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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, April 7


America is much stronger together

Amidst all the rhetoric of cancel culture, whose lives matter most and toxic politics, it is crucial that this country gets its act together. And we had better do it soon.
Do others having an equal playing field make us insecure (“others,” meaning a different race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.)? Are we that intimidated, threatened or downright selfish that we cannot tolerate others?
Have we experienced what discrimination feels like, in all its blatant and subtle ways? Have we felt what it is like to be Black in America, or Jewish or Native American or Asian?
Have we tried reaching out, understanding or empathizing with the other? At the moment in Georgia, legislators have seriously suppressed the others’ right to vote, thereby making it hugely inconvenient to make their voices heard at the ballot boxes.
The most alarming legislation is lawmakers’ malicious intention to empower themselves to actually overturn local elections when the outcome is not to their liking. These actions are real, outrageous and deeply damaging to our democracy.
We should be celebrating the enormous turnout of the last election, not seeking to diminish greater voter participation.
In striving for continuous improvement, inclusion should be our ultimate goal. Despite each hard-fought positive step, many still insist on taking away that progress.
We must ask ourselves, are we better Americans for turning others away? Are we better people in God’s eyes? That which sets us apart strengthens us. We are so much stronger together. … all of us.
Mary Ann Arcesi

Who is really being disingenuous here?

I was amused to see Mr. Denison use the word “disingenuous” in his April 2 letter (“Republicans just want fair elections”) denouncing the “left” for whining about states passing a law to require voter IDs.
What truly is disingenuous is Mr. Denison seems to think that voter ID is the only new requirement. The state of Georgia wants to close polling places at 5 p.m. I personally don’t even get out of work until 5 p.m.
Georgia wants to make it a crime to offer someone waiting in an hours long line a bottle of water or a candy bar. Georgia wants to restrict early voting days and hours.
I am a Democrat. I have no problem with the idea of showing an ID to vote. What I do have a problem with is the state deciding that certain IDs are not acceptable. If I can go to DMV with a birth certificate and a utility bill and get an enhanced license and then use my new license to vote, why can’t I use my birth certificate and utility bill to prove my identity to the poll worker?
I am also curious about his use of the word “fact” to describe illegal votes and wrong vote counts.
Was he there at every polling place and every recount? His belief that there was illegal voting and erroneous counts would not be acceptable proof in any court in the land.
Debra Kenfield


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Well perhaps, as the saying goes, no news is good news. Regardless, if this doesn’t get lost somewhere in cyberspace, let it be known that I am in complete agreement with today’s two letters written by Deborah Kenfield and Mary Ann Arcesi. I thank them both for fortifying Sanity.

William Marincic

Debra Kenfield That’s a lie perpetuated by Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats, polls close at 7 o’clock there’s actually more opportunity to vote and early vote in Georgia than most other states in the country. The only differences you have to prove who you are to get an absentee ballot, so tell me what’s wrong with that? The problem with Democrats is they don’t want to show ID to prove who they are because then they can’t cheat.

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