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Letters to the Editor Sunday, April 11


Politicians offering mixed tax messages

The recent news about taxing the wealthy is a good example of ‘you can’t make this up.’
The federal and state governments want to raise the tax rates on the wealthy.
At the same time, they want to eliminate the current restriction of $10,000 on deducting state and local taxes because it hurts the wealthy.
Andy Beiniks

GOP talking points are preprogrammed

The Fox watching, Trump thumping Republicans of today remind me of Chatty Cathy, the pull string talking doll made by Mattel back in the 60s.
These people when politically speaking, like the doll, are not thinking for themselves. Pull their string and you get a rotation of their Fox/social media, pre-programmed responses:
Hi, my name is Cathy and you’re not messing with my guns.
Hi, my name is Cathy and changing voting laws is not voter suppression. Hi, my name is Cathy, cut taxes and the money will trickle down to the poor.
Hi, my name is Cathy and the racist symbols of the past are just history. Hi, my name is Cathy and someone from heaven told me Christianity is best.
Hi, my name is Cathy and there’s no such thing as white privilege. Hi, my name is Cathy and climate change isn’t real.
Hi, my name is Cathy and homosexuality is bad.
Hi, my name is Cathy and I’m not a racist, I just don’t like #[email protected]%= , oops. Hi, my name is Cathy and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills

Dems bear blame for suffering of refugees

It should be remembered that before Joe Biden selected a running mate, he insisted that he would consider only “a woman of color” for the position.
Amazing: a sexist statement and a racist statement in one sentence.
And no one in his party or the media called him on it.
It is also worth remembering that his pick — Kamala Harris — was the first person seeking the Democrat nomination for president to drop out of the running because (A) voters did not like her, and (B) voters did not like her policies. But she fit Biden’s conditions, so she got the job.
Having noted her and Biden’s absence from the border, where the nightmare involving the tsunami of undocumented migrants — many of them children —is occurring, one can only conclude that in Democrats’ eyes, competence is no longer a requirement for high office.
And given VP Harris’s grotesque outburst of laughter when she was asked if she were going to visit the border and Mr. Biden’s apparent disinterest in remembering where and what the border is, one can only conclude that Democrats do not consider compassion to be a requirement for high office, either.
What is happening to these waves of dislocated people at our southern border is criminal and it should remain a blot on the Democrat Party for decades to come — just like those concentration camps into which Japanese-American citizens were thrown by a Democrat administration during World War II.
Michael Nardacci

Except Tedisco, who fights for St. Clare’s

What happened to the pensions of the workers at St. Clare’s Hospital is a travesty.
Where was Congressman Paul Tonko when he and Nancy Pelosi crafted a $1.9 trillion covid stimulus rescue plan that includes $86 billion for failed pension systems for others but not one cent for the 1,100 St. Clare’s Hospital workers who had the rug pulled out from under them and had their pensions taken away?
What kind of representative cowers and helps all others, but not the very ones he represents?
The only elected official I see caring and fighting tooth and nail for these pensioners the past few years is Sen. Jim Tedisco.
Time after time, I see Sen. Tedisco standing up for us whether it’s to get to the truth about the nursing home deaths and the misdeeds of our governor or fighting for an agenda that keeps residents from leaving New York and creates a better quality of life.
I guess for Tonko and some other elected officials, with the exception of Tedisco, it’s out of sight and out of mind.
Kathleen Young
Clifton Park

Supervisor comments on pot are not a joke

At first, I thought the April 1 front page headline (“Board puts freeze on marijuana sales”) was an April Fool’s prank. Earlier that same day, the brand new state law providing for a marijuana industry had been signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
As a veteran police officer, Amsterdam Town Supervisor Thomas DiMezza obviously felt compelled to look ‘tough’ by insisting on a fast public vote. He reportedly wants no such local businesses licensed.
In reality, though, his anti-cannabis platform now seems rather flimsy.
Considering recent events in more than a dozen other states, New York lawmakers —with their adult-use law — are finally addressing the serious harms done by our state’s 50-year war on cannabis growers, distributors and consumers.
DiMezza is free to try legal marijuana products before further vilifying them. Or he could tour the impressive medical cannabis grow facility a few minutes north in Fulton County; maybe ask a few kind questions.
I applaud town board member Mary Maines, who voted against DiMezza’s moratorium. She also politely chastised the supervisor for his negative portrayals of modern marijuana customers.
At least, DiMezza could accept that hundreds of “those people” already live in his town and enjoy their cannabis freedoms.
Like it or not, he has to serve them, too.
Lawrence Goodwin
Ballston Spa


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Joseph Vendetti


As the two major parties grow farther apart it is all the good people in the middle that suffer. That would be about 96% of us.

Moderate Democrats afraid they will get forced to fight in a primary against younger Progressives that chant “Free College”, “Free Healthcare”, & Moderate Republicans that fear “Trumpism” or “Christian Right Wing”.

Each is blinded by their next election fight – thus the solution- Term Limits!


Well Joe, I Certainly do not believe that, “all the good people in the middle that suffer…would about 96% of us.” Not even close. America is as polarized as it has been since the Civil War.

Additionally I think that there is no acceptable middle ground when it comes to racism, LGTBQ rights, global warming, or the belief that one religion is better than another. Those issues are as plain as black and white.

I do agree with you in term limits.


Joseph, you cannot compare the citizens in this country with the politicians in Washington. So far, Biden’s proposals and ability to govern is around 70% favorable, so that includes almost half the republicans and most Democrats. In Washington, because the GOP doesn’t want Biden to succeed, they are totally against everything he proposes. There are only a handful of moderates left in the GOP and probably one half to two thirds in the Democratic Party. As much as Biden would like bi-partisan support, he won’t get it from the GOP and should plow ahead with helping the majority of Americans get ahead with his Jobs Act, HR1, gun control and other overdue initiatives. Trump’s do-nothing conservative administration widened the wealth gap and lessened our competitiveness in the world with his America first BS. He had no clue how to govern. Biden is showing the GOP that the government is not the problem; inaction, lack of leadership and incompetence is.

William Marincic

What’s really interesting, however, is when you look specifically at CNN, the most polarizing news brand on the list. (Only Trump Hotels scored more polarizing, although I can’t imagine why.) This year, CNN has a net favorability of 55 points among Democrats, while its net favorability among Republicans is minus 25 points. Yes, minus 25! All told, that’s a staggering 80-point spread.

Fox News, meanwhile, has net favorability of 53 points among Republicans and minus 20 points among Democrats, for a point spread of 73. So you can see, not only is the Fox News brand seen as less polarizing than CNN, it’s also viewed somewhat more positively by the opposing side

Which proves what?
The Republicans know where to go for their safe place.

Marincic, do you know what plagiarism is? I would suggest picking up a dictionary and looking it up, but you’d probably scream “fake news!” at that too.

When you rip off another’s posted comments you’re supposed to give credit. Those aren’t your words. You’re just not able to drag yourself out of the swamp, are you?

Mr. Nardacci does his audience (if it’s anyone other than himself) justice in his first lines. Justice because in those first lines we know who he is and what he represents.
He is a white male. Another in a long line of oppressed white males, unable to get fair treatment, losing job opportunities, missing out on promotions, missing out on the good seats on the bus, and Oh the shoddy treatment by law enforcement!

Whatever else you have to say in your letter, Mr. Nardacci, makes no difference and makes little sense when you think white males are the oppressed. I don’t think racism and sexist mean what you want them to mean.


I don’t think any of us really know what has transpired regarding the St. Claire Hospital pension issue. Early on when I first heard about it, I thought it was an issue that the church was mostly responsible for. They have deep pockets and could have put up most if not all the funds. But I agree that the matter should get resolved sooner than later.

But except for shooting off his mouth occasionally, what has Tedisco really done to bring all the parties together? He loves to point fingers, but it demonstrates he has little influence. He is considered a light weight in the Legislature and rarely gets supports from others. He was in the minority when he was in the Assembly for many years, then moved over to the Senate and now is in the minority again. He’s like a bad penny with little or no influence. But stick a camera in his face and he’ll give you a good show!

William Marincic

As usual RAY you’re short on facts. One of the most important things to ever help New Yorkers was accomplished by Jim Tediaco.
As the author of the first property tax cap bill, the Property Taxpayers Protection Act, Tedisco ushered in and helped pass the tax cap to finally put a lid on out of control property tax hikes. To date, the tax cap has saved New Yorkers $15.3 billion and Senate District 49 taxpayers $344.5 billion.

Here’s what Marincic wants you to believe he wrote:
As the author of the first property tax cap bill, the Property Taxpayers Protection Act, Tedisco ushered in and helped pass the tax cap to finally put a lid on out of control property tax hikes. To date, the tax cap has saved New Yorkers $15.3 billion and Senate District 49 taxpayers $344.5 billion.

Here’s what it says on Tedisco’s own “About Jim Tedisco” page:
As the author of the first property tax cap bill, the Property Taxpayers Protection Act, Tedisco ushered in and helped pass the tax cap to finally put a lid on out of control property tax hikes. To date, the tax cap has saved New Yorkers $15.3 billion and Senate District 49 taxpayers $344.5 billion.

Yes, they are identical. Yes, this is plagierism.
Your thoughts, Bill (if you have any of your own)?

William Marincic

I didn’t write that I copied and paste it in response to RAY who says that Tedisci never did anything, so you wanna defend Rays lies with accusing me of plagiarism I never said that was my writing. Typical liberal’s when you get caught you deflect.

Wrong Champ.
Plagiarism is serious because you come off as the writer of someone else’s words and thoughts, in other words taking credit for someone else’s work.
No one knows that you cut and pasted.
Just like above where you lifted text from

And made it look like your words without attribution.
That’s what plagiarism is, and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know that, and weren’t actually trying to take credit.
So, who’s deflecting?

William Marincic

Does the fact that Biden was caught plagiarizing multiple times?

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