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Letters to the Editor Friday, April 2


GOP puts winning above people’s rights

When a friend of mine in Canada asked me to explain the attitude of the GOP, I answered “indifference.”
Indifferent towards the working class, poor and people of color to not provide lifesaving financial assistance.
“The relief bill is too large,” they said before its passage. Of course they didn’t say that for Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax giveaway to the rich and corporations claiming it will trickle down to everyone else (supply side economics) and pay for itself (which it didn’t).
The GOP is indifferent towards ending the pandemic before the job is done.
They cannot wait to lift the mask mandate in red states and resume social gathering, if they even imposed one in the first place despite the health warnings.
They become accustomed to COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. It’s similar to their indifference towards gun deaths that the GOP ignores and resists the Democrat’s efforts to establish sensible gun controls.
More recently, the GOP’s indifference is manifested in attacking voters’ rights by passing state laws which make it more difficult to vote.
This is voter suppression, since these laws target and discourage the working poor and people of color. Despite no documented problems in the 2020 elections (Trump’s “Big Lie”), the GOP realized that less voters of color give them a better chance of winning since they have lost the popular vote seven out of the last eight elections.
Bottom line: The GOP just doesn’t care who they inconvenience and hurt as long as they win.
Raymond Harris

Restore ‘honorable opposition’ in U.S.

Katie Finnegan’s March 28 letter (“No need for offensive language on signs”) hit home, because a homeowner on Clizbe Avenue in Amsterdam proudly flies a large Trump 2020 flag, and beneath it an equally large  F*** Biden flag.
This in a neighborhood with young children.
Language is a reflection on our culture and on our ability to function as a democracy.
A consistent cornerstone needed for a democracy to survive is the acceptance of the “honorable opposition.” Our nation once embraced this approach, but it’s now barely acknowledged.
Does anyone remember Bob Dole and George Mitchell? They were both at alternate times majority leaders of the Senate, and amazingly, good friends. They were “honorable opponents.”
In 1990, Newt Gingrich suggested words for political candidates to use in a GOPAC brochure mailed nationally to all Republican candidates. That brochure suggested demeaning ways to describe an opponent. A major step down a slippery slope that now is increasingly used by both parties began.
When it is constantly claimed “The election was stolen,” despite no evidence of fraud being found, those who don’t accept an “honorable opposition” begin to tolerate offensive language, and our democracy suffers.
Don Cooper

Republicans just want fair elections

Once again, the left-leaning Gazette highlights lies and misdirection.
On the March 29 Opinion page (note: when it’s called “opinion”, it doesn’t need to be factual), a highlighted quote was extracted from a heavily biased opinion column from the New York Daily News (“Improve access to ballots for all Americans.”) “Republicans, having lost the last White House round (along with the House and Senate), are pushing hundreds of bills in nearly every state capital to limit or restrict voting.” This is a lie. The lie is Republicans aren’t attempting to restrict or limit anything except cheating.
Requiring proof of who you are to ensure a legitimate election isn’t “restricting.” People have to have an ID for many reasons and having one that is confirmed when voting isn’t a challenge. You can get a free one if you truly have no other ID.
The lack of controls in the last election was obvious to anyone who cared to watch without bias.
Nobody knows how many votes were cast illegally or counted erroneously. Some were. Fact.
So what we want is a fair, accurate, legitimate voting process.
It’s totally disingenuous to whine about restricting anybody from voting. The left just wants the back door left open.
PS: Republicans gained seats in the House, even though the Democrats still have a (smaller) majority. Watching the demolition of our country under Biden, the 2022 and 2024 elections will be a Republican landslide. We can always hope.
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills


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Appreciate your letter Ray. I’m in total agreement regarding the newly transformed GOP’s indifference to anything not in alignment with their predisposed, hard lined, inflexible, inconsiderate, selfish agendas.

But now I truly believe we are on the cusp of the hour of reckoning for this GOP. I’m becoming more optimistic about America’s future. – The greedy, indifferent racist base of trumpsters are increasingly being outnumbered by the combination of minorities and and the sane rationale white people, who together are striving for equality, fairness and justice for ALL!


I am greedy because I want to spend my money for my purposes on the other hand you consider yourself noble because you want to spend my money for your purposes.

You’ve almost got it, Fredster.
We all want to raise this great country out of a terrible crisis using the wealth we have as the wealthiest country in the world.
And yes, if you protest that then you are greedy.


Exactly! Correct assumption there Freddie.

When my purpose is to fight for fairness, justice and equality and yours is to promote bigotry and racism.


Let see if I understand you: When a white cop defends himself from a Blackman who is resisting arrest he is guilty of the use of excessive force. Your giving the resister a pass on his criminal behavior demonstrates your commitment to antiracist behavior.


First of all, Fred, there were FOUR white cops, not just one, and George Floyd was handcuffed, had NO weapon, and was put down on the ground. He wasn’t a threat to anyone.

Commitment to anti-racist behavior? What the hell does that mean?

Gosh, looks like Major League Baseball wants to distance itself from Republicans now. Aren’t they supposed to be The Great American Pastime? You would think those patriotic Republicans could do no wrong with them, but now they’re like the ballboy in the dugout with digestive issues.

I fully expect the Reps to do the right thing though and file suit claiming injury over this. Certainly no need for them to wonder if it’s themselves that are the problem!

When you continue to perpetuate a delusion past what all the courts of law in the US have confirmed untrue, you’ve stepped off into mental health issues, Mr. Denison. This is not a matter of opinion, or perspective, or one side oppressing the other.
This has been settled and Republicans have nothing left in them but to try for fascism.
And that will fail too, and you will go down in history as laughing stock.
Meanwhile the investigations, indictments, confessions and convictions continue to pile up with the alt-right running up the score.


The last sentence of Bill Denison’s letter was, “We can always hope.”

Yes, we can always hope that the misinformed individuals believing the propagandized information, recklessly being vomited out on news outlets like Fox and on the internet, will eventually become enlightened to the reality of their destructive impact on our country as well as the rest of the world.

We can always hope, and we do hope, that the next generation of “conservatives” will show at least a trace of humility and see the carnage their parents caused and provide a rational counterpoint to our politics.
Democracy needs political tension and then some semblance of consensus. Today’s crop of alt-right has nothing to offer but chaos. Absolutely nothing.


Mr Denison’ I,m confused. In your ps you say Republicans gained seats, which is true. So why do you believe the presidential votes allowing Biden to win were fraudulent?
Yet on the same ballots Republicans won as you correctly stated. Pretty neat trick and no can figure how these clever Democrats did this. I guess it’s only right they are running things now if this is what they pulled off in what six or seven states.


One should note that it is the Democrats find the act of resisting arrest acceptable.

If you look at George Floyd’s family you will find no evidence that his family tried to help him with his drug problem.

If you look at the police you will find no discussion about passing funny money nor any discussion about catch Floyd’s dealer.

A civilized society places requirements on all of us. To the degree we honor these requirements we have a civilization that we can be proud of


Gee Bill I worked as an election inspector in Burnt Hills and no one ever asked for proof to vote unless it was a brand-new voter. You see voting is a right, not a privilege. Once you register your name is forever printed in the voting records; you have effectively claimed your forever right to vote. For those lacking transportation and even access to birth certificates just getting a new proof of identity is a challenge. When your signature closely resembles your last signature you have done all the proving you need to do. THe voter rolls protect people who are registered. If you actually knew the facts you would see that most of the miniscule amount of voter fraud that occurred during the last election was from registered Republicans.

Oh Polly. No one cares. They just know tRump won because they FEEL he won. He was SUPPOSED to win.

Why there’s no question who had the most lawn decorations. And who had the biggest boat parades? And according to one regular here, who got to sleep with a supermodel? Better believe it wasn’t Sleepy Joe!

No, tRump won Polly, “by a landslide”! and you’re in with the Deep State.

(But seriously, thank you for your service)

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