They said it: Top sports quotes from March 2021

The best sports quotes of the month. 

The best sports quotes of the month. 

From each month this year, The Daily Gazette sports department is compiling the 10 quotes from our interview subjects that stuck out the most for us, based on how they either made us think or laugh — or some combination of both.

Selected quotes come both from reporting for stories that appeared in The Daily Gazette and interviews associated with episodes of “The Parting Schotts Podcast.” Not all quotes used were previously published.

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“It was shocking. He won five championships there. He’s done a lot for the school and the program. UAlbany basketball isn’t UAlbany basketball without Will Brown.”

— Former UAlbany men’s basketball player Ahmad Clark on March 1, on the dismissal of Will Brown as the Great Danes’ coach after two decades leading the program.

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“The waterworks immediately started. I wasn’t expecting to cry that soon, that fast.”

— Union women’s basketball’s Corina Lindsay on March 2, on her reaction during the senior-day ceremony she shared with classmate IreLee Ferguson. Union didn’t play any games during the 2020-21 season, but used its final practice to honor its seniors.

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“Well, it’s definitely colder.”

— UAlbany football head coach Greg Gattuso on March 3, describing the difference of preparing to start a season in March as opposed to September.

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“He was just an amazing, quality individual. I was texting with Dan Cantwell earlier today, and we said he handled it probably better than anybody, the cards he was given. It could’ve been anybody. Unfortunately, he was the guy who had it the worst that day when the car hit us.”

— Tom Dalton on March 7, upon the death of Bill Robinson of Cohoes, who was a national-caliber masters runner when he was hit by a car during a training run in 1990 and paralyzed from the chest down.

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“Oh, yeah, that’s in his scrapbook. My wife, she keeps everything. He was crying for Mom in the picture.”

 — Former NFL fullback Sam Gash on March 8, about a photo of himself holding his then-1-year-old son Elijah, a junior on this year’s UAlbany men’s lacrosse team, after Sam Gash and the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XXV.

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“It’s almost like she needs permission to do so.”

— Siena women’s lacrosse head coach Abby Rehfus on March 17, regarding the reluctance of her team’s leading goal-scorer Mary Soures to look for her own offense.

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“Obviously I was ecstatic because I was one of the handful that have always kept the torch burning. I think I was carrying the torch with the biggest swing, if you ask me, because whenever I have an opportunity to mention the NHL or hockey in anything that I was doing, whether it was hosting ‘SportsCenter’ or even before we had ‘In the Crease’ on ESPN+, I made sure that people realized some of us cared about the NHL.”

— ESPN’s Linda Cohn on her reaction to the NHL returning to ESPN next season in an interview on the March 18 edition of “The Parting Schotts Podcast.”

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“I’d love to. My immediate instinct is that people in the Capital Region want that game.”

— New UAlbany men’s basketball head coach Dwayne Killings on March 22, on if he’d like to restart the Albany Cup and play Siena. The schools have not played in men’s basketball since 2017.

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“He’s going to take his lumps. That’s for sure.”

— Former NFL offensive lineman and Stillwater assistant football coach Joe Cocozzo on March 23, discussing the lack of preferential treatment he’ll give his son, Anthony, who is starting at center for Stillwater as a freshman.

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“There’s a lot of schools that didn’t have athletics this last year. So every time we step on the court, it’s a we-get-to thing.”

— UAlbany women’s volleyball’s Kamara Kelly on March 24, on her team’s attitude regarding this season played amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Days later, the team’s weekend matches were canceled because of issues related to COVID-19.

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