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Letters to the Editor Thursday, April 1


Hoping for someone better than Cuomo

OK, it has been obvious to me but maybe not to some of your other readers.
Your leader, Mr. Cuomo, has the Teflon thing going; everything slides right off him.
He cannot be held responsible for ANYTHING.
If any other person in a position of authority behaved as he has, he would be so gone, if not imprisoned.
He says he will not step down and I am not the least bit surprised at that. Who on earth votes for him? Can’t we do better? He is personally responsible for so many of New York’s ills that I am surprised that anyone is willing to remain in this state.
I am still here because this is my home and where my family is.
I only can hope for change in leadership and the sooner the better.
Guy Hildreth


Republican Party is changed for worse

When did the Republican Party stop being the Republican Party?
For 36 years, I was a Republican until the 2004 election between Bush and Kerry. Karl Rove was Bush’s election strategist.
Kerry had been a Navy swift boat captain, saw battle, and received three Purple Hearts and Bronze and Silver Stars. Bush joined the National Guard and never saw battle. By some accounts, Rove avoided the military.
Rove went after Kerry’s military record. A rumor was circulated that one of his Purple Hearts was from a paper stapler.
Another veteran, Max Cleland, campaigned with Kerry. Given the sacrifice Capt. Cleland made for his country, Rove was more vicious with him. Max had lost both legs above the knee and his right forearm in Vietnam.
To a veteran like me, Rove’s attacks on those two veterans went beyond disgust and revulsion. Some 58,220 soldiers died in Vietnam – ostensibly to protect our democracy. Rove and the Party defamed those that served with honor just to win an election. They didn’t use bold ideas to win. They didn’t use forward looking policy to win. They used lies, fear and defamation.
How could the Party of Lincoln go to that place?
No party is perfect, but what happened to the things they used to stand for? The leaders of the party betrayed themselves and everyone that called themselves a Republican.
Honor, country, duty doesn’t belong in the same sentence with what happened then and is happening now.
Bill Goergen


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William Marincic

Bill Goergen, Carl Rove is not the Republican party, and for your information I never like the guy myself nor do I like him now. As far as John Kerry I like him even less than I like Carl Rove and only he knows what his service was like. John Kerry today as far as I’m concern is a dirt bag, he’s the guy that threw his metals over the White House fence. He is a hack for the democrats who uses his service to get away with the lies he tells today. He’s a climate czar yet he flies around in his jet airplanes halfway around the world to pick up an award for environmental work. He’s a hypocrite at best.


Bill, do you have any facts to back up your dislike of Kerry? BTW – Karl Rove, like Newt Gingrich, were very influential when the GOP existed. They don’t even recognize what the party has become.

Yes, no one can touch the bravery and honor our previous President (the one who still can’t accept he lost and is a loser) brought to our country when he served proudly overseas.

Oh, right. He faked an injury to get out of serving.
Oops. Still a loser.

Thank you for your service Bill. You raise some great points about the Republican Party and its performative “support” of the military and veterans, while attacking individual servicemembers they perceive as political enemies. Look no further than 45’s denigration of Gold Star families, calling military hero John McCain a loser, the downplaying of TBI’s as “headaches”, referring to the war dead as suckers, and saying that PTSD is a sign of weakness.


Hey Bill, did you notice that the Fortune 500 companies in Georgia are sounding off on Georgia’s voter suppression law that you vigorously support? Mr. Bastian, Delta CEO, said yesterday that the new law was based on false pretenses.

“The entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie (from Trump): that there was widespread voter fraud in Georgia in the 2020 elections,” he said. “This is simply not true. Unfortunately, that excuse is being used in states across the nation that are attempting to pass similar legislation to restrict voting rights.”

Coca Cola and other major companies in Georgia are likely to campaign against the law and hold back political support to GOP members who voted for it, especially Gov. Kemp.


It’s disappointing that these companies didn’t voice an opinion on the voter suppression changes when they were being questioned on them prior to becoming law. It wasn’t until they were facing boycott calls before speaking out. Money, money, money. Oh well certainly better late than never.

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