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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, April 13


Compromise over Amsterdam solar

I recently attended the town of Amsterdam Planning Board meeting, at which the solar moratorium for the town was discussed.
Opinions of some board members and members of the public are to not allow any new solar within the town, which I feel is the wrong move since there are members of the public who feel the opposite about solar.
I believe the town board and planning board must compromise by still allowing solar farms, but with limits.
I’m an environmentalist and climate advocate, so I don’t mind the solar.
But I think the best way for the town to go about solar in the future is to limit farms to a specific zone, cap the size of the farm, for example at 5MW which are fairly small arrays, and require shading in the form of new trees to limit the appearance of the farm.
Solar has many benefits including reducing emissions, providing jobs, providing revenue for landowners, and tax revenue for the town.
On the other hand, I respect the opinions and concerns that others have on solar and that’s why I believe compromising in this way can hopefully create a balance between preserving the town and advancing a clean energy future.
Jacob Reed

Hurry on tax break for the unemployed

Today marks 34 days before the May 17 deadline for New Yorkers to pay their taxes.
Unlike the federal government, the governor and both majorities have not provided a tax break on the first $10,200 of assistance for 4 million New Yorkers who lost their jobs during the pandemic.
Those who faced unemployment this past year through no fault of their own have been struggling to pay their rent and mortgages, put food on the table and provide for their families.
Many have no job to return to because their business went belly-up. On March 31, I put forth an amendment on the Senate Floor (S.5125A) to provide this break for the unemployed. It was voted down by the Senate Democratic majority.
It’s unconscionable the recent state budget continues to provide $420 million in film/TV tax credits for Hollywood billionaires, and other giveaways, but not one cent for those in economic turmoil.
The governor refuses to budge.
As May 17 approaches, both majorities should let their intentions be known one way or another so all can file their taxes in a timely fashion and allow this legislation to move forward to provide relief to these beleaguered workers.
Jim Tedisco
The writer represents the 49th District in the New York State Senate.

Mobile betting a win for taxpayers, casino

It’s a great and historic day in New York for sports bettors.
Gov. Cuomo’s plan for mobile sports betting, which I supported when announced in January, is included in the 2021-2022 state budget passed by legislature.
The governor’s plan will bring in $500 million in revenue to New York state that is currently going to other states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
These states have had mobile sports betting since 2017.
The four casino operators will have skins affiliated at their establishments. This is a win-win for New York state taxpayers and Rivers Casino.
After years of fighting for mobile sports betting, I take great pride in it becoming a reality.
Gary A. Greenberg
New Baltimore


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Congrats to Mark Mahoney (and other Gazette reporters) for his latest press award. Having been a government auditor for many years, I appreciate his approach to holding government accountable. Keep up the great work.


And the racists cop’s commands, not unlike like the Gestapo’s, should be obeyed if you’re black unless you want a bullet or choke hold resulting in your death.

Heil Fred!


You assume that the Black victim died because of a racist cops actions Why could not the victims death be the result of his racist decision not to be arrested by a white cop?

Lou you seem to have forgotten that resisting arrest is a crime with known consequences.


Lou, save your breath with him. He thinks all cops are justified in killing anyone who questions why they are being stopped, etc. Even resisting arrest is not cause for such force unless the cop is threatened. He obviously isn’t listening to the Floyd trial where he might learn something.


If I knew I would not have asked. Perhaps the solution is to have all police commands have the legal force of suggestions

Here’s a suggestion:
When two cops are accosting a civilian screaming simultaneously, “get out of the car!” and “show us your hands!” with guns drawn, or “comply!” well after the civilian has clearly complied, maybe they need to get their act together and make some sense while they terrorize people.
Then maybe the public will be more responsive.


Kind of like obeying the commands given to blacks not that many years ago:
“Get under that tree and put that noose surround your neck, if not I’ll shoot you for non compliance.

Totally justifiable, right Fred?

The only stupidity is that of supposedly highly trained officers either willingly putting a knee on the neck of someone handcuffed in the prone position for nine minutes until they stopped breathing, or mistaking their service firearm for a bright yellow taser and putting a bullet into a child. The stupidity is completely on the side of the officers who don’t know how to, or refuse to abide by, the extensive training and continuing education they receive on how to properly conduct themselves as professionals sworn to “protect and serve” and not to purposefully, or accidentally, murder the people that pay their salary.


Floyd stopped breathing after six minutes and Chauvin refused to take his pulse or roll him over on his side so he could breath easier. The defense is trying to prove that the crowd who were held back and compliant by other cops was a distraction to Chauvin. Then why did he put all his weight on Floyd’s neck with one hand in his pocket? Didn’t look too concerned to me with the crowd during the murder. None of the medical experts said the only thing that killed Floyd was Chauvin knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, not drugs, heart condition, etc.


“The question is not what is justifiable but rather what can be done stop stupidity from becoming fatal.”

Fred, my answer to that question for you would be to stop talking so much. If you “comply” with my suggestion you would be much less apt to bite your tongue, therefore reducing the possibility of bleeding out from the unintentional self inflicted wound.

On plagiarism, and a request of the Mod:

One wouldn’t think an adult who’s literate and able to type out their own words would need to be explained this, but some here think rules (like laws apparently) are for others, or if it doesn’t inconvenience themselves.

From Plagiarism dot Org:
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to “plagiarize” means:

to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
to commit literary theft
to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward.

In other words, you cannot simply go find someone’s words you like and cut and paste them into your own creation without acknowledging them as someone else’s work. For a professional this is deadly serious, for a commenter on an online forum you only cripple your own credibility and as commenters we should all at least agree we’d like to be seen as credible. Otherwise, what’s the point?

My request to the Mod is clarification on the Gazette’s policy regarding Letters and Comments. Obviously I’m not asking the DG to police and fact check everything that gets tossed out here, but when it is called out maybe there should be a flag tossed, or a yellow card, or a demerit, or something. Participants here are expected to be honest. Plagiarism is dishonesty.

I probably won’t because I’m not talking about the Boogyman under your bed. I’m talking about you, twice in one day finding words you couldn’t come up with yourself, and pasting them in apparently hoping no one would know the difference.
Strangely, then you accused me of “deflection” because I challenged your fraud instead of another’s “lies”.

Add “deflection” to “plagiarism” as words that you really need to prove you understand before you use them any more.


CNN has reported that the Biden administration has secured agreements for Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to tighten their borders with more troops and stem the flow of migration. Vice President Kamala Harris has also spoken to regional leaders about increasing humanitarian assistance and job opportunities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to tackle the root problems leading people to flee northward. The Biden administration has struggled with an influx of migrants that have overwhelmed facilities at the southern border. Still, the number of unaccompanied minors in the custody of US Customs and Border Protection has dropped 45% as officials scrambled to find places to house the children.

Instead of building a useless wall that costs billions and isn’t holding immigrants back, Biden is tackling the bigger immigrant issues and root causes of the problem. Money better spent.

William Marincic

You mean that Biden is now trying to do what Trump did after Bidens total and complete screwup at the border.

Welp, if tRump did do something (other than rob from our military services), seems like it wasn’t very effective since we now have to fix it.
Fortunatly we’ve finally got grown-ups on it.

William Marincic

Well your grownups are responsible for all of the rapes and deaths of those children trying to come here. Kids as young as 5 years old left in the desert alone to die, preteen girls raped by the cartels. Yeah the grownups got this, Kamala hasn’t had a press conference or even been to the border to see the mess that THEY created.

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