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Letters to the Editor Friday, April 9


Unwilling to bet on Biden’s track record

As a guy that’s visited almost every racetrack known to man, I look at it this way.
If Joe Biden was a racehorse and I studied his present and past performances in the daily racing form, unless they let him start from halfway down the homestretch, I would be very reluctant to place a bet on him.
And I am giving him credit for being able to find the starting gate on his own.
Bob Mangino

For best nutrition, grow food at home

Why are commercially grown carrots (organic/non-organic) tasteless? They, and all other single crop food, are raised in dying soil with no nutrients to give them life and make them healthy.
Both are based on big industrial models, with vast acreage devoted to a single crop year after year.
This practice makes soil less productive over time. No nutrients in the soil; no nutrients in what is grown. While making healthy food choices are you unknowingly reaching for unhealthy produce? No joy in Mudville here.
What to do? Grow your own in window boxes and flowerpots!
Start with greens mixed with herbs. Try lettuce, kale, collards, spinach, basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, arugula. This healthful gardening is available on our own doorsteps. And to get really good greens, play music and sing to them.
Renate Reeves-Ellington

State continues its tax and spend ways

They just can’t help themselves. They never saw a tax they didn’t like. They never met a voting group they didn’t try to buy. New York state. Tax more. Spend more. That’s what New York is doing, even though they got a $12 billion bailout.
New York state just approved a budget —which dramatically raises spending, and of course, raises taxes on the hated rich — now will have the highest taxes in the nation.
Would you believe there is a $2 billion fund in the budget which will make payments to undocumented immigrants.? The state’s GOP chair says some will get checks for $25,000. How is this going to grow the New York economy? It won’t. It may get Democrats elected because they’re buying votes. Meanwhile, the media, heavily concentrated in New York, continues to trash successful Republican states.
Witness the hit job 60 Minutes did on Florida’s governor. They wouldn’t go after Gov. Cuomo and all his scandals. Nothing is going to change. Big Democrat states all got massive federal bailouts. But instead of starting out fresh with a clean slate, they just keep digging themselves deeper into the tax and spend morass. Want a handout? Jealous of the rich? Stay in New York. Want your freedom? Want to climb the ladder to the very top? Leave New York. I am not rich; I work for my money. Where is my $25,000?
Domenico DiCaprio


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Maybe so Bob. But keeping the metaphor going, the Trump racehorse was sired by a winner and he had great expectations, but lost every race he didn’t cheat in. His trainers gave him everything to be successful, but instead of actually training hard and trying to win, he created an illusion that he was a winner while actually failing miserably on the track. Now, only the poor losers are the ones still putting money on him at 200 to 1, thinking THIS is the time he’s going win. Don’t be that sucker Bob.


Trump the horse won his maiden claiming race on a technicality after coming in with the second best time to filly Hillary. Then he did nothing for four years and his handlers (Putin, et al.) decided to run him again in a big race and lost by seven lengths. They haven’t decided what to do with him, being a gelding (no balls) they cannot put him out to stud. So he just hangs out on a resort farm in Florida while his admirers send in money to keep him alive.


It would be in the best interest of all to trailer Trump the big rumped nag horse to the nearest glue factory.


These lost in the past souls have not become aware that ,for better or worse , Trump is history! Now they have to explain how the country receives so much benefit from open borders that we rather than their families should pay for the migrants flights home.

I admit that I do not see the social benefit of the possible importation of Covid-19 carriers.

Notice that Lou has said that we would be better off if someone killed Trump. Is it any wonder that his party is known as the party of the insurrectionists


To Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty and anyone else out there. Don’t put words in my mouth!

As usual Fredo, you’re interpreting things in your usual twisted way.


Lou contends that I misinterpreted is statement about we would be better off if he made the one way trip to the glue factory. When he provides us with another my view stands unchallenged


Fred, I never said “the one way trip to the glue factory.” Again I say stop putting words in my mouth!

If I say, as I believe, you’ve got a thick head that doesn’t mean your skull is 2 inches thick, it means you are obstinate, ignorant of fact, don’t listen, and are unreasonable. Get it?

“When he provides us with another my view stands unchallenged.”

Fred as usual your views, which in my view are twisted interpretations that are “dead” wrong. Pun intended on two counts, one involving George Floyd, the other on the glue factory.

Read the story of Harry & Snowman:
“Harry and Snowman is the story of a dutch immigrant Hairy deLeyer and his friendship with Snowman, an Amish plow horse he rescued off a truck bound for the “glue factory”. Within two years they would win the Triple Crown of show jumping, beating the nations blue bloods and traveling the world as media darlings.” Hence not all horses bound for the glue factory end up being slaughtered.

So what I am metaphorically saying is that people like trump, as well as you, should go away forever. DEATH was never mentioned.
Got it, got it, got it???

Responding to Mr. DiCaprio’s whine about how hurt he is that Democrats are in charge. He seems to try to make two major points:

“Tax and Spend Democrats”
Yes, the Democrats are taxing and they’re spending. That’s part of what government does and for now they’re in charge. Democrats happen to believe in a strong social safety net because they feel most people in need don’t want to be in need, and want to have work and meaning in their lives, and Republicans will call that ‘buying voters’, because they don’t feel so strongly for the less fortunate and that they’re mostly basically lazy.
DiCaprio claims “Big Democrat (sic) states all got massive federal bailouts”. True, and so did small Democratic states and so did Republican states big and small. Massive federal bail-outs for each and every one. If you think there’s some kind of bias, put up your sources.
DiCaprio regurgitates the often disproven theory that higher taxes on the rich will scare them away. It hasn’t in the past to any notable degree, and won’t now, although two dubiously “rich” entities have fled the state; the Previous President and the NRA, but their reasons for leaving may have more to do with …ah… legal issues than high taxation. Good riddance to them.

“60 Minutes and the hit piece”
In the words of Derek Thompson of The Atlantic, “Florida is where national narratives go to die.”
For deeper insight as to what’s happened in Florida, it’s helpful to read the Columbia Journalism Review’s “Ron DeSantis’s narrative whiplash” (4/7/21) which contains the link to the Atlantic piece (3/23/21). Both are neutral analyses first of the veracity of the 60 Minutes piece and also of DeSantis’ and Florida’s response to the pandemic. Suffice to say, multiple Florida news outlets concluded the state services responding to the pandemic clearly showed a bias toward the wealthy and privileged. And that the state was very reticent to report on fatalities, including and especially nursing homes, to avoid pooping on the Governor’s Happy Talk (sound familiar?). The 60 Minutes piece was hardly a “hit piece”. And in fairness, the 60 Minutes segment on Cuomo and NYS is overdue, which might be because there are multiple open investigations yet. I’m not here to defend Cuomo.

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