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Letters to the Editor Monday, April 12


Due process for Gov. Cuomo; No legal pot

My dislike for Gov. Andrew Cuomo is well documented, but I believe in due process.
Ruining someone’s private and professional life based on an allegation is wrong. Cuomo deserves due process.
However if any of the allegations are found true, he should resign immediately.
Make no mistake if he were a Republican, the Democrats and their media partners would harass him until he resigned.
It is the double standard that divides us.
In other news New York has gone to pot. As a child of the 80s ,I was taught to “Just Say No.” I believe marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug that is more addictive and mind altering than alcohol.
I’ve seen no science that says otherwise. What’s changed, there’s money to be made, public health and safety be damned.
The irony is Cuomo is putting New York businesses and residents through the wringer under the guise of “public health and safety.”
It’s clear that if there is enough money involved nothing else matters in New York. Don’t be fooled as to how the money will be spent. It will pay for increased demands on law enforcement, addiction services and public assistance.
It will also help pay for the proposed $2.1 billion Excluded Workers Fund. This will pay stimulus to anyone not eligible for federal stimulus up to $16,000 i.e.: undocumented immigrants.
I predict New York will be left with stoners, undocumented immigrants, criminals out on no bail and legislators.
All of us who have values and value our safety will leave New York for good.
Greg McDermott

Unhappy with lack of help in Greenfield

I am writing to share my terrible experience with the town of Greenfield. I hope that after reading this, some light can be shed on the deplorable and unfair manner the town serves its constituents, including my family.
Last year, my wife and I bought a lot in Porter Corners to build a house. Our builder submitted the building permit to the town only to find out we needed a (minor) area variance due to zoning regulations as the house’s setbacks were not met.
The Area Variance application was submitted in early November of 2020. After four frustrating months, it was finally approved on March 2. During these months, we contacted the town’s staff by email, phone and visited them multiple times to make things happen. Mr. Waldron, the building, zoning, and code enforcement officer, rarely replied to any emails. I contacted his supervisor, Mr. Daniel Pemrick, the town’s board supervisor. To this day, Mr. Pemrick has provided no help whatsoever. We are still waiting for our building permit.
I also contacted other elected officials like James Tedisco, Daphne Jordan and Elise Stefanik.
I am not going to stop complaining and sharing my story until something gets done.
I might get my building permit “soon,” but this is not the right way the citizens of this or any town should be treated.
Manuel Farfan
Saratoga Springs


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Last I checked Greg, many New York Democrats have called for Governor Cuomo’s resignation, including 16 members of the Democratic House delegation, Senate President Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and both United States Senators from New York, one of which by the way, is the Senate Majority Leader. The allegations against Cuomo have been covered by all networks, including so-called “liberal” networks MSNBC and CNN, as well as in “liberal” newspapers like the New York Times. Contrast this with the absolute deafening silence by Republican legislators over child sex-trafficking allegations against Congressman Matt Gaetz and Fox News providing airtime for him to futilely try to save himself from prison, and you will witness the ACTUAL double standard that occurs with the right wing. Of course the GOP also supported a child rapist for Senator in Alabama, so it all checks out.


Ever wonder where people get some of their racist and anti-Semitic ideas? Look no further than Fox’s top popular personality Tucker Carlson. For the rest of us who don’t even bother to listen to any Fox “show” (no real news; they’ve ignored the Floyd trial), get a load of tucker’s BS:

On Thursday, Fox “News” host Tucker Carlson caused an uproar by promoting the racist, anti-Semitic, patriarchal and conspiratorial “white replacement theory.” Also known as the “great replacement theory,” it stands on the premise that nonwhite immigrants are being imported (sometimes the Jewish community is accused of orchestrating this) to replace white people and white voters. The theory is also an inherent chastisement of white women for having a lower birthrate than nonwhite women.

As Carlson put it:

“I know that the left and all the gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters, from the third world. But, they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening, actually. Let’s just say it: That’s true.”

Carlson continued, “Every time they import a new voter, I become disenfranchised as a current voter.”

The whole statement is problematic. First, what is the third world? This label originated as a way to categorize countries that didn’t align with Western countries or the former Soviet bloc. It’s now often used to describe poor countries, or developing countries, and by extension, mostly nonwhite majority countries.


Greg McDermott, the views expressed in your letter regarding marijuana seem as though they were written by someone with a predetermined conclusion regardless of fact. AKA a good Republican.

Some of the positive benefits of Marijuana:
Insomnia relief, helps lacking appetite, fights certain types of cancer, MS pain management, arthritis relief, PTSD treatment, chronic pain relief, helps treat depression, reduces seizures, helps with ADHD/ADD, treatment for glaucoma, helps to alleviate anxiety, reduces side effects linked to hepatitis C, treats inflammatory bowel disease, reduces Parkinson’s tremors. I could go on and on.

I also disagree with with the comment “ marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug.” – Milk is more dangerous, because every drug addict or alcoholic I have ever known started off with milk.


Additionally Greg, it’s absolutely absurd that anyone should have to pay $250-$400 for an ounce of weed, that you could grow in your own home for the price of the seeds. And no way in hell is it “more addictive and mind altering than alcohol.”

Mr. McDermott, whose belief that his and his tribe’s values are the only ones that matter is well-documented, cites those heady conservative days of Nancy Reagan and Tipper Gore for his moral foundation. I well remember those days as I turned 20 in 1979. There sure was an effective campaign to get young people to “just say no”, and simultaneously there was a decline in “drug” use (however that’s defined). There was not such a loud voice though to address teen drinking and teen drinking peaked in the 80s. We’re blessed with a Supreme Court Justice who attested publicly to how much fun that was.

Mr. McDermott’s obstinance and adamance that his reality is the only one that matters is well-documented too. But I give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not the total blockhead he portrays in his letters and offer some scientific truth which I give him the benefit if the doubt that he’ll be interested in:

“Alcohol as a gateway drug: a study of US 12th graders”

Results: Results from the Guttman scale indicated that alcohol represented the “gateway” drug, leading to the use of tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit substances. Moreover, students who used alcohol exhibited a significantly greater likelihood of using both licit and illicit drugs.

Conclusion: The findings from this investigation support that alcohol should receive primary attention in school-based substance abuse prevention programming, as the use of other substances could be impacted by delaying or preventing alcohol use. Therefore, it seems prudent for school and public health officials to focus prevention efforts, policies, and monies, on addressing adolescent alcohol use.

Martha Bencic

Please note that Mr. Comply With the Police is noticeably quiet since this story came out:

And again, I ask all of you to cease responding to him when he does choose to comment here. He adds nothing to the discourse and shows no evidence of openness to views that contradict his black and white (pun intended) view of the world. Additionally, indulging him may add to the distress and grief that many in our community are currently experiencing.

Uh yeah. No shortage of hubris in that comment, eh?
I think I’ll probably continue responding the way I always have, with facts, as appropriate.


Martha, there was a time when I also felt it best to completely ignore the the posts from the irrational individual I believe you to be referencing. Actually Ray, Chuck and I did ignore his posts. That only lasted a few days.

Something to consider is that our friend epitomizes some of the most deplorable characteristics of man; racism, bigotry, feelings of superiority, as well as indifference to any less fortunate, regardless of circumstance.

I now believe that letting his comments go unchecked give him and people of his mind set a louder platform. I say stuff a sock of fact and reason in his blow horn.

As you have probably noticed I don’t hold back regarding my political opinions. While keeping silent I was ready to explode. Refuting his irrational, racist blather, for me, is analogous to having a persistently irritating mosquito buzzing around me that finally lands on my arm giving me the opportunity to slap it.

He and people like him should be exposed and pay the consequences for their words and behavior.

My two cents.

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