Gloversville Planning Board approves car wash project

Hoffman Development Corp. CEO Tom Hoffman holds up the plans for a 6,400 square foot Hoffman Car Wash facility his company plans to build in Gloversville

Hoffman Development Corp. CEO Tom Hoffman holds up the plans for a 6,400 square foot Hoffman Car Wash facility his company plans to build in Gloversville

The city Planning Board voted 4-0 Tuesday night to approve a site plan for a $6 million, 6,400 square foot Hoffman Car Wash to be built on a 2 acre subdivision of 342 S. Kingsboro Ave., near the location of the former Traver’s Diner.

The subdivision of 342 S. Kingsboro Ave. creates one 2.04 acre lot for the car wash and a 1.52 acre lot around the Traver’s Diner building. Both parcels are owned by Hoffman Development Corp. CEO Tom Hoffman Jr.

Hoffman said construction of the new car wash probably won’t begin until the spring of 2022.

“We’ve got so many projects going on right now,” Hoffman said, explaining why the project won’t start until 2022. “We are building [car wash] No. 23 and No. 24 right now, those are under construction in the Utica/Rome market. We just opened up location No. 22 in the Town of Colonie, right next to the airport.”

Hoffman said he’s also got new car wash facilities planned for the city of Cohoes, in Halfmoon, Clifton Park and the company is looking to build one in South Glens Falls.

“We’re really on an expansion tear right now,” Hoffman said. “Interest rates are attractive, and we really love to create opportunities for our staff. Expansion really helps percolate entry level employees into management and then site managers into district managers. We have people moving to Utica/Rome to run the operations in that market.

“And demand is high,” C.T. Male Associates Senior Landscape Architect Frank Palumbo said.

Hoffman and Palumbo presented the site plans and subdivision application to the city Planning Board Tuesday night. The City Planning Board acted as the lead agency for the New York State Environmental Quality Review process.

Hoffman said his decision to build a car wash in Fulton County is partly due to the success of his car wash on Route 30 in Amsterdam. He said he believes the Johnstown-Gloversville market will be strong enough to sustain the business.

One environmental issue identified with the project was the need to extend a new “force main” sanitary sewer connection for the car wash facility.

Palumbo told the Planning Board the subdivision plan includes building a new parking lot with 40 spaces for the 90-seat restaurant building on the Northeast part of the smaller lot. The drawings for the Traver’s Diner part of the subdivision show the potential for a drive-thru layout for the restaurant building.

Hoffman said he recently identified a leak in the Traver’s building’s roof, which he is fixing in case someone wants to move into the building. He said his plan is to either sell or lease the Traver’s building to a restaurant business of some kind.

“We did [get] an inquiry from a restaurant owner recently,” he told the Planning Board.






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