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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, April 14


Why reward illegal behavior in NY?

As children we learn bad behavior is not rewarded. As adults, we know illegal activity is meted out with justice.
This principle has apparently escaped Gov. Cuomo and the super majority Democratic state Legislature. In this year’s budget, “undocumented workers,” the politically correct euphemism for illegal aliens, can be granted a lump sum, tax free payment of $15,600. This is to assuage the economic effects of COVID-19.
Despite many not paying taxes (latest statistics show about half pay income tax), they will receive this windfall if they resided in New York state 60 days or more.
If they cannot furnish proof of wages, many are paid under the table, they can simply attest and receive the money.
Meanwhile, parents who are not “undocumented” have had to stay out of work to home school are not eligible. For many, the unemployment benefits do not make up the lost income.
Small business owners have seen their life’s work and savings evaporate during the pandemic — no stipend for them. The elderly on fixed incomes get no stipend. Homeless veterans, none. Yet those who have violated immigration and labor laws will profit nicely.
Rewarding bad behavior? You bet. The cost to taxpayers is $2.1 billion for this program, for now.
Word is spreading and more will take up residence in New York for this financial payout. Is it any wonder New York is the number one state in population exodus?
Joanne Holland

Delivery van posed Scotia traffic hazard

I was driving down into the village of Scotia proper about 2:30 this afternoon. I came head to head with an Amazon delivery van on Sacandaga Road. It was parked facing uphill in the downhill lane just below First Street.
Of course, delivery van drivers often seem to think they’re a law unto themselves — but this was egregious, and perhaps more than usually unthinking. I would mention it to Amazon, but can’t find a phone number.
Donald Jenner

Trump made our problems worse

Regarding James Maxfield’s March 29 letter (“Liberals keep trying to kill the country”), Trump wasted time when he knew covid was much more deadly and transmitted just as easily as the flu.
The CDC, WHO, doctors, hospitals, scientists all could have started earlier knowing the truth.
Fewer people would have unknowingly infecting each other, fewer sick, and fewer deaths.
Maybe the economy wouldn’t have had to shut down, losing millions of jobs and trillions of lost revenue.
Trump’s tax cut benefited corporations and the rich more than the middle or poor classes. Before covid, $3.3 trillion was added to the deficit. Proof that Republican’s trickle-down theory is nonsense. Trump’s relief added to the deficit. So will Biden’s — to help get out of this mess that Trump said would be gone by last Easter, then once warm weather came. It’s still here causing havoc.
Trump’s campaign platforms were infrastructure and healthcare reform. He did nothing to accomplish either during his four years. Republicans and Democrats both agree for America to continue to be competitive and lead the world, all our infrastructure needs repairs, replacements and/or upgrades.
The last three Republican presidents added to the deficit. No Republicans complained during their terms. But when the Democrats do it, it’s bad for the country.
There are only two choices to cut the deficit: higher taxes or cut spending. You can’t cut taxes and spend more, as Trump did. Biden will most likely spend more and raise taxes on corporations and the rich. But in the end we will all pay more.
James Geoghegan



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William Marincic

James Geoghegan The Trump tax cuts benefited three out of four Americans, the tax cut for businesses caused businesses to hire and put the United States in the best economic position it has ever been until the pandemic hit. When Obama and Biden were running this country they raised taxes and they created too many regulations for businesses and in doing so companies and millionaires took their money and left America in droves for tax havens around the world. President Trump gave these companies and millionaires tax advantages and breaks to bring their money back to America and many did and now that the Biden administration is talking tax increases for those people and they again are getting ready to leave America. I have a very good friend, a millionaire who had a manufacturing business in Amsterdam, because of the increases in taxes in New York State he took his family, closed his business, sold his property and move his manufacturing business to Texas and just the tax savings on his personal income paid for that move. That’s the reality because people that can afford to leave will leave and those people that worked for him will have to find new employment.

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person in the world, and founder and CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, based in the United States, supports tax increases on American corporations. I see you Bill, the good corporatist you are, support giving this man more loopholes and tax breaks (that he isn’t asking for) so he can again pay $0 in federal income taxes, while we the poor fools pay for the roads his trucks use, the federal gas subsidy his vans utilize, among countless other things WE the working stiffs subsidize for one of the biggest corporations in the world. But hey, I guess we’re all just suckers right Bill?


How is a Federal tax on gasoline a tax subsidy?

I suggest that government would be more transparent if all business taxes were eliminated and the government would be funded by an income tax. One should note that this would result in thousands of accounts, in both the private and the public sector being forced to find employment in an activity that did not involved tax avoidance

We forego taxes from the fossil fuel industry so they can provide us with cheap gas. That loss in tax revenue has to be made up in other ways, namely in higher taxes for tax-paying Americans. Amazon benefits from the cheap gas at the pump for their vehicles, but doesn’t pay taxes that allow that industry to be subsidized.


So it is your contention that the fact that gas taxes are not as high as they could that implies that ” low ” the current level of gas taxes constitute a subsidy to Amazon.

Within your framework the subsidy is to Amazon’s customers

William Marincic

Jeff Bezos can say he doesn’t care about increase taxes on corporations he has $150 billion if not more, him and his family and their kids will never have to worry about a penny their entire lives so this doesn’t really affect him if I had $150 billion I wouldn’t care if you raised my taxes by $50 million a year either

Now you’re getting Bill! The richest people in America don’t need that much money. And not only do they not need it, they’ve gained it through tax loopholes and paying off politicians and the rest of us trying to eek out a middle class living have had to pick up their slack. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. It’s been tried and all these corporations do is hoard their money, give themselves bonuses and buy back stocks to increase their share prices so they get richer.

Gosh, those poor companies! They don’t know whether to stay or go! What to do when every four years everything is turned upside down for them!

I guess the best solution is to make one “President” for life so we can get back to the good old days and enjoy some stability (not to mention keeping those people of the dusky hue back on the farms and in the factories).

I understand the burnout many must feel about this, but it still needs to be said lest we get all glossy-eyed about our economy under the previous President: The Previous President feels democracy is not working for him and has, and continues to, foment insurrection against the American People, and he’s co-opted a failing political party (not to mention thousands of wanna-be soldier dead-enders) to help him.

This is going on right now.
Nothing else out of Marincic’s Magical Keyboard, nor any other Republican, matters as long as they will not denounce the January 6th insurrection and those who now are doing their Republican best to control the American electorate.

I’m proud to be on the side of inclusion. The Republican Party and minion like Marincic are antithetical to that ideal.


The idea of taxing corporations appeals to many but it should be remembered that collecting a tax from corporations is not the same thing as them paying it. In the end the tax collected is a cost of production and is paid by those who interact with the corporation. It should also be noted that a corporate tax is a cost of doing business and thus has a depressing effect on the merits of potential investment projects.

The reason that corporate taxation is so popular with the political class is that it allows them to claim social benefits for their policies without own up to their costs.


Democrats are correct about the existence of systematic racism. I can not find a case where a Blackman has died as a result of the choice to resist arrest Where anyone but the cop is responsible of for the criminals death.


Fred, After untangling your wacky wording, your posts remind me of a line from the wizard of Oz with a little twist:

Instead of….. “Lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my!”
Your words personify the tune of….. Racist, and bigots and liars! Oh my!


Something tells me your reality is based on the Wizard of Oz. Or based ‘off’ as the millennials say. Mr. Barney is 100% correct. Every single one of these BLM ‘incidents’ happened because the nice, upstanding criminal or drug addict did not do what he was told to do by the police. You can like that or not, but a fact is a fact. There is nothing racist or bigoted about police defending themselves and arresting criminals. Do they kill people sometimes? Yes, yes they do – and this includes those horrible white people too. In fact, they kill more white people. Look it up sometime.


Hey Yakcracker, you ain’t no Cracker Jack when it comes determining what is or isn’t racist. Equality for you means all races are are equally subservant to to the supreme white race.

April 6th, 2021
And it was God’s will that the superior White man rule the world!
Right Bill?
April 6th, 2021
Yes. Yes it certainly was.

You lost all credibility with that comment.

(Tx Lou for pulling that up)

You’re new here aren’t you?
We’ve already been over this and that stupid claim that cops kill more whites than blacks. It’s stupid because you don’t cite the whole fact, which is typical of whites trying to justify why non-whites are the problem.

Once more, the whole fact is the rate of blacks killed by cops per thousand far exceeds the rate of whites killed per thousand.,

Here’s the facts since I have zero confidence you’ll want the truth:

“The rate of fatal police shootings in the United States shows large differences based on ethnicity. Among Black Americans, the rate of fatal police shootings between 2015 and March 2021 stood at 35 per million of the population, while for White Americans, the rate stood at 14 fatal police shootings per million of the population.”


Large companies are more concerned with their stock profitability and their top executives’ compensation than they are with anything.

Big business, unlike small companies, have full time accounts and lawyers to interpret laws in ways that maximize their profitability, then figure out loopholes so as to avoid paying taxes.

The vast majority of the Trump tax cut money enriched the already full pockets of the top money making companies and individuals. Chicken feed is what trickles down.

Laws need to be looked at and changed regarding how to rectify the various USA corporations moving headquarters, money and workers to other countries for increased profits.-
I don’t particularly like speaking to someone in India when trying to get tech-support for my computer in Burnt Hills.

Proportionate profit sharing with ALL employees, incentivized by tax breaks may be a reasonable starting consideration.

Because they yell conflicting commands that are impossible to follow. Unless you can figure out, as in the case of Lt. Caron Nazario, how he was supposed to both keep his hands out of the window where officers can see them, but also open his car door. Or how he was to unbuckle his seatbelt to heed the officers’ commands to get out of the car, but simultaneously keep his hands up so as to not be mistaken for reaching for a weapon. Always interesting how people expect regular citizens to act more calmly in those tense situations, then supposedly highly trained officers.

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