths and noses shut for perfect protection. When is our government going to start acting like a reasonable force and do something positive and with common sense.
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

Ask legislators to put end to puppy mills

New Yorkers have a chance this year to help end the abuse of dogs and puppies in so-called “puppy mills.”
These commercial breeding operations prioritize profit over the well-being of dogs. In puppy mills, dogs can spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages or crates without adequate shelter, veterinary care, food or affection.
These poorly regulated commercial dog breeders have but one goal: breed the highest volume of puppies possible at the lowest cost for maximum profit. This is no way to treat man’s best friend.
I call upon New York Sen. Jim Tedisco and Assemblymen Phil Steck and Angelo Santabarbara to vote in support of A4283/S1130.
Voting in support of this legislation would shut down the abusive puppy mill pipeline that moves cruelly bred dogs from puppy mills across the country into New York’s pet stores. As an animal rescue volunteer, and delighted owner of a rescue pup, enough is enough.
Let’s end this abuse in our state once and for all.
Mary Zawacki


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Joseph Vendetti

Mr Looker:

U.S. sanctions are designed to ensure that Maduro and his cronies don’t profit from illegal gold mining, state-operated oil operations, or other business transactions that would enable the regime’s criminal activity and human rights abuses.

The impoverishment in Venezuela started well before our 2017 sanctions. The US between 2017-2019 supplied Venezuela with $656 million in Foreign Aid to improve roads, food distribution, etc but that still hasn’t stopped Maduro from providing an abundance of food and water to “his” voters and leaving his non-supporters to wait in bread lines & ration food, water, gasoline.

Please look into the ills of an abusive “Socialist” society. Its pretty easy to understand why so many Venezuelans are trying to legally immigrate into the US where they can live in a capitalist society and have free will.


Geraldine Krawitz – I see you finally emerged from under the rock again. Cannot say I miss you on the blog spreading your … First off, are you implying that Trump provided normalcy? Second, Biden is singly focused on helping citizens combat the pandemic and restarting the economy, major topics that Trump ignored which led to his landslide loss. We are offering Mexico the AstraZeneca vaccine which is above and beyond the supply we need. We need to help other countries get vaccinated too otherwise the new variant viruses could make its way into the U.S. Who better to start with than Mexico, our close neighbor? You can be vaccinated and still help spread the disease. Too bad Fox doesn’t provide that information. Saratoga County has several vaccination locations, starting with CVS, unless you are barred from there too.


Not having seen posts from her for a while, I was thinking that perhaps a house from the land of Oz may have landed on you, but obviously that didn’t happen because she’s back true to form. Ugh!


Louis, Ray and Chuck: speaking of people whose posts have been missing (truth be told it’s been a wonderful respite from Ms. Krawitz!), just wonder if anyone knows what happened to Robert Jewell. He was a regular contributor, and hope he’s all right.


Cynthia, I miss Mr. Jewell’s daily contributions on this blog.

He was articulate and, in my opinion, spot on when expressing his views on hypocrisy, racism, bigotry as well as his assessment of alt-right Republicans. Additionally, he backed up his words with fact.

This was posted on January 18.

Robert F. Jewell
January 18th, 2021
Hey Ray🖐Locked out for awhile
Mark Mahoney
January 18th, 2021
By technical issues.
Robert F. Jewell
January 18th, 2021
January 18th, 2021
You’ll be back!


Thanks, Louis. I remember the posts; perhaps his computer crashed. I, too, miss his articulate discourse.

William Aiken

Louis & Ray resort to mocking Geraldine when she makes a perfectly valid point: Dr Fauci has undermined the vaccine rollout by insisting double masking is needed after taking the vaccine. For those who are reluctant to get the vaccine for whatever reason, Fauci’s approach is authoritarian and counterproductive.

The Gazette needs voices like Gerald to balance the leftist echo chamber that has taken over the comment section. The distain expressed for Gerald’s POV is evidence that lefties don’t believe in free speech since they can’t argue the merits.

Welp, for call the bluster and indignation, you’re still wrong, like geri. M’kay?
It’s not a question of opinion, it’s not subjective. You, like her, are factually wrong.
Maybe all you half-baked heros think you can second-guess most of the world’s medical authorities, but you haven’t provided a trace of authority or medical evidence that you’re qualified to. And further your reckless attitude continues to endanger others.
Sorry about your feelings.

William Aiken

Perhaps you missed the Senate hearings on Covid where Dr Rand Paul embarrassed Dr Fauci for his mask theatre. Paul asked Fauci time and again for the studies that show people who have vaccine get infected by Covid. Fauci couldn’t as he had met his match.

You like the media that fawns over Fauci are easily led like sheep on the word of “experts”.

If the government wants to take away your freedoms it’s a big deal. They need to show proof that backs up their Covid restrictions. Fauci never did. He just kept moving the goalposts” while the media never questioned him. I thank Sen. Paul for exposing Fauci as a fraud.

William Marincic

Forget it Bill, people like Chuck D will never admit they are wrong. I watched the Senate hearings where Senator Paul asked Dr. Fauci multiple times just show him data that says you can catch Covid after having a vaccine, Dr. Fauci‘s response was it’s possible that there is a variant out there that the vaccine won’t protect against. Senator Paul said show him the proof of that. I will say this if there’s variance of Covid that the vaccine won’t protect you against why are we getting the vaccine again? Either the vaccine is going to protect you and we should get it or it may not protect you and there’s no sense in getting it make up your mind Dr. Falsy


In regards to Pete Pidgeon’s letter indicating that “In the past, the president and vice president never traveled together for fear if their plane went down, our country could be leaderless.” is incorrect.

A Trump colonoscopy would have revealed that vice President pence always traveled with him.


Additionally in regards not wearing a mask; Regarding not wearing masks:
Many believe it to be their inalienable right to not wear a mask when in a close proximity of others even though virus infested respiratory droplets are possibly being spread. – We the people also have inalienable rights to release pungent intestinal gas in a crowded elevator but won’t do so out of respect for others. – Wear your mask out of respect for others. COVID-19 can kill you, flatulence can’t.

Joseph Vendetti


You do realize that Dr Green was 1st appointed in 1985 by Mario Cuomo? So while Dr Green is a very articulate & esteemed voice, her letter oozes with inherent bias.

The Governor would only need due process if he denied allegations. He has admitted everything besides the kiss & breast grope. Just him discussing any type of sexual act, language etc that makes the victim feel uncomfortable & that victim is a subordinate- it meets the criteria for sexual harassment. Just because he didn’t mean to harass isn’t a valid defense.

It would be if I drove drunk, admitted driving drunk because I do it all the time, ran over someones front yard and said I never intended that outcome.

William Marincic

Alice Greene who is our local Al Sharpton, always looking for racism where there is none. America has changed in the last 10, 20 30,,50 and hundred years. You people and by you people I mean the people that continue to push this phony racist theory that America is a racist country. Whites overwhelmingly elected Barack Obama president, if not for the White vote he would not have won. Mixed race families in America I would bet outnumber all White families as most families now have nieces, nephews or grandchildren that are of mixed race. I don’t now nor have I ever looked at a persons color but how they treated me and I them. Systemic racism is the new liberal cry to divide America because united we stand divided we fall and the Democrats know that and use it against us. When it comes to Democrats they are all about power and control of you and your life. Democrats don’t believe that you are smart enough or capable enough to take care of yourself, they believe that they need to tell you what you can do, eat and believe. Alice wants to give Cuomo the benefit of the doubt but if I remember right she didn’t say the same thing about justice Cavanaugh. Democrats are the epitome of hypocrisy.

That’s right, Maroncic. The White people will decide when they racism’s over, won’t they?
The wise White people.

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