Glenville, Scotia moving forward with school sidewalk project

Broad Street, shown here on Thursday, will be getting a sidewalk on the left hand side of the street near Sacandaga Elementary School.

Broad Street, shown here on Thursday, will be getting a sidewalk on the left hand side of the street near Sacandaga Elementary School.

When Glenn Warnock walks his second grader to Sacandaga Elementary School, the two have to bob and weave through cars on the street, scrambling to make it across the road without being hit.

Warnock, who is also co-president of the Sacandaga Elementary School Parent Teacher Association, was elated to hear a project to construct sidewalks on Broad Street in front of the school was moving forward this month. 

“It’s bad enough when there’s good weather because at least then we can go up on lawns to go around but when there’s snow there’s big banks up on the side of the road, so you can’t get up on anybody’s lawn, so you’re actually squeezing in,” he said. 

He said he has a few pictures of a school bus just squeezing between two parked cars on Broad Street. 

“You don’t see any space where a kid or a parent could walk through.

Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle announced to residents via his Facebook page the town would be voting on bids for construction of the Broad Street sidewalks at the town’s April 7 meeting. 

“We’ll be in the ground within 30 to 45 days there,” Koetzle said.

The project involves working with both the school district and the village of Scotia since Broad Street is shared between the two municipalities.

“We are excited for the project,” said principal Tonya Federico. The sidewalks, she said, will help ensure the safety of students and parents.

But this isn’t the only street near a school getting sidewalks. Koetzle said there are plans to put sidewalks at O’Rourke Middle School and Glencliff Elementary School. He said bids are expected to be opened soon for O’Rourke Middle School. Schenectady County Attorney Chris Gardner said the county is working on designs for Alplaus Avenue near Glencliff Elementary School. 

“We’re trying to get an agreement on what side of the street to put the sidewalk,” Gardner said. 

He said the county is working with Saratoga County and will also need around a dozen land easements to gain access to people’s property to place the sidewalks. Gardner said the design process will take anywhere from two to three months. Once the design is done the county can bid out the project.

The entire project is a collaboration between two counties and three towns. It will cost a total of $868,000. Half of it is covered by a state grant under the Safe Routes to School program, with the rest of the money coming from matching funds from each municipality in the school district. 

“It’s really moving now,” Koetzle said.

Gretchen Zebrowski, who has two daughters at Sacandaga Elementary School, said the addition of sidewalks will be wonderful. 

“I feel that is definitely going to help avoid any future problems,” she said.

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