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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, April 6


Traffic signal could avert bridge crashes

In the summer of 1960, I came upon the accident in which a station wagon and a dump truck tried to go through the underpass on Glenridge Road at the same time. The station wagon ended up in the Alplaus Creek.
Because of that accident, they made the underpass one-way with red lights in both directions and Hetcheltown Road became one-way away from Glenridge Road.
For 50 years, cars and trucks passed under those tracks with few, if any, incidents of trucks hitting the bridge.
Why? First, the narrow opening gave every driver pause. Second, truck drivers would likely have to stop at the red light and wait. The drivers would have had enough time to think about what was right in front of them.
Now, drivers need not slow down. They need hardly pay attention. They might be texting.
How about installing a traffic light in both directions that is always green (or perhaps flashing yellow) until a too tall truck trips a light beam and turns it red?
Horns and strobe lights might help.
Trucks heading east could turn left onto Hetcheltown Road. Trucks heading west would need a turnaround spot before the creek.
This situation is largely solvable. It is just a matter of spending money.
Jim Fogarty

Who are real traitors among Republicans

Regarding James Maxfield’s Feb. 24 letter (“Republicans need to get rid of traitors.”): Hooray for Rep. Pelosi! Hooray for Sen. Schumer! They are infinitely smarter than you are and worth every cent the taxpayers are paying them, and then some.
YOU are the traitor who must be gotten rid of.
And for the record, every White person in this hemisphere, myself included, is an illegal alien.
Joyce M. Cockerham

State must fund workforce initiative

After proudly serving his country in the U.S. Navy, Jamal Taylor of Albany came home to a stark reality: the only jobs for which he was qualified were entry-level positions that barely supported his family.
With an aptitude for technology and motivation to learn, he enrolled in a web development course at AlbanyCanCode. Today, Jamal is not only employed full-time as a web developer, but he is also one of our instructors, teaching JavaScript to the next generation of coders.
Success stories like Jamal’s are not uncommon at AlbanyCanCode, a nonprofit that is shifting the mindset about who can work in technology. With more than 200 graduates, we are passionate about providing life-changing education and training, made possible by funding we receive from sources such as New York State’s Workforce Development Initiative.
In order to sustain and expand our efforts, it is imperative for the state Legislature to continue to fully fund this $175 million initiative in the upcoming state budget.
WDI is the only state funding stream dedicated to providing skills training to support low-income and marginalized communities. Now, as the state seeks to reverse the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, this funding has never been more critical.
Programs funded through WDI, like AlbanyCanCode, deliver a dual benefit. They give underserved individuals access to the training they need to obtain well-paying jobs, while also expanding the pipeline of skilled professionals available to support our business sector. Both are worthy outcomes that improve lives and lift our communities.
Annmarie Lanesey
East Greenbush
The writer is founder and CEO of AlbanyCanCode.

Thanks for shining spotlight on Proctors

Thank you for the delightful read on March 14 with “Remembering when Proctors was rescued.” Schenectady has such rich history. Proctors is  certainly a jewel we should all treasure.
Sandra VanEtten


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William Marincic

Joyce M. Cockerham, wrong. We didn’t sneak into America we came and then we conquered just as people have done for centuries.


My information was incorrect about the series “Soul of a Nation”. The 5th of 6th episode, not the 1st, aired last Tuesday on ABC. The 6th and last will be on Tonight at 10:00. I’ve been DVR-ing the earlier episodes. Great series that focuses on the black experience in America.


Ray, since you opened that door:
I’m also wondering what happened to Fred’s strong stance on backing cops.

I don’t see him posting words of reinforcement or reiterating the Chauvin trial testimony given by Police Chief Medaria Arradondo or senior officer Police Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, the two top cops in Minneapolis. He’s actually been contradicting them.

Is it perhaps that the only cops that he adamantly defend are are the dirty racist ones like Derek Chauvin who are in alignment with his way of thinking?
Well Fred, yes, what say ye now???

It’s revealing that neither Fred nor Bill, when challenged on the obvious racist conclusions to their otherwise vague points, remain silent. The Republican Party can kind of get away with it because they’ve got their professional spin meisters, both in the media and otherwise, and they know the minions will lap it up if it promotes the White race.
But put the minions on the spot and ask to them to man up and take responsibility for their hints and murmurs, and they’re nowhere to be found.


I find it interesting that so many want to fry Cuomo before the investigations are completed, but have nothing to say about GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida who is likely to be indicted for having sex with a minor and potentially other under aged girls, as well as showing photos of nude women (possibly girls) he had been with to other House members. This absence of courage includes Elise Stefanik, who loves to entertain her right-wing north country fans with criticizing Cuomo, also famous for not calling out Trump during his four plus years of adultry and misogynies. The hypocrisy is so obvious.

William Marincic

Fake news but I see you’re jumping on the Matt Gaetz story and ignoring the Mario Cuomo story that’s to be expected from a lefty


What fake news? I’m surprised you didn’t say cancel culture too or any of the republican buzz terms.

Why Mario Cuomo? If you meant Andrew, I was just pointing out how republicans like Stefanik are quick to jump on Cuomo and won’t say a thing about Gaetz. Never stopped her from taking sides which is my point.

William Marincic

The new liberal buzzword is racism, everything is racist if it’s not in agreement with the liberal thinking. Stacy Abram‘s and Joe Biden lied about the Georgia voting laws and they took major-league baseball out of a city that has 52% African-Americans moved it to a city with 28% minorities.

Only in the racists’ minds is it a buzzword.
Here on Earth in the real world it’s very much a thing and very much alive and well.

Which lies are you referring to? Rather than mutter mindless drivel, make a case for it like a grown-up and cite specific examples.

Democrats took stands on Cuomo, some called for his resignation, others called the allegations serious and to let the investigation play out. Yet Republicans are silent on Matt Gaetz and the Bill Barr-initiated investigated into his serious and despicable actions. Certainly strange how they all stick together considering the fact that no one on either side of the aisle likes this creep.

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