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Letters to the Editor Sunday, March 28


We must respect the opinions of others

There seems to be a lot of tension in the United States these days.
As a citizen you are labeled either right or left. As I see the problem it is with those who have low self-respect for themselves and others.
There is no such thing as right or left. It is a label put on the other to let them feel superior.
Where would we be if we all thought the same? We would still be in caveman days. We must learn to respect the opinions of others.
We do not have to agree, but we do have to respect.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake

No need for offensive language on signs

Driving along Route 29 near Kimball Corners in Galway, I saw a very offensive flag in a field.
It said “ F*** Biden.” In smaller letters underneath it said, “and f*** you for voting for him!” Really?
This is pathetic and hateful, and not what I would want our children to see.
Personally, any political signs that I have ever put out have been placed proudly in front of my own home. And I always thought Americans tolerated political differences.
Katie Finnegan
Middle Grove

Want same benefits that refugees receive

I’m 83 years old. I worked and paid taxes for 67 years and now pay $5,000 a year for my health insurance.
So I’m going to go to Mexico and then sneak into America. All you have to say is “asylum” so you don’t get caught. Then I’ll get my health insurance, a room in a hotel with meals – all free and guess what? I don’t have to cook, wash dishes or wash my bed sheets as it is all paid for by American taxpayers.
I think you should get a TV and phone in your room. I’m not sure, but I will check it out before my caravan leaves.
Beverly Borgeest
Clifton Park

Ellis should strive to retain GPR program

In response to William Faubion’s March 13 letter (“Hometown prepared for Ellis dental shift”), he fails to address the catastrophic void that will be left by the elimination of the General Practice Residency (GPR), which has been in existence since 1975.
This dental residency is a hospital-based teaching program subject to the vigorous standards and mandates of the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).
Hometown Health cannot legally meet the mandated requirements necessary to become a hospital-based residency program.
As such, this will result in the loss of many critical services for the underserved in our community, including operating room dental treatment for the developmentally disabled and providing dental clearances for the various medical specialties to allow those doctors to safely perform their surgeries.
In addition, the 24/7 hospital coverage provided by Ellis’ GPR residents will no longer be available, adding additional strain to the already overburdened emergency room doctors and staff.
Also noteworthy is that since 1975, 82 Ellis GPR residents have remained in the Capital Region to practice dentistry upon completion of their residency.
In conclusion, as the discussion of the merger with St. Peter’s Health Partners continues, it is critical that Ellis Medicine do everything possible to maintain a hospital-based GPR program in Schenectady County.
To do less would not be in keeping with Ellis’ mission statement: “To meet the health and wellness needs of our community with excellence.”
Robert DeLuke DDS, FAGD


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“So I’m going to go to Mexico and then sneak into America. All you have to say is “asylum” so you don’t get caught. Then I’ll get my health insurance, a room in a hotel with meals – all free and guess what? I don’t have to cook, wash dishes or wash my bed sheets as it is all paid for by American taxpayers.”

So, Beverly Borgeest, if that’s your belief, why don’t you strip yourself of any means of identification and do exactly what you proposed, so as to live the free life of luxury. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

From one old tax paying person to another, my advice to you would be; stop watching Fox the alt-right, actually all-wrong, opinion show.

Joseph Vendetti

All of you would be better off to heed the letter of Joe Gibson today. Respect everyone’s position regardless of your own beliefs. You don’t have to get vulgar or belittle others opinions.


Joe, please don’t interpret this as being disrespectful to anyone, just bringing something to an extreme to prove a point:
If someone was of the “opinion” that all Democrats were foolish, moronic, ignorant, stupid idiots, or if someone else was of the “opinion that only white males in America should have the right to vote, would you respect their beliefs and opinions?

Joseph Vendetti


Respect the “position” to defer – not telling you to respect the specifics of his/her beliefs.

Of course I would never tell you or promote that you should respect the KKK, racist beliefs, etc – but one of the things that makes our country the greatest country on earth is our freedoms to believe whatever we want.


Ok Joe, but the catch 22 is when you’re outspoken about “our freedoms to believe whatever we want” and we end up with a situation like January 6th.

Additionally, it is my opinion, belief, right, to disagree with your feeling that the colonoscopy, five toes comments were vulgar.
Understand they imply that although someone is not literally with you, metaphorically speaking, they are with you in mind and thought, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. As Ray said it’s refers to sucking up to someone.

You can have the last word if you so desire. I’m going to watch some of the NCAA tournament. – Have a good evening Joe.

I have to echo Lou.
We’re not talking about our opinion on a movie, or a book, or music. We’re not even talking about interpretation of law. We’re talking about what’s reality. and we talking about a large, self-destructive, cult-like phenomenon that’s swept our country.
This is hugely frustrating because there are life and death implications, and there are implications for the future of our Democracy. So I guess we’re down to derision (for good or bad) to make the point that we stand ready to confront and challenge this nonsense on the strongest terms.
I for one wish it didn’t have to be so, I’ve never considered myself a fighter.


Chuck, If you’re not engaging to fight for racial equality or any form of social justice you’re part of the problem. Thank you for doing your part.

Joseph Vendetti

I agree with both of you when it comes to fighting for racial equality- but when I watched the 1/6 event unfolding on TV – I saw folks wearing t-shirts “blacks for Trump”, “Latinos for Trump” – so while I think the event was 85-90% Caucasian , I do think there were other races at the event. I still see Herschel Walker, Jason Whitlock and Denzil Washington have positive things to say About Trump and Negative things to say about Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

What do you think about folks like Tim Scott from SC or Vernon Jones for GA? Who in the 1960’s would be moderate Democrats.

And you are not a constitutional scholar, although you try to play one on the internet.
We are a republic run under democratic principles.

Joseph Vendetti


JFK would be considered a conservative Democrat- probably very similar stances to subjects like the Democratic Senator from WV.


I saw the signs in Galway. I know the owner. I am really disappointed in his behavior too. Its one thing to post a political sign supporting your party or candidate, or disapproval of another, which is absolutely your right to do so, but this is basically disorderly conduct and completely unnecessary. Imagine if this sign was directly across the street from your house where your family and neighbors could see it each day, or having a young child uttering those words of hate as you drive by? What does that say about consideration for his neighbors? Even if you agree with those political beliefs this is not the way to express them in public and I think is shameful, anti-social, and boorish behavior. Even if nothing can legally be done to take the signage down, his neighbors ought to get on his case and tell him to knock it off.

After all the carpet-chewing that occurred after the wood sculpture of …well… male you-know-whats appeared in Wilton last year, you’d think this would garner at least the same angst. Interesting where Saratoga County’s priorities seem to be…

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