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Stillwater village gets state water line funding; Water main on Lake Road being replaced


STILLWATER – The village of Stillwater will be getting more than $1.2 million in financing from New York state for replacing the aging and corroded water main that brings water into the village.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo last Thursday announced the award of a $733,418 Water Infrastructure Improvement Act grant and a $488,946 in short-term low-interest financing. The announcement came as the village has the project out for construction bids, with bids due May 12.

Mayor Judy Wood-Shaw said the main being replaced is the one that brings the village’s entire water supply from a tank near the Saratoga Hills mobile home park down Lake Road into the village. The line was installed in the 1930s and is “corroded and calcified,” she said. The village has been working for a couple of years on getting the funding and was aware of the pending announcement.

The village of about 2,000 people buys its water from the Saratoga County Water Authority because the village took its groundwater wells out of service years ago due to PCB contamination. A 2014 settlement with General Electric over the PCB contamination paid for a new connection to the county Water Authority system and a new line from the Luther Forest Technology Campus to Saratoga Hills, but until now the aging and leaky 10-inch main between Saratoga Hills and the village hadn’t been replaced.

“It will come all the way to Hudson Avenue. It’s going to enable the village to have plenty of water,” Wood-Shaw said. “It’s actually a safety issue, in case there is fire.”

The mayor said she expects construction to start by mid-summer and be completed this year.

The loan-grant package to Stillwater was not the only local project among $48.9 million in drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects announced by Cuomo. Additional funding for such projects was included in the new 2022 state budget, he said.

The other Capital Region project is in Glens Falls, where the city is receiving $1,405,275 in short-term interest free financing and $468,425 from a 2019 grant for planning, design and construction of repairs to the city’s sewer infrastructure.

“Clean water and functioning water infrastructure are essential parts of the standard of living and qualify-of-life for all New Yorkers, and towns and villages across the state have an ongoing need for wastewater treatment plants and water tanks that needs to be filled,” Cuomo said.

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