Couple sues over Schenectady police raid


The lawyer for a Broadway couple said Schenectady police caused “catastrophic damage” to their home and injured them while officers engaged in unnecessary violent tactics during a raid of their home in January 2020.

Albany lawyer Frederick Altman filed a lawsuit against the city and its Police Department Thursday in Supreme Court of Schenectady County on behalf of Mohammed Rahman and Farhana Poli.

The complaint did not specify how much money they are seeking.

City lawyers did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Altman said the lawsuit spoke for itself.

No one answered the doorbell of the two-family Broadway residence listed on the lawsuit Sunday morning.

The lawsuit alleges the intended target of the raid was not home when police converged on the home on Jan. 15, 2020.

During their “errant attempt” to locate the subject, police stayed for hours and “engaged in negligent, excessive, violent and destructive force and conduct and employed excessive munitions, ordinance and unnecessarily violent tactic,” Altman wrote.

Rahman and Poli were forcibly and violently removed from the home, the lawyer said. Rahman and Poli and their children were forced to spend hours in the cold without any attention to their well-being.

The plaintiff’s property was damaged inside and out, with broken walls, windows and doors, and furnishings, furniture, clothes, and other property were rendered unusable from gas that officers used, the complaint read.

“The plaintiffs have been caused to incur or expend substantial sums for repair, rehabilitation, restoration and replacement of their home and property,” Altman wrote.

Both Rahman and Poli suffered from anxiety, fear, respiratory, breathing and physiological damages, and both suffered “a loss of care, comfort and society of their former happy marriage,” the lawsuit said.

Altman refused to comment when asked if he would argue a history of excessive force by police.

“I know there have been things said and written about different cases,” Altman said. “But those are not cases I was involved in.”

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David Bianchi

I agree it would be nice to hear All the Facts.
Along with whatever the Police were there for.
Still might be regardless as Did the Police do something Wrong to which they should be held accountable and sued for?

David Bianchi

I Ask You?
Did the Police, The Mayor, The City!
Do Something Wrong That They Should Be Held Accountable For?
(Schenectady Gate!)

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